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Author Topic: Looking for RP partners for a Modern-based RPs with possible twists/taboos  (Read 1096 times)

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Offline SirDrRPerTopic starter

Hello there!

Thanks for reading my thread.

I'm looking to start a detailed, descriptive, plot-based role play on PM or even on Discord with a FEMALE RPer. Good build-up and some tension is a must; I do not like to have the role based only on sex or let alone jump into it. Don't get me wrong, the sex is certainly a strong component, but a decent plot and story are a must.

Also, I need someone who can keep up with at least 2-3 solid detailed paragraphs per post. Please see a couple of examples. 
"Writing example I"

The last couple of months living with his mother in her relatively small apartment had not been easy for Alex.  For nearly the last two years, he had been living in a dorm up at his university living essentially an independent, free, adult life doing what he pleased.  The truth was, he rarely stayed in his dorm as he kept very busy keeping up his grades, studying with classmates as he was majoring in architecture design, working out, and hanging out with a couple of his friends who actually had apartments.  While he partied occasionally, it wasn’t anything extreme and he was reasonably responsible.  He dated sporadically, but hadn’t been seeing anyone recently and that was probably good given the harsh quarantine causing him and most students no choice but to move back home.  It wouldn't be as if he would be able to see anyone.

Initially, the first couple of weeks or so weren’t too bad for him once he moved in with her.  At least he had his own bedroom and he was used to small corridors, but now he was inside practically all of the time.  This was so new and different to him as he pretty much only slept in his dorm.  And it felt incredibly frustrating.  He felt almost jailed with his mother as the differences in how they lived only became more apparent and stark.  Alex had become so used to living on his own which meant throwing his dirty clothes onto the floor and leaving them there until he was ready to do laundry, or leaving used dishes out as he pleased, and not picking up after himself, or making his bed.  The long list of complaints and hearing his mother telling him what to do was wearing on him leading to sarcastic remarks toward her, eye rolling and sighs, and still a bit of that younger ‘attitude’ of his could be apparent.  Snappiness and arguments about things seemed to be escalating before the two finally agreed to come up with some truce.  This quarantine was not going to end anytime soon and they had no choice but to make things work. 

Alex really didn’t want things to be the way they had become.  He loved his mother dearly and she had always been there for him.  Of course, he had no father to ever rely on and in many ways she fulfilled two roles for him.  When he got older, he was able to realize this more and even appreciate it knowing it was not easy.   However, lately, it was more difficult than not to focus on the irkings and negatives aspects currently happening especially given the lockdown.  He was with and around her so much and the tension had just been building.  And there was no release manifesting internally in various ways for him.  It didn’t help that his testosterone was absolutely through the roof and he missed not having a real sexual outlet with a girl.  At his age especially, it felt as if he needed it.  Secretly masturbating in his bedroom to porn felt cheap and unfulfilling as it had been several months since he had sex with anyone.  And it only seemed that dry spell was going to last a lot longer.  That only seemed to intensify his sexual desires more than ever.  He felt sexually starved and missing the feeling of dominating someone in some way.  It was hard for him to even explain although he didn't think explicitly why, it was just that feeling he had.

It was already past ten o’clock before they were going to have their little talk, however, staying up late and sleeping in seemed more common these days.  His online classes gave him flexibility for when he needed to turn in assignments or login.  He knew his mother wanted to have some wine together which would be unique as he was used to beer more than anything although even then, he never drank a ton up at school. 

“What kind of wine is it, mom?” he casually, yet complacently called aloud while his tall, strong frame lazily sat back on the edge of the couch by the one arm.  He wore a grey t-shirt with a faded logo of his school.  The shirt accentuated his strong shoulders and chest while his shorts of were a dark blue, thin cotton, athletic material that went to his knees.  He worked out in these up at school.  His socks were short and of a dark grey color.  His dark brown hair was somewhat on the shorter side and maybe a tad unbrushed looking which was common at night.  The TV was on in the background, but he hardly paid attention to it and the volume was rather low.  If anything, it was just something to have on as a little noise.  The apartment was rather nice as a couple of dimmer lamps were turned on sitting on tables by either side of the couch.

