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April 12, 2021, 01:06:46 pm

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Author Topic: Tal's Harhar Collection of Ideas  (Read 299 times)

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Offline TalharTopic starter

Tal's Harhar Collection of Ideas
« on: April 08, 2020, 10:29:13 am »
So, before I make you read through a starting patchworked collection of random ideas (Ranging from original assmagick'ed stuff to loosely based fanfics, or whatever the term is.)  I can't emphasize the following enough:

I like to write stories, not smut.
This is in no way whatsoever to be taken as an attack on anyone that has more fun writing smut!
Imagine someone had an amazing epiphany in the shower. Obviously that person would think they're next Stephen Hawking and wanting to enlighten the world.  So...You receive this profound knowledge bomb:

Now some people would cringe, replying with an Eye-Roll GIF, and block that person from their contact list...
Whilst others would cringe, replying by typing "You incorrectly thought that was worth letting me know.", and block that person from their contact list...

Okay, the above made little to no sense about what I'm trying to say but basically the gist is: To each their own!


Now on to the, hopefully less embarassing to write, genres and ideas I had in mind:

Genres I like:

- Comedy  -  The above gives you a fair idea of how lame my sense of humor can get, so yeah... (I doubt I'll get many requests for this one.)
- Suspense/Thriller
- Mystery
- Fantasy
- Crime
- Adventure
- Superpowers (heroes & villains)
- Supernatural
- And probably some other stuff I forgot about for the moment.

Ideas I had in mind, in no particular order: (I will keep adding to this list over time)

#1 Gintama fanfic

I love Gintama, from the randomness and absurd sense of humor down to all of its characters' backstory and evolution.
I'd love to have 1 or 2 partners for this one, and create our very own Odd Jobs group, taking on all kinds of assignments. Ranging from getting a kitty out of a tree to sabotaging space pirates smuggling dangerous space dope into the everyday lives of clubhopping skanks and Melbourne Shuffling ravers. Either way, this story will be primarily focused on comedy, character development and action, possibly romance and/or sex - depending on our characters' interaction.

#2 The Crows
A pair of common thugs, with an unbreakable bond built over the course of their rough lives, get their hands on something that ends up being of enormous value. The two (MxF) have always had a close relationship, trusting one another with their lives without even thinking about it, but neither of them have had the courage to risk their existing relationship by acting on their feelings for one another. This would be a story with a lot of drama, crime, thriller/suspense and intense romance between them, albeit slowly built up.

#3 Bliss or Curse?

Imagine suddenly gaining superpowers!! Fucking awesome right? Except you have no idea how to control it, let alone use it. Enter: 'The Premise'
A private establishment run by and for people with superpowers, with the aim to teach/train them into being able to control it, even master it. Along with some moral guidelines  and all that jazz, but who really cares about that? If you got the power of foresight...Tell me you're not going to play the lottery?

This would be, obviously, about superpowers and such, we'd either both be people who recently gained powers or one of us would be a mentor and the other a rookie. Additionally I have some ideas for later on in the story, involving many other genres (like mystery/suspense/drama/ etc. Our relationship could of course evolve into romance depending on how the story goes.

#4 The Fuck?

In a world where the supernatural has become the natural overnight...Nothing is certain anymore, except maybe that humans are no longer at the top of the foodchain. This would be a very suspenseful/mysterious/survival themed story where two people who never met before, suddenly become allies and have to survive the aftermath of The Night. (Original name, I know) Again, romance is encouraged and possible but not required.

Alright these are a few ideas off the top of my head.

Anyone up for one?