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Author Topic: Elizabeth's story page of romance and adventure (f for f)  (Read 870 times)

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Elizabeth's story page of romance and adventure (f for f)
« on: April 16, 2019, 06:45:53 AM »
Hi! Welcome to Elizabeth's scattershot profile of romance, wonderful ideas, magical adventures, silly times, slice of life, dating, that first time you hold hands, that first kiss, blushes, breath stealing passion, and more romance!

I am only interested in playing female X female. Unless otherwise noted, I'm generally willing to play either role in a prompt. Feel free to pitch me stuff as well!

Current estimated reply time is sporadic, but I always aim for less than a week between replies.

I will do sensual and sexual role-plays, but I don't ever jump into that quickly. If I like you / your character / our roleplay enough to get sexual, I probably like it enough to get kinky as well. I'm yet another one of those players who strongly prefers to be the submissive, but can be convinced to Domme under the right circumstances. Please be aware of my O/O

 This tends to vary a bit, but my general ratio is about seventy or eighty percent story to sexy smutty Fun-Times.

Currently, this profile is under construction! I honestly expect it to be under construction for ever, basically.

I'm fairly flexible and willing to collaborate on a lot of details or specifics, so it never hurts to ask (politely) if there's something you'd hope to include.  Overall, I'm pretty comfortable not having a ton of stuff nailed down. I also very much enjoy world-building with people.

And now, at long last my list of potential plots! These will be expanded on... When I have the time.

Ageplay, regression, maternal dominance.

I very much want to play a young lady, looking for her place in the world... And what she finds is an older woman, patient and kind, who understands that my girl needs affection, being a little spoiled, caring attention... Ageplay. Wether it's a little bit here and there, or 24/7 and nearly full on regression, some form of ageplay is Incorporated into the relationship, to the benefits of both parties.

The story can include sex and kink, or just be a sweet and innocent romance between a little and her caretaker.

Blind date / first date

With all the awkward hopefulness, excitement and anxiety, and pure unmitigated potential for romance, sparks, joy, or even a boring night and absolutely no connection. By far, one of my absolute favorites.

I'm also more and more falling in love with lesbian lady set up with straight or bicurious woman and seeing where things go. I'd happily play either role in that scenario.

Vampires, angels, faeries, oh my!

I have a strong preference for playing the human encountering something outside the realm of the normal. Someone powerful and mysterious, but drawn to the fragile human. This is most fun to me as a long, slow burning exploration of the characters and how they fit together.

Can a mortal love an immortal? Can the immensely powerful deal with someone so much weaker, but who still needs love and care? How do they bridge the gaps between such vastly different worlds?

What urges send the human into the arms of the supernatural? Fascination, desire, self destructive tendencies, looking for meaning or magic or just their place in a world that makes no sense to her, and doesn't value her at all...

Omnimage for hire

Magic, creativity, adventure, and a special kind of love that can only develop on a quest into danger and risk. Largely a homebrew text based system, with roots in D&D, though I tend to roll dice for myself just to make things interesting.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The flyer on the town message board appears as if by magic (I posted it super early in the morning before most people were even out of bed).

It reads "omnimage for hire!

  • Advice given
  • babies blessed
  • items identified
  • letters written
  • lost things found
  • potions brewed
  • Wounds of a moderate nature healed, probably.
If you are seriously hurt, seek out a dedicated healer as soon as possible.

If you are accursed, please seek out your local priest.

Absolutely no love potions, spells or charms. Don't even ask. Pregnancy prevention can be discussed however

  No necromancy, reanimation, no speaking with spirits, no blood magic. This stuff is banned for a reason, people. Any inquiries into it will be reported to the appropriate authorities. "

At the very bottom of the poster, scribbled in a corner and in handwriting much sloppier than the careful printing of the flyer it says "adventuring a possibility." It was clearly added as an afterthought

The house on the far edge of town, close to the woods, appeared as if by magic overnight! In actuality it had been built a few years ago but never really inhabited, so most people just forgot about it till I moved in.

The sign carved into my door reads 'Omnimage', and below it it says 'knock and come on in.'

The inside of my house is brightly lit, and smells of herbs, tea, lamp oil, and old books. Most people find it vaguely pleasant, though occasionally a bit overwhelming. I have at least a dozen book shelves, all jammed full of books or curiosities or bottles, though everything is neatly organized. Several bunches of flowers and herbs are hanging from the ceiling.

I'm sitting at my desk, nose deep in a book, though I do look up and smile as you come in. "Oh hello, would you like some tea?"

I'm in a green dress, fairly casual, and of good quality, but not obviously expensive or fancy. I've got a staff, taller than me (which isn't hard, since I'm just 5'2) resting against the side of the table. It's a slightly odd silvery grey color, and plain except for a decently large, clear white crystal (clearly quartz, but well polished) on top

Airship pirates!

