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August 18, 2022, 10:05:47 pm

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Author Topic: Chicago by Night [Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition] [System] [Extreme]  (Read 528 times)

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I am looking to act as a Storyteller for a 5th edition VtM game using the Chicago by Night sourcebook!

(I couldn't get this idea out of my head for the past month, so here we are <_< )

What sort of themes am I looking for in a tale?

Well, here are a few!

- Political intrigue and betrayal--what is 'power' and who truly holds it?
- Secrets and protecting the Masquerade; can a person really keep a lid on the secrets of undeath?
- What it means to 'belong'...and can anyone truly belong in a society full of predators? Does one even want to?
- What is 'love' and does it have a place in the World of Darkness?
- Sensuality and the exploration of carnality--not just in a sexual sense, but what it means to truly revel in sensation!

I'm not necessarily looking for any particular gender pairings or kinks; I feel like I can be pretty flexible and work most of what a person is interested in into a game, provided you don't go against my O/Os. I'm open to a great deal of gender pairings, am LGBT+ friendly, and I don't care about the RL gender of co-writers!

What am I looking for in your character?

- I don't want a character sheet at first! Why? Your character will be Embraced at the start of the chronicle! We'll even be selecting a Sire for your character who is in the Chicago by Night rulebook. What I want from you is a couple of paragraphs of personality/history for your character in their life as a human & why they're in Chicago. I'd love a possible image of the character you have in mind, too!

What is your preferred post rate for this? Do you have a preferred posting length?

- I don't have a preference for either. I'd like to write what feels right for the RP. Sometimes it could be one line, sometimes it could be a three thousand word post. Sometimes I'll be more available to post, and sometimes I won't be! If you can't handle me being busy a week or so, I may not be the right Storyteller for you! (Also, I can sometimes be slow as molasses at PMs)

- It's worth noting that I don't always post to my RPs in order. Sometimes I'll post to more stories more than others, etc. If that's something that could bother you, I may not be a good fit. I'm not the sort of person who will force myself to write something unless I feel like I'm really into it!

Why run this as a 1x1? Why not run it as a group?

- Honestly, I'm not sure. I feel like a 1x1 game is a better litmus for trying out the Chicago book at this time.

What books are allowed for conceptualizing/building the player character when we get to that part?

- Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition Core Rulebook
- The Anarch sourcebook
- The Camarilla sourcebook
- Chicago by Night
- The Chicago Folios

I may tentatively allow things from 'Fall of London' book if you can give me a good reason to include that, but mostly that probably would be a Loresheet or something like that.

(I do not have access to the Blood Cults kickstarted book, but even if I did, I would not allow that one right now since it's not really formally released)

I am not very likely to allow material from prior editions of VtM for this, mostly as a lot of the prior stuff doesn't really port up well to 5th edition due to the rather large mechanics changes for 5e. No 3rd party/fan material at all; I really prefer to avoid that for now.

Does this have to be a system or can it just be freeform using the sourcebooks for canon info?

This has to be a system game with dice, sorry! I like my tabletop gaming to have dice because it introduces elements of randomness and tension. :)

Message me if interested! This game would be classified as an Extreme Solo game since I want room to make the World of Darkness well and truly dark, but I won't go against a person's Offs in my quest for gritty darkness! (Please note that if you have major problems with things like non-consensual scenes or blood that we might not have the same vision going on for a World of Darkness)
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