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Author Topic: A not so ordinary request (updated)  (Read 557 times)

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A not so ordinary request (updated)
« on: April 08, 2020, 02:08:48 am »
Hello there! Welcome!
Let's just get to business shall we?

But before that, I shall tell you my rules:

  • I don't care if you're male, female, non binary, trans, etc. Everyone is welcomed.
  • If you're planning to rp with me please feel free to tell your ONs and OFFs, I want to make sure that we have fun instead of getting irritated or causing drama in ooc.
  • Feel free to share your ideas and contribute to the plot as you'd like, I only made the foundation (kind of), the plots are still up for discussion nevertheless.
  • Multi paragraphs (2+ at least, consisting of 5 sentences per paragraph at least), I'm comfortable doing 2-3 paragraphs on average but will try to match up if needs to be longer and such.
  • Please read everything! even to the smallest details.
  • I want smut but it doesn't have to be always that. Perhaps like either 50/50 or 60% for plot or 40% for smut but even heavier to the plot is okay. I don't want more smut than 50%.
  • I'm really trying to keep this vanilla, nothing too weird, so preferably no supernaturals(unless I asked for it), just real life stuff I guess.
  • I want things to be pretty fluff (don't try being rough(a little bit is okay), it's not really my cup of tea) no weird dynamics, just two people deeply in love okay?
  • When it comes to OOC, I'm fine with discussing the rp and such. I also don't mind making friends too. Just feel free but keep things polite, alright?
  • Also, faceclaims, real life is expected, not drawn, nor 3d, nor animation as well.

How can it be not so ordinary you might ask?

Well,I happen to have some sort of a fetish. (Please don't ask why, I'm really not sure what's the answer to that is. Maybe I just like masculinity?)

I know you're already raising one of your brows at this point (or not) but okay let me just drop you the bomb.

➪I love playing male characters... but...for this one, they're not trans but they were born different, intersexual at some point (sort of) but was supposed to be born as fully female. Everything about them looks like your typical masculine guy except down there and they present themselves as guy in public and is very much content with their abnormal state (it being their organ reproduction)
If you're still here, then you're probably asking what kind of pairing I might want from this? I'm thinking playing against a Male or futa, I guess.

Okay off to the plots I guess:
(Also if you have a plot in mind please do share it with me and we can also come up with a new one if you want!)
The more *, means what I'm craving the most.
Muse A = my oc
Muse B = your oc
Character's age (it's just the probable age of my oc)

Character's age : forties

Setting: Victorian times, late 1880s

Muse A is a well known rich businessman who gives the people what they want even though breaking the rules along with it. Muse B is a well known detective, a private investigator who does right by their clients and knows how to get what they need with their words. With the two muses meeting each other, the two start off with arguments as Muse B was aware of what kind of illegal doings that Muse A had done.

Despite not starting off in a great start, Muse B's client had other plans that was against Muse B's judgement. Muse A was a target for assassination but All muse A knew was that he was framed of another man's murder. Muse B quickly warned Muse A and the two escaped from Muse B's client's grasps. Though, they had to lie low among the people which showed what Muse A's actual motives are. Muse B eventually allied themselves with Muse A and was determined to get to the bottom of the problem of why Muse B's client wanted Muse A dead so badly.

Halfway into the journey, the two eventually found some comfort from each other. Knowing that there was still compassion and kindness inside that cold world of business.

"College "
Character's age : twenties

Setting : modern times

Muse A and Muse B were childhood friends but they went on their separate ways when middle school came. Many years passed and they were out for college. Apparently, they were both enrolled to the same college and when they meet each other once again, things changed but not so much when it comes to their friendship.

So much that Muse B invited Muse A to stay in their apartment because it had two bedrooms and Muse B thought it would be nice to have his old friend as his roommate. At first Muse A declined to that offer, but knowing that Muse A didn't want to stay inside the dorm, Muse A eventually accepted Muse B's offer.

As weeks passed, Both Muses really grew close, so much that they fallen for each other. Despite that Muse B had confessed their feelings to Muse A and the other also reciprocated it, Muse A told Muse B that he wasn't the one that they thought they were. Muse B of course didn't understand until he saw something by accident.

