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July 24, 2021, 08:18:53 am

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Author Topic: Dark Fantasy World Build (looking for M or F)  (Read 343 times)

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Dark Fantasy World Build (looking for M or F)
« on: April 12, 2020, 03:29:38 am »
First off, thanks for your interest. Second off, I am not returning full time to Elliquiy so I don't expect my partner to post all that often though with that said the idea that I would like to roleplay will inevitably call for massive amounts of communication and of course world-building. My name is Hue Ran I have been roleplaying here off and on for many years since 2013 I do believe. Unfortunately due to life issues, I cannot actually return full-time to the site, but I do however want to find a roleplay partner for a specific idea that's been building interest inside my head.

  • I enjoy building worlds and characters. It's a passion of mine.
  • I am well literate and confident that anyone will be able to understand my posts.
  • My posts are normally around 800 words to 1500 words. This normally ends up being around 4 to 8 paragraphs, give or take.
  • I will normally organize my posts so that quotes from my characters are in color that way my partner is easily aware of the change.
  • For communication reasons I have a discord that can be used for world-building and quicker communication.

  • Please be willing to roleplay multiple characters and want to actually contribute to an in-depth world build.
  • Please be literate and organized.
  • Possibly be willing to play both female and male characters.
  • Have a passion for the story and writing and please let me know if you want to stop don't just ghost me.

The Story Idea (The Crypt of Despair)
  • Isekai: If you're unfamiliar with the term it basically means that the MC is transported to an alternate dimension.
  • Story and plot similar to Overlord the anime. Feel free to google it if you aren't familiar.
  • A Dark fantasy world. With many different races and beings. I already have character ideas and secondary character ideas lined up.

*Kinks to possibly be included in the story*
  • Pregnancy/Breeding
  • Anal
  • Bondage (Light to Extreme)
  • Harem (With M and F characters)
  • Slavery/Owner play
  • Pain and Torture (If interested)
  • Big and Small breasts (Nipple and breast play included)
  • Spanking/Biting/Slapping
  • Humiliation/Degradation/Roughhousing
  • Collars/Restraints/Gags

The Plot So far:MC is a talented video game programmer with an almost genius-level intellect. Never really acknowledged in the real world for his talents he pushed himself to excel in his own world. The very world of his creation. It was called the Dark Domain. He started creation on the full immersion environment from the ripe young age of 15 and he never stopped working on it. He graduated early from college and joined the video game company Ergo Industries. With the use of the companies immense resources MC finishes his prized game and it soars off the shelves. Dubbed the "Full Immersion into the world of Darkness" the full-dive VRMMO was a huge hit. For nearly 20 years the game consumed the world, and it consumed its creator. Creating a literal fortress inside the virtual reality that he called the Crypt of Despair. A literal cheat area inside the game that he created all for himself. Designing NPC's, weapons, armor, and a number of defenses inside the crypt that would obey only him and him alone. Designing their personalities and abilities personally from scratch he had found his one true home. That was at least until 20 years fly by and the company decided to turn off the servers of the ever waning video game. As MC comes to that repulsive day he can't bring himself to log on and remains on the server until it's time for it to shutdown. Unexpectantly however as the clock passes midnight his game doesn't log out. To his amazement, he finds himself in a completely different world, transported along with his Crypt of Despair.

If your interested please PM me and don't post here. Thank you.
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