Fairest of them all -Twisted Wonderland fandom- F for Vil Schoenheit

Started by LamentingQuill, April 05, 2020, 12:27:16 AM

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I can't play the game as it's only in Japanese, but that doesn't stop me from being crazy about the characters and what little I can glean from translated intros and what not. I have a particular fondness for Vil Schoenheit and Malleus Draconia, though in this pitch, I am looking for Vil.

I was thinking how much fun it would be to have two connected colleges for the children of famous heroes/heroines and villains, one half of the college dedicated to the educational needs of good and wicked. They would be expected to behave themselves and coexist like adults outside classes when they are likely to come into contact... at least, whenever teachers are around.

My character would be the daughter of Snow White and Florian, Liliana... and she would find herself receiving borderline obsessive yet romantically poetic love letters almost immediately being slipped under her dorm room door. Who is leaving her these love letters?

I was thinking that with Vil's obsession with being beautiful, he would want only the loveliest girl as his girlfriend as well, which instantly puts Liliana in the situation of having the Pomefiore dorm leader's undivided romantic attention as his fascination with her gets deeper with every interaction...