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June 12, 2021, 03:11:30 pm

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Author Topic: (Closed) request from Female Writer (M/F, F/F or M/M) - Fantasy/Sci-fi/Horror  (Read 357 times)

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Hello everyone,

I don't usually like doing this because I don't really feel that people like my ideas.
But here goes!

Firstly - myself:
I have an On/Offs page and that will tell you all about my likes and dislikes (obvs) but in general I like to think I'm a competent writer who is able to post substantially although it could be as minimum as one post a day. I'm really looking for a great, complex storyline where sex isn't the focus, but then contains intense, passionate adult scenes!


So I have several ideas:

1. I really love the idea of a D&D cross modern world, where perhaps an event in history caused magic to floor into the real world. Technology continued to grow as well as fantasy creatures trying to make their home in a difficult political climate. Intelligent and ruthless Dragons dominate the business world and more often every business is run by a Draconic CEO. Dwarvian Baristas on every street corner, Elven Chefs etc etc and then on the crime side you have Succubus running Harems, criminal gangs run by Kobolds in the sewers, and the country side dominated by wild predators. Dark Lords, masters of the Undead, Demons and Devils, darkness growing across the land.... Finally a merge between technology and magic creates a new kind of magic - technomancy!
Within this we need to find a story, perhaps two adventurers or Police Detectives? Perhaps two Uni students learning to be an adventurer.

2. I am currently obsessed with the SCP universe and the game containment breach and would love to do my first horror based Roleplay. Perhaps some weird and wonderful tests with unusual SCPs followed by a containment breach and a relationship built on the fear of trying to escape the different creatures and stay hidden and safe. Not quite sure how it would go but something to work on.

3. I am also late to the party regarding Stardew Valley, and think a nice relaxing roleplay based in the Stardew universe might be fun. Perhaps the town has a dark sexy secret?

4. I once started a fallout roleplay that never got close to getting into a decent story but I still think it's worth a really good go. One of the vaults that has only one woman or one man? Could lead to some fun times!

5. Someone introduced me to a possible story that I think has some merit - where the world's women-kind has almost died out. Some drug or virus that killed enough women that the world's government came to the consensus that they were now a protected resource, and several companies were born to see to the protection and safety of women. Years later this evolves into a corrupted slave trade were women are little more than objects and 'owning' a woman is seen as a status symbol. Two stories here, one could be that a wealthy Father purchases a Woman for his Son. Alternatively, it could be someone who rescues a woman from slavery or an underground fighting pit or something like that. Could be flipped by I am not really all that great a Dom.

6. Finally, it could be that a Woman is abducted by aliens (or something similar) and sold in a slave trade. The purchasers treat her like a pet, expecting her to be docile and respectful as they clean her, feed her, train and discipline her, especially when she 'embarrasses' them in public, and of course, use her for sexual pleasure.

Or anything that you would like to suggest and discuss! I'm open, currently have only one roleplay ongoing at the moment and would like a second.


MWAH xxxx
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