A Brand New Hermione (FxM)

Started by swiggy3000, April 15, 2020, 02:19:42 PM

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The Final Battle was lost. They had done all that they could but Harry just couldn't beat him. Hermione had assumed that she was going to be killed. She had made her peace with it but instead Draco took her as his trophy. She was shocked by it of course but....there was little that she could do about it. Little did she know that she'd be entering her own personal hell. The general idea is that Draco will take Hermione and mold her into his perfect pureblood wife. There is a bit more to this story that can be discussed.

I do have a thought of where it would end up going but that would need to be discussed. I would prefer to keep this non Draco/Hermione. He is her captor and while she may do things to please him and keep herself safe it would not end up a love story for the two of them.

If this piques your interest please PM me.