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June 20, 2021, 04:09:10 pm

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Author Topic: Gypsywoman's Cravings  (Read 401 times)

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Gypsywoman's Cravings
« on: April 16, 2020, 08:11:07 pm »
First, thank you for stopping by and seeing what this Gypsywoman is craving. 
I have been away from E for a while and just recently returned. Now that I’m back there are a few stories/ ideas that I have been yearning to write. 
Through the Veil. (Taken)
There is a thin veil between our world and the realm of the Fea. Put in place to keep the two worlds apart. In this realm, the Fea has thrived and flourish. There are just a few small pockets of human communities that are strewn across these vast lands. They keep to themselves. Mostly because they are looked down upon by the other species. Seen as a lower class of creatures and often enslaves if they are not careful. 
For the most part, the veil does what it is indented to do. Keep the two worlds separate. But there are times when an unexpected person crosses to the other side. Such was the case the night that Ella (MC) passed thought the veil. More than a little drunk, she was easy prey to slaver that found her. Now she is in holding cell. Scare beyond words. Not knowing where she is or what is going on. Fearing what will be her fate. The not knowing only increases her fear. 
Ella’s fear wrenches up a notch when the slavery appears in front of her cell. There is someone (YC) with him, Ella is certain of that. She can feel his eyes on her. Even though he is hidden by shadows of the dark alleyway that separates the holding cells. What she doesn’t know is there something about her that pulls at him (YC) the moment he sets on eyes on her. The pull is so strong that he decides to buy her. 
There quite a few questions to be answered. 
What kind of Master does Ella have? Well I guess that will be up to my partner 
What species of Fae is Ella’s Master? Is he a shifter of some sort? A vampire? A sage/wizard? Whatever he is, I just ask that he has the appearance of a human. 
I would like there to be a story here and a bit of romance if possible, along with smut and kink. 
If interested please send me a PM.
This second craving is a little harder to admit. Especially seeing as this is my second attempt at this craving. But I can’t keep ignoring wanting to try this once more. Otherwise, I may never do it. *Small smile* So here goes. 
I would like to try to write a role of a Dominate Female with my partner writing a submissive male role. I have a few ideas that I will list below. But I'm open to others if these don’t catch your interest. 
Learning the Ropes.  (Taken)
After Anne’s husband death she devoted herself to her children and career. Now that the children are off to college, her best friend has finally convinced Anne to go with her to a night club she frequencies. Anne doesn’t know what surprises her more that the club is a BDSM club or that she is drawn in by what she sees there. 
So much so that she bumps into someone (YC). She apologies, he says something to the effect of its not a problem and offers to show her around. Which she accepts. They spend the rest of the night exploring the club. They come across a scene that intrigues them both. They agree to play out the scene in a private room with him being the submissive. Yes, he knows that she is new to this world yet he willing to teach her the ropes. 
I like to have her coming back to the club, to enroll herself in a program for beginners so that she can be a better Dominate for him and herself.   
The next couple ideas are pretty basic and need to be fleshed
Untitled Idea (On Back Burner for now)
A heavy full moon was high above the forest. It didn’t bother a gypsy woman (MC) that there wasn’t a single star in sight. She knew the forest like the back of her hand. Knew exactly where the herbs she used were hidden deep within the woods. With the herbs in hand, she made her way back out of the forest. She came to a stop when she happens upon a cage with a man (YC) inside it. He all buts begs for her to let him out. Going so far as to say his life is her if she frees him. She tells him that he can keep his life and set him free. Even though the gypsy has set him free and told him that his life is his own the man still feels indebted to her.
The Reluctant Mistress (On Back Burner for now)
A woman (MC) suddenly inherits a great amount of land. Never once did she think that this land would become hers. Yet here she was Mistress of this great of an estate. But that’s not all that she has inherited. In the will, it states that she has inherited a manservant. I see her sitting in the deceased relative's office, looking over the Will in disbelief. Saying what kind of person leaves another person a manservant? Why would you do this? I don’t even know what a manservant is let alone know what to do with one. I can almost see the man in question standing at the door over earing this. Saying something to the effect of “ Don’t worry Ma’am we will it out.”
Yeah, this idea is a little vague and a bit strange needs a lot of work. 
Requirements:  I would like to have a partner that is very patient and is willing to not only teach me but also my female characters to be a Dominate Female in these RPs. 
I would like to add that I see my Female Dominate being more on the gentle dominant realm. That doesn’t mean she won’t deal out some punishment and/or spankings when needed. I just don’t see her humiliate him or demeaning him in any fashion. Also, I don’t see her being exceptionally mean to his nether region. I mean she is going to want to use that area at some point.*smirks*
Alright, so if any of these ideas interest you send me a PM 

Not taking on anymore RP as of now.As my plate is little full now. No that wasn't a complaint!!😃

Thanks again for stopping by.

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