Darker worlds, Seeking a long-term Creative Writing partner

Started by Sarakins, April 11, 2020, 07:02:35 AM

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Are you someone that enjoys long term stories with deep characters and meaningful development?
Do you enjoy darker tales of survival and strife?
Do you prefer the subtle over the grandiose, or the mundane over the extreme?
Or are you just someone looking for something a little new?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above and are looking for an active roleplaying partner drop me a PM and let’s talk!


My ideal partner would be somebody that enjoys playing the GM/narrator and shares my passion for character development, emotional depth and gritty tales.

As for myself, I am a long time roleplayer in the GMT timezone, who enjoys creative writing and crafting realistic and believable characters. I am someone who puts a lot of pride and thought into the thoughts and feelings of my characters and I enjoy nothing more than to let then roam free in a world of our own design. I typically write a solid paragraph or two per post, but will often go beyond this when the context calls for it. My preferred platform is Discord, as I enjoy back-and-forth responses most of all.

I enjoy a wide range of genres and settings, but I have a particular love for realistic (as in response-wise, not necessarily the setting) and gritty tales. Everyday life in the Orwellian nightmare, desperate survival in the post-apocalypse or lost adrift amidst the treacherous stars.

My all time favourite settings are however Half-Life 2 or Warhammer 40k. Anyone with an interest in the former will get my undying attention!


A sample of my characters

Sarah Atkins (Half-Life 2 / My primary character)

QuoteA young woman in an world of decrepitude. In her late teens Sarah is a woman for whom the world has ever been a cruel and dangerous place. She has no memories of what it was like before the Combine invaded earth, for she was one of the extremely few children who survived. Raised in the underground by a group of former soldiers, Sarah spent her early years isolated beneath the streets of City 12. When at last she emerged, to her eyes it was not a world of darkness and decay, but one full of untold wonder. The joy of seeing a sky above her head is one that has not yet faded for Sarah Atkins, and as the rest of the human race laments the world that was, Sarah finds herself well adjusted to the life of restrictions and austerity, even if her big mouth and curious eyes often get her into trouble.

Stahl Kurgan (Warhammer 40k)

QuoteA loyal Commissar attached to the 14 th Praepitan Rifles. Outwardly a hard and imposing figure, Commissar Kurgan holds a reserved compassion for his men that is a rare trait amongst his kind. A veteran of many a campaign, Stahl finds himself privately tired of the whole bloody affair, even though he had long since accepted that his duty would end only in death. Whether it is charging across the fields of battle, or maintaining order whilst on leave, Stahl Kurgan is a guarded but trustworthy figure who will see any job through to the bitter end.

Ashleya (Warhammer 40k)

QuoteAn Aeldari maiden alone in Imperial space. Forced to flee after the fall of her Craftworld , Ashelya has spent years hunting those that destroyed her home. After slaying the infamous Shrieklord and having helped destroy his corrupted Battlebarge the Hellbound Heart, Ashelya now continues to travel the galaxy having long since fallen on the path of vengeance.

Rat (Warhammer 40k)

QuoteFormer slave with an unholy past. Small, skittish and otherwise unremarkable the woman simply known as Rat carries with her a palpable sense of unease. Her origins are best left unspoken, for despite her youth this woman’s eyes are sunken with horrors unknown. Rat has a curious nature to say the least, a servant that when left alone seems more feral than sentient. Quiet and attentive though she might be, one can never feel truly at ease around this sharp eyed creature.

Cyra Hildegard (Warhammer 40k)

QuoteCyra the Reborn, Mistress of the Hellborn Heart and Lady of Shrieking Excess. Born into Hiveworld nobility, Cyra had risen to become a terrible warlord in her own right. Adopted by an Emperor's Children traitor Astartes known as Tybolt the Shrieklord, Cyra’s unstable pysker powers became over time a powerful conduit for the youngest of the four Chaos Gods. Yet it was her death and subsequent resurrection that was to seal her fate. For two hundred years Cyra had hung between death and undeath, until an unholy ritual merged her soul with a daemon of the warp. Twisted beyond recognition, Cyra Hildegard had been reborn as a petrifying avatar of beauty entwined with terror.

Sarah Hereford (Half-Life 2)

QuoteA self proclaimed monster. As beautiful as she is deadly, Sarah Hereford Commands a Civil Protection squad filled with only the lowest scum City 12 has to offer. Dripping with upper class arrogance, Hereford's flirtatious attitude carries with it a macabre streak that does nothing to hide her sadistic core. Self centred and neurotic Hereford has an obsessive nature that refuses to bend. To Hereford innocence is irrelevant, for in her black and white view of the world there are only two types of people in the world; predators and prey.

So if anything from the above has caught your attention, drop me a PM and let’s talk!

Oh and be sure to check out my other thread for lots more information: https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=297934.msg14582751#msg14582751