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November 27, 2020, 07:20:41 PM

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Author Topic: Eliza and Friends' 1vs1/Solo Genderswap Roleplays  (Read 348 times)

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Eliza and Friends' 1vs1/Solo Genderswap Roleplays
« on: April 04, 2020, 03:11:26 AM »
Greetings and welcome to my ever-growing collection of 1vs1/Solo-style genderswap roleplays and stories. If you are unfamiliar with genderswap, and have no desire to play in this genre, you're welcome to click the back button. But if you came here with an interest in genderwap (gender bending, mind swapping, transgender concepts), then continue down and browse the sub-genres and examples of them linked below.

Note: Links with a * attached are stories that other gender-bending enthusiasts have created and fleshed out. If you find someone that interests your play style, feel free to give them a message. Just tell them I sent you.

Mind/Soul transfer - The transplanting of the mind/soul of a person of one gender into the body of the opposite gender
Scientific Manipulation - Genderswap that pertains to the use of scientific or science-fictional devices, causes and procedures ([.e. microscopic robots, chemicals, radiation, diseases, illnesses, etc.
Instant/Unknown - The unexpected change of a person that does not give the details of the transformation procedure and/or the length of the procedure
Fantasy - Genderswap that does not influence the physical or real reality. All forms of transformation is included, but restricted to the mental realm such as in the mind, dreams, nightmares, virtual reality
Switcheroo - Genderswap that is done between two different persons, usually between a guy and a woman and vice versa. The cause of this type of Genderswap may vary
Various - Stories with multiple types of genderswap

The list goes on ... if you have any ideas how the transformation could work, then feel free to submit.

If you are interested in taking part in an RP involving this genre, please reply with ideas. I'm also taking PM's as well. Let this thread serve to educate, broaden your imagination, and set up roleplays for everyone to use. As I'm a GM for 2 games, one here on and one on Discord, I may not be available to partner with everyone for every idea. However, since this thread will serve as a central hub for those who are into the genderswap genre, hopefully there are other like-minded roleplayers that are available to write with you.

Below are the plots and ideas that are available for you to use freely and inspire your own ideas. This list will change as more ideas are brought up to my attention. Please keep in mind that they are defaulted to a male-to-female swap, but can be reverted to the opposite. If you'd like your idea to be put in this list, then feel free to submit it. Bookmark this thread for updates.

Old Plots/Ideas
The Artifact (formerly Body Transfer)
(Inspired by the hentai animation of the same name)
An explorer who has researched potential places where mystical ruins and evidence of a civilization that thrived long ago, has brought his team of specialists, scientists and some of his college students to a remote jungle that has no record of any recent explorations. Guided by only locals who know the area, they venture deep into the jungle to find a rumored temple said to hold many treasures of magical properties, especially a festival artifact that is the sole purpose of the expedition. It is unknown what kind of power the artifact holds, but rumors say that the last expedition that went to find it, all men and one woman went missing.

The Show Must Go On
(Original by ReijiTabibito) A dance company (which does primarily classical ballet, though others as well) has just finished up a tour, and are preparing to disband.  However, a wealthy patron of the arts has taken notice of the company, and wants to sponsor them...if he can get a private performance for himself.  However, the head female dancer has already taken leave, and there's no one to play the part.  No one, except an assistant choreographer...who happens to be a guy. (This would feature the choreographer being transformed, body changing to that of a talented, experienced dancer.)

All About Tru
(Original by Eliza; inspired by the film, The Truman Show)
In a recent turn of fortunate events, Truman, an actor, is hired to be the star of an upcoming show that reveals things to its viewers little by little, ending each episode with a cliff hanger. After a couple episodes, his character is put into a coma. He himself becomes a victim of an accident. When he wakes up, he finds himself to be in the body of 18 year old girl about to go to college, with the supporting characters of the show becoming the real life versions of themselves as he encounters the town he lives in. He is led to believe something happened to him or maybe he is dreaming, possibly in a coma like his character. When his female self goes to sleep at night, he doesn't know that thousands upon thousands of hidden cameras are watching his every move in his female body. Little does he know that he is part of his own show, where he is the main character, but now as a female. He doesn't even know that his show, All About Tru, is watched throughout the world, the show garnering millions of fans. Even the adult audience gets to see exclusive sexual scenes that are wound into the story (VIP Access webisodes). How long will Truman ... Tru, realize the world around her is the world's best reality show?

In My Past Life
(inspired by Men In Black 3)
You're living today like you've lived every day. As a man, you woke up, went to work (or school), ate three meals a day, had time off, and slept at the end. Yet, the next day, you find yourself in a totally different world. You're a woman now, and everything around you reflects your life that you've lived as a woman, yet you remember yourself as being a man, possibly in a past life. Not only are you surprised by your bodily and reality changes, you find a mysterious man claiming he's from the future and he came to your time in order to solve a rift in several timelines.

Volunteer Cruise
To atone for an offense that would otherwise send me to prison or land me a hefty fine I would have to pay out of pocket, I'm made into a volunteer. Being a man with little skill and a body to prove it, I'm whisked away to an unknown lab where I'm rendered immobile while people change my body, right down to the last detail, from a male to a female. I find myself on a boat where I have to serve my body to patrons.

Second Chance Resort
I suddenly wake up in a hotel room on the higher floors of what looks to be a resort built on an island. It is brought to my attention that I am a new employee at this resort. Working at my job gains me income to support myself and also gives me information of my past life and the reasons why I was changed. Changed? At the same time, I discover that I'm no longer a man, but an attractive woman.

If you are looking for genderswap roleplays for groups, head to this thread.
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Re: Eliza and Friends' 1vs1/Solo Genderswap Roleplays
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2020, 06:56:19 PM »

This is my CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) with a genderswap thread. Please read, as I need more votes.