"Writing example II"

In a lot of ways for Alex, things felt constrained with his daughter lately.  The two were always close especially since her mother disappeared years ago having drug addictions among other problems.  Alex had raised Hallie on his own and it was never easy.  He did the best he could being 'two parents' having to work full-time and sometimes having to rely on his brother or other family members to watch her when she was younger and so forth.  However, over the last year so things were just different.  In his mind, she was so completely wrapped up in her friends, texting - which drove him nuts as she seemed almost compulsive with it, and even a change in her attitude.  Oh how the years went by fast he thought and here he was in his early 40s already.  He was a middle-aged man and that made him start to feel old for the first time.  Granted, he stayed in shape as he worked out, watched what he ate, but he was still middle aged.  Sometimes he felt he just needed to feel younger and needed a mindset change.

Lately, he had been feeling more loneliness.  It didn't help with Hallie taking to more friends, going out, even once having a boyfriend not long ago which he didn't feel comfortable about, but it wasn't a battle he was going to find as he dated at her age.  There was just a growing distance between him and her which made him feeling isolated.  He worked enough hours as it was with job and really looked forward to this yearly weekend getaway.  The weather was nice and pleasant, the area was gorgeous!  The mountains, trees, and lakes - some breathing taking views.  And his was able to rent out the exact same cabin for three years in a row now.  It was clean and very cozy; two bedrooms, bath, and living room which opened up to the kitchen.  It was perfect.

While they arrived fairly early today doing some outdoor activities including hiking, it was already getting fairly late and finally time to at least settle down.  While he grocery shopped to bring just enough food, he couldn't help but get the urge to buy that six pack of beer his eyes caught at the store cooler.  He hadn't had a good beer or any drink for that matter in ages.  And was he ever in the need for one the way things were going with his daughter.  The lights were off as it was past 11 p.m. as Alex sat on the middle seat of the couch with the 6 pack on the table in front of the couch.  He had just turned on the TV having no memory of what channels they had, but he recalled from previous years it wasn't much.  He wore a light grey t-shirt with a faded sports logo and pair of dark blue cotton, athletic shorts as this was pretty much the common type of nightwear.  He took a sigh lazily sitting back in his seat twisting the cap off only to take a healthy sip of the drink.  "Hmmmm," he said quietly to himself while his facial expression changed as the alcohol hit his taste buds.  It tasted strong probably only because he wasn't used to it; but at the same time it was kind of good.  As several minutes passed by, Hallie had still not come in the room.  "That damn phone," he said quietly to himself.  "HAALLIEE" he said with a louder voice trying to get her attention as he presumed she was in one of the guest rooms.  "Let's see what's on," he said taking a sigh feeling a sense of frustration.  He took another sip.

Here are my RP guidelines:

- No godmodding

- Females only

- Good planning of the role before starting so that both of us are on the same page with expectations, characters, story, etc.

- I like Longer term role and/or shorter term roles!

- Third Person writing

- Solid grammar and spelling


For "Ons" all of these, of course, don't have to be in the role as they are options based on discussion.




Large male endowment (8", 9", or 10")


Risk of Pregnancy

Cervical Penetration

Extreme Tightness

Oral (giving and receiving)

Dirty Talk


Degradation (maybe)


Violence (only a maybe and would be mild to serve some point in the role)

Partially clothed sex (preferably just shirts on)


Heavy Semen

Mild to moderate roughness

Hair pulling

Anal sex or anal play (maybe)

Age gaps

Alcohol involement

Taller male character

Fairly slender and/or shapely female character



Force (maybe, but depends on the role)


Aggressive male character

Good detail in roles

Modern settings (although very light modern-fantasy might work)

Dysfunctional relationships

Complex relationships

Dark'ish roles

Casual and plausible scenes

Romance (optional)

Natural musk (but not extreme or really 'bad' odor)


Extreme BDSM

Torture, etc.

Scat, urine, etc

Anything generally deemed 'gross'

Heavy or chubby built characters

Pure Porn roles (roles must have plausibility, story, build-up, plot, etc.)

Short posts/replies (e.g., 1-3 line responses not acceptable)

Someone dropping off after one post because they are not committed to the role or they didn't read my preferences

Story Preferences

- I am open to modern day role plays. Possibly some very light fantasy and post-apoc.

- I often like some taboo, or secret situations between the characters than no one else in the story knows about

- Psychological and emotional aspects of characters to be explored when possible.