Steampunk or Aetherpunk. Airships and dirgibles and gowns and clockwork guns, oh my!
I'm open to playing either a pirate or someone who has an un(?) fortunate encounter with one. No rape or torture please.

Ballgowns and fancy times

Masquerade, balls, prom, wearing wedding dresses to Taco Bell just because, princess outfits, Renaissance Festival..  yum

Rosaline and Juliet
While the boys play with their swords and guns, two women fall in love. It's forbidden both because of the tense relationships between both families, but also a prudish, conservative society. Are they doomed:

"From forth the fatal loins of these two foes,

A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life" ? Or can they find a way to live happily?

Smartass succubus.

Summoning things that should not be summoned is usually a mistake. And when things go wrong, well, due to a typo in the bureaucracy of hell, I'm the one sent out to fix most of these problems. Like any emergency technician, I'm jaded as can be, and not in any mood to just steal souls and run. No, my goal is to stay out of the troubleshooting que as long as possible. And using my succubus powers tends to cut my visit to the material planes far too short.


I adore it. Mom/daughter, sisters, twins, cousins, step family, aunts, doesn't matter. I love it and will do it all. This is my role play that is usually fastest to get to smut, because of the established relationship.

Princess marrying into new kingdom.

A princess has to leave the castle and kingdom she grew up in,  and move to a faraway land as part of a marriage and or treaty. How will she adjust? What will she find there? What new customs and interesting people await her? Is her new partner welcoming and warm, or distant and uninterested?

Old vampire meets new human.

Girls at magic school, or magical rivals, or just fun with magic..

Harry Potter itself doesn't interest me, but I'm open to pretty much any genre of magic users. I'm down for urban fantasy or high fantasy. Maybe possibly one of those dream like stories similar to The Night Circus.

Perhaps an older mage acquiring a new apprentice.

Pony play

There's something wonderful and magical about pony girls. The gear, the leather, the stalls, the intense blurring of the line between human freedoms and beastly
helplessness. Bit gags and bridles and blinders and saddles, the crack of the whip, the thudding of the horseshoe boots, and the taboo violation of having a tail inserted into the anus, completing the transformation. All delightful and delicious.

Lizzie's dream wedding.

Lizzie is sweet and bubbly and always cheerful. I had a dream where she was at her wedding, all nervous and excited and so full of love in her perfect white dress. She made it about a third of the way down the aisle, before bursting into tears and running the rest of the way to throw herself into her bride's arms, blurting out "I do!" Through her tears and giggles.

How did we get there? I thought it might be an interesting challenge to play the relationship in reverse. I'm perfectly happy to run it in normal chronological order, of course.

The Magical Emporium.

Shamelessly stolen from Katástima tou Mystiríou,

Because I love it and I'm sad that I missed it.

The store where you can find anything and everything... But what are you truly looking for?

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A shop of magic and mystery. A Cave of Wonders,  Katástima tou Mystiríou, Merlin's storage room.

It appears out of the blue, for reasons nobody understands. It can vanish as fast as it appears, and those who hesitate are lost. if you are brave or desperate enough to step inside, who knows what you'll find? Do you even know what you're seeking?

 It has a little bit of everything.... Hopes, dreams, nightmares. Things that solve problems, or cause them. Places you can get a monkey paw, or creatures that shouldn't be fed after midnight, or that eat souls. Lamps, rings, jewlery. Some cursed, some enchanted. Books that read themselves.

Curios, trinkets, rare and forbidden books, or books never written. Items that may or may not be powerful. Nothing is quite what it seems, and most things are more than meets the eye.

The shop has them all, in an ever-shifting display of glitter, sparkle, dust, and semi organized chaos, some of which has been there for eternity.

And the current proprietor?

Blonde and tiny, with a thick mass of shiny hair, and lovely blue eyes. She's always smiling, at least where customers can see. But what drives someone to dedicating her life to running a glorified resale shop?

So hi! Thanks for reading. I plan to expand on each one of these topics..... Eventually. I have no idea how many responses I'll get! PM please.
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Online Elizabeth EcsedTopic starter

Re: Elizabeth's story page of romance and adventure (f for f)
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2019, 11:12:48 PM »
Added expansions for Omnimage for hire!

And the Magical Emporium


Online Elizabeth EcsedTopic starter

Re: Elizabeth's story page of romance and adventure (f for f)
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2019, 08:17:41 PM »
Tweaked, added, removed, just... still a mess, but currently in the mood to start something

Online Elizabeth EcsedTopic starter

Re: Elizabeth's story page of romance and adventure (f for f)
« Reply #3 on: March 09, 2020, 10:28:17 PM »
Added some stuff! Yay! Currently open for a partner or two.

Online Elizabeth EcsedTopic starter

Re: Elizabeth's story page of romance and adventure (f for f)
« Reply #4 on: April 12, 2020, 12:53:21 PM »
Added my ageplay craving and Rosaline and Juliet.

Looking for a partner or three, plenty of time now.