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April 12, 2021, 01:29:24 pm

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Author Topic: Hell on Earth [One Shot: LF - F] [Doom and 80s action-inspired]  (Read 266 times)

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Offline TheBlackThroneTopic starter

Heavily inspired by the Doom franchise. You do not have to have played Doom to do this solo. This is an OC universe.

Story: The apocalypse actually happened. It just didn’t happen the way everyone imagined. The earth burned as giant, runic hell gates carved the surface as though etched in by a colossal knife. From the gate birthed creatures of nightmarish proportions, some as small as mosquitos and as large as the titans of old. The sky turned black and a fiery overcast blotted out the sun. Crowned dragons flew through the sky, intercepting airplanes and melting cities with their breath. The world was over—so many believed, but like roaches, the humans were a hardy and ingenious people. They fought back with their weapons and great machines. They resisted long enough for the creation of a vessel called “The Arc.”
The Arc was an enormous ship designed to sustain what remained of humanity. The ship was initially sent into space before the demons could sabotage it. While in space, the crew worked rapidly to beam up earth’s survivors. The hope of being “saved” were stories parents told their children. One day, their number would be called. One day, they would be bathed in a beam of light and taken away from this hell. The Arc’s efforts weren’t fast enough. A faction of scientists who accepted their damnation long ago continued to modify and expand on earth’s technology. They soon realized that creating giant machines might not have been the most effective idea. They could instead create an advanced lifeform with the strength and power to combat the hellish threat, and this lifeform they called, “The Doom Slayers.”

Setting: A futuristic earth with the technology to create giant weaponized mechas and sanctuary ships in space.

  • Bad Ass Action
  • Horror
  • Gore
  • Sexiness
  • Titanic Monsters
  • Giant Killer Robots
  • Legions of Hell

Player Needed: I will be role playing a male character in this story, and I am looking for someone to role play his female partner. Both characters served in the military prior to being experimented on. Their respective branch approached them one day with a contract, and they didn’t exactly understand what they were signing up for, but what sold their interest was that they would be saving the planet. Our characters were subjected to genetic engineering that turned them into an ascended human life form with superhuman capabilities known as Doom Slayers. With their new bodies, they are equipped with the weapons they need to combat the hellish threat, and they’ll be able to find more off the demonic corpses they leave in their wake.

What this game needs is a player who likes writing bad-ass action, and I mean over-the-top. The kind you’d expect in 80s films with those cheesy one-liners we all love. Just absolute absurd. And of course, because this is on an adult site. They will make killing legions of hell look sexy. Expect gore, expect nightmarish creatures, and expect mature themes. You are free to choose what Armed Forces branch your character was recruited out of. Maybe experience from their last job will come in handy. Long story short, if you think you’ll be interested in this one-shot story, then send me a PM.

Also, I must add that I would like a writer who writes greater than or equal to at least 300 words because I definitely write over that amount. I love detail, but I am all about quality over quantity. However, sometimes quantity and quality go hand-in-hand. Quantity brings out more quality at times. So please no one-liners and please write in third-person.

One Shot: This is a one-shot story because I don’t expect it to go on until they save the entire world. Instead, I was going to just do a short episode. They awaken from their capsules straight into ass-kicking mode because the research facility was stormed by demons. Your introduction can be a hot naked fight where your character takes out a gaggle of imps with a piece of glass. As I said, the action in this RP is meant to be just over-the-top and entertaining. The partners meet up and they go take down their first hell priest. End of story. If we want to do another episode together, then we can do another episode if we liked the first one.

If you are interested in this, please send me a PM with your O/Os.

Requirement: Cheesy 80s action one-liners. XD
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