- My characters are always male and usually are the aggressor. The personalities can wildly vary from nice to even somewhat demeaning - just depends on the story and situation.  They can be persuasive as well as seductive.    There can be scenarios where the character is less aggressive and even more timid or shy.


I've put together several ideas.  These are just brief descriptions and need more detail.  If you have an idea, or perhaps would like to tweak the RP, I'm all ears.  Feel free to send me a PM.

All of these can be longer term roles - again - they are just very brief descriptions and not meant to describe everything in the role.

"Incest RP ideas"

Note, some of these can be interchanged with other family pairings or some ideas combined.

Son and Mother Travelers - perhaps they are tracking down UFOs, a creature, bigfoot or whatever else on an adventurous summer vacation in their motor home.  However, other adventures develop as well.

Son and Mother - Pressure -Essentially she is an attractive single mother (husband/father left them years ago) and has been the sole parent for years.  As a result, she’s focused on work and raising her only son. Her son is a bit on the nerdy, geeky side and hasn't had success with females around his own age as he is a virgin. On any rate, he's secretly become attracted to her - even fantasizing to her - and eventually leads up to trying to convince her to do ‘it’ with him just as a one time, secret, experimentation of sorts for him. (Perhaps some things happen that lead up to it). He continues to pressure and pressure her until she finally gives in rationalizing it might help him and it would only be a one time thing - so she initially thinks. They end up developing a secret relationship. (note: this RP could be tweaked for a step mother or aunt. Lots of long term potential with this role.)

Son and Mother Snowed In -In this role, during a vacation, the two of them are completely alone in a cabin high in the mountains and they are snowed in.  They've learned it will be days before their other relatives can arrive or before they can leave.  Her son comes up with a way to pass time if only he can convince his mother- something he's thought about before, but now might have an opportunity going through with it.  There could be a variation to this role involving alcohol.

Son and Mother - Camping -In this role, the son and mother going on a camping trip with a number of her friends and family members.  Because of a mis-planning, the two of them are forced to stay in the same tent together for the night.  The only problem, due to space, it’s across the other side of the lake where they are fairly isolated.  On any rate, the son has some desires – particularly seeing her semi-undressed in the tent.  They end up getting into a conversation about sex which leads into other things especially about his desires to experience ‘it’ for the first time (or he could be experienced instead)  (note: this RP could be tweaked for a step mother or aunt. Lots of long term potential with this role.)

Son and Mother - Agreement -In this role, the son starts thinking and having certain temptations with his mother in which he actually approaches her about.  She cannot believe it and plainly tells him no, then goes and tells her husband (his father) about it who isn't quite as outraged.  In fact, he thinks it might even be good for their son considering some of his issues and persuades his wife to follow through with their son's wishes just one time.  Lots of long term potential here and open to other suggestions in regards to the role.

Son and Mother - Reunited - A mother were gave up her son for adoption when he was born has decided to seek him out many years later and reunite with him.  The son experiences a mixture of emotions as they meet and learn more about one another as things take a turn.

Father and Daughter Romance - This is definitely a longer term role.  Essentially, the father has been single and living alone for many years now.  His very attractive daughter (college age or even older) starts spending some time with him (perhaps he lives far away).  They begin bonding together, enjoying time, and getting closer.  The topic of sex arises in a discussion and he mentions how it's been years since he last experienced it and how it will probably never happen again.  However, she feels sorry for him and gets this insane idea of asking him if he would like to have sex with her.  He has to strongly consider it and agrees.  Afterward, they both discover they want to do it again as the relationship takes a turn.

Father and Daughter Corruption - So, basically, the daughter was quite young when her mother and father split up. He ended up spending years in prison for some hard crimes and felonies.  During that time, her mother re-married to someone who wasn't the best either and the daughter absolutely hated him...and she clung on to the rose-bud, wonderful memories of her father and couldn't wait until the day he finally got released.  Truth be told, perhaps he wasn't even as great as she remembered as maybe she formed these thoughts for other reasons, but either way, she couldn't wait to meet him when he got out.  He's actually nice looking; tall, built strongly, muscular, maybe tattoos (could be bad boy image too)...maybe even looks at him differently since she never was around him much for so long.  Maybe she even has a subtle physical infatuation with him.

So, he gets out of prison and she is beautiful to his eyes.  He started spending time with her and her mother agreed to let her stay with him over a summer or maybe even live with him given how bad the relationship was with her step father. 