Muse B wanted to talk and so they walked up onto the door and knocked. They didn't hear any objections and so they thought they were okay to get in. Upon opening the door, Muse A was caught naked by Muse B. Muse B didn't see what the big deal was considering they were both men so it shouldn't be much of a problem.

Apparently, that's not the case, after Muse A closed the door on Muse B, Muse B took the time to figure out what the commotion was all about. And he quickly figure out once he remembered something rather crucial. Despite knowing the truth, Muse B's feelings for Muse A only became more clearer. The two eventually talked about it and both Muses eventually got together. Muse B had to keep Muse A's secret and which also meant that they can't just do it anywhere nor in public (not that they were planning to)

For this one, I would probably go to the first time they did it (if you know what I mean), so yeah let me know if you're interested.


Character's age : late twenties or so

Setting: modern times

Muse A and B are partners at work. Muse A is one of the new detectives while Muse B is kind of the new Star in the police department and wanted to make it big. Muse B tend to make rash decisions and has some sort of a hero complex where they would willingly make self sacrifices in order to save someone or so. Muse B is pretty liked among people and tend to see things black and white but Muse A sees things a bit differently, causing a bit of tension between the two.

After going through so many cases together along with the dangers of it, Both Muses grew a strong bond because of it. They've always made sure to watch over each other's back. But what happens when Muse B found out that Muse A was involved in a crime ring that eventually led Muse A to be come a fugitive?

I'm thinking that Muse B helped Muse A and tried to get to the bottom of it together. Since they are now fugitives, both muses stick together. Also, Muse B already knew about Muse A's secret and they had remained close despite it but grew close due to them basically having no one else to trust but their own partner.

Private Session**
Theme : Age Gap, forbidden love, School
Character's age : Early or mid forties
Your character's age has to be over or at least 18

Setting: Modern times

Muse A is Muse B's private highschool counselor (or just one of the University's psychology teacher/counselor). Muse A is known as a strict and uptight teacher who the both the preppies and the rebels hated. He is always correcting other's looks if they do not meet the dress code or so. The school is mostly filled with spoiled rich kids who only cares about themselves and their popularity among their peers. But something about Muse B was different and that took Muse A's attention. For a few and mostly the quiet kids, they were fond of Muse A, recognizing the rather compassionate and tender side of him which Muse A showed to Muse B.

Whatever brought the two close (be it easy or hard), Muse A didn't think much of it until he found out Muse B's feelings towards him (Muse B could either confess or their friends could be sharing the secret and Muse A just somehow stumbles upon it)

At first, Muse A tried to convince Muse B that what they was feeling wasn't really real. But, Muse A was just trying to convince himself that it was wrong and that he should shut that feeling down. Despite the short confusion, Muse A and Muse B eventually got together.

Having to hide the fact that they were together, will they get through all of the hardships together or was Muse A right all along?

For Muse B, they can be a rich kid or a kid who got full scholarship and was lucky enough to attend the local private highschool/University

I think that's all I have at the moment but you're welcome to give me a plot as long as it suits my condition and so on so forth.

Let me know if you're interested or you have questions to ask.
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Re: A not so ordinary request (updated)
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2020, 04:11:42 am »

U n e x p e c t e d P a w n s

Drama/Angst, Horror-ish/Thriller, romance


MxM only

Muse A and Muse B knew each other from their mutual online friends. The two at first met inside a group chat that one of the muses made (you choose who, it could also be neither of them). When they were just starting to get along with each other, Muse A simply didn't come back online afterward. Of course, this sends mixed signals to Muse B. But after asking his mutual online friends, it was apparent that Muse A had ghosted all of them, leaving no trace of online activity. Back then, both muses were still in middle school and they haven't really gotten to know each other that much but both muses had a feeling that they were meant to be best friends or at least that's what seemed to be the case at that time.

