Dared and Enslaved (m or f)

Started by playfullchick76, April 10, 2020, 06:35:34 PM

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There was a mansion on the edge of town, gothic themed, with a reclusive owner, who occasionally came into town, but no one knew much about them. There was talk about what they did behind closed doors, but no one dared to ask, being too polite.  Urged on by my friends, i was dared to slip onto the property and into the mansion, to find out what actually went on there. Little did I know that it was a home where enslaved girls were held, part of a chain of homes until they were delivered to their new owners.

Having found out the truth, the owner catches me and knowing they cant let me go, keeps me as their personal pet, slave girl, exotic maid, perhaps even paying for surgery to mould me into their perfect companion, as they had been looking for someone to kidnap, but someone came to them.

If this appeals to anyone,let me know. I see the one enslaving me as cultured, intelligent, and wealthy.


Hi, I never found a taker for this one, so I'm offering it again.