Many years past and both muses just graduated from high school. Prom was terrible, especially for Muse B since their date left them spending the night alone. Life for Muse B was (depends on you, if you want angst then just go for it) well still good enough for Muse B to at least hold onto. Most of the time, Muse B spent his time catching up with his online friends and tried to just distract his mind for whatever mess that was going on in his life. For some odd reason, one night when Muse B was just browsing for other group chats that were available, Muse B decided to join the only chat that had people in it. Though, There was only a new user in that chat, and Muse B just decided to strike up a conversation with them. Things went well and the two of them quickly became friends. The two would message each other very often like as if they were old friends. When the new user mentioned their name, Muse B only though that it was kind of a coincidence for them to have the same name as Muse A. Muse B didn't really think much of it since all he knew about Muse A was his name and a few other things regarding himself but not how he looks nor that Muse B knows any of Muse A's social media or if he even had one in the first place. Little do Muse B know, it's actually Muse A.

With only a few weeks, the two eventually discovered how each of them looked and liked to call each other from time to time. At this rate, Muse A and B were close. Though something happened and Muse B turned to one of his online friends for emotional support. the particular friend that Muse B turned to confessed that they had feelings for Muse B in the midst of it. Muse B couldn't think since he was still trying to process the incident that just happened to them. While that was going on, Muse B's old friends that were still in touch with him, invited the whole group to meet up. It was supposed to be a cool party or something. Even the girl/male that confessed to Muse B was also going. When Muse B reached the party and meet up with the rest, there was a sense of paranoia but Muse B tried to just have fun without letting it get to him. Out of nowhere, Muse B was dragged away from the crowd to a room that he could only think of as a staff-only room. At first, Muse B was ready to tackle whoever caught him but the figure quickly revealed himself as Muse A. Apparently, the party wasn't what it seemed to be. It was a front for a game that Muse B and his friends were going to play. A game of deceptions and manipulation in exchange for power and prosperity to those who win it.

Unfortunately, both muses got dragged into the game. There was no one to trust, as each of them was sent back home with nothing but the promise and the fact that one of them had quickly gone missing afterward. There were phone calls from whoever made the game and each was given one particular task for a day. Despite this, no one knew who got what kind of task, and those who had gone missing afterward with no contact would be the ones who didn't have the guts to do the task or those who wanted to be out of this game. Something clearly happened to them. But the game quickly escalates and then there were only four of them, the girl who had feelings for muse B, Muse A, another girl, and Muse B himself. At some point, the four were forced to come to a particular empty room inside a building that they never saw before. It was actually vacant for years and the room that they were meant to be in was set up for like a show or something. There were a few monitors hung up on the wall and it displayed whatever the cameras were seeing. Inside the room, there was only a table with four handguns. The thing is it only has one bullet in each gun. They were each given the same task. To either, TRIGGER WARNING 
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
kill yourself or others

They were given time and if they don't do their tasks, all of them will die. Though, the girl/male that liked Muse B was the first to make her choice, by using her gun to shoot the other unwilling participant and took her gun. At this point, Muse B has to choose who to side with as they both wanted Muse B to be alive.[/size]

((I'm not too sure where to start but I think we should discuss that and also this plot is very much up for discussion (though I like it as it is) Also the outcome is up for discussion)

T o x i c**


Angst, Thriller, romance


MxM only

((this one has a lot of angst and triggers. Also, it's still an idea, not really a fleshed-out plot. I will allow more rough play but just a bit (if you wouldn't do that to you lover then don't do it to my character), no rape or anything like that

Muse A and B had always been close to each other. Although their lives weren't the best, they try to make do with what they have. At some point, they became obsessed with each other and unhealthily codependent to one another. Muse A is possessive over Muse B to the point that he had to manipulate Muse B just because he was scared of Muse B leaving him. Muse A wanted Muse B all to himself and felt like Muse B was supposed to go to him for every problem or matter that Muse B experienced, leaving Muse B a bit powerless over taking charge of his own life. Though Muse A do encourage Muse B to have a good future and do what he loves, what happens when Muse B was forced to move away from Muse A because of family issues? Can they contain their lust for each other or will they have to use the video call for something lewder? Also, will they be able to get together or will Muse B's family pull him away from Muse A even further?

((it's up to you where do you want this to go or how it should end or so. Though, I really want this kind of dynamic between the characters.))