However, her father is a rather corrupt, depraved individual who starts developing a really strong certain fixation on his daughter.  He plays mind games with her, manipulation, guilts hers, etc. into trying things with him.  She keeps telling him no and maybe just assumes it's not his fault; it's just the fault of being in prison for years, etc. and she finds every way possible to excuse his actions and words as things snowball.  His language is rather blunt and at times.  Ultimately, he corrupts hers, maybe humiliation involved, etc. but she rationalizes it all and due to the corruption, their relationship evolves into certain ways.

Father and Daughter Vacation - In this role, the father and daughter take a vacation together.  The wife/mother is hardly around busy with her career, traveling, etc.  The daughter recently has encountered some tough personal matters either with school and/or getting dumped by her boyfriend.  The father tries to make it up to her as they go on this vacation, and this end up having a good time - only he gets a temptation with her on the trip as he considers trying to seduce her on their getaway.

Father and Daughter - Change of Things - Here the two of them live together as the mother is never home (perhaps travels for work, or left some time ago).  The father and daughter do not get along as the relationship is perhaps negative and even sarcastic.  They are not very close and he doesn't approve of some of the things she does while she has felt neglected by him, however, something happens where they find a certain chemistry or connection with one another that changes things.  This is a role with a lot of innuendo and subtle build up.

Father and Daughter - Drinking - The two of them casually end up drinking together on the couch one night in front of the TV as things get out of hand.  The next day they talk about things, keeping it a secret (perhaps from her mother), yet there is actually a temptation at some point again.

Father and Daughter Snowed in - In this role, during a vacation, the two of them are completely alone in a cabin high in the mountains and they are snowed in.  They've learned it will be days before their other relatives can arrive or before they can leave.  Alcohol could be involved or just some intense cabin fever where both of them are not thinking clearly, but something happens.  They would deal with the aftermath once they get home.

Father and Daughter - Reunited - The father deserted his girlfriend and his infant daughter many years ago.  He feels guilt and decides to reach out to her as she's much older now.  She experiences mixed emotions as he comes into her life.

A Niece's Confession - While she is shy around people, she opens up with her black sheep uncle.  She confesses to him one day or night that she is curious about sex given all of the 'talk' and how her friends have been doing it.  He has an idea or two which surprises her.  Could involve persuasion and corruption.

The Woman Who Cannot Help Herself - this could be a family friend, mother, sister, aunt, etc. to my character.  Her husband has been working with her for years about it.  She can be flirtatious even when not meaning to; she can also be very handsy.  The problem is, once she gets going, she feels some deep down desire to satisfy her partner.  Once she gets going, she cannot stop.  She has always made her husband very nervous about it and he tries to stay close to her, but his new job means he will need to travel leaving her alone and being around my character more.  This role is obviously up for discussion and can go in various directions as there is a long term potential with it.

Brother and Sister Blackmail -In this role, the brother and sister cannot stand each other.  She is very good looking, popular, more outgoing, the favorite of the parents, etc.  He is more of the opposite: more quiet, somewhat nerdy/geeky, no luck with girls his own age, always overlooked by his sister, etc.  On any rate, showing the little respect she has for him, one day she decides to forge his signature to take money out of an account.  Should he tell the parents, he informs her she would probably face severe consequences, however, he gives her a shocking alternative to get out of the situation and keep the money without the parents knowing.

Brother and Sister Snowed In -In this role, during a vacation, the two of them are completely alone in a cabin high in the mountains and they are snowed in.  They've learned it will be days before their parents can return.  The brother comes up with a way to pass time if only he can convince his sister - something he's thought about before, but now might have an opportunity going through with it.

Brother and Sister Scary Movie - the two of them are alone and watch a scary movie late one night.  These kind of movies never fair well for her and they come to an agreement that she sleeps in his bed for the night.

"Step Father x Step Daughter"

Step father x Step Daughter - the two never got along, but her mother insisted she try to bond with him so the two go away up to his cabin for a couple of days.  Open to discussion as this could go in different ways.

"Brother and Sister's friend"
-  This role involves the brother and sister's friend.  He could be younger or older than her, but either way there is an interest he has in her - something he secretly pursues with her without anyone else knowing.  Perhaps it starts when she comes over his house to see his sister, but no one else is home.  It could also involve a sleepover or camping trip or even a party somewhere.   Open to refining this idea and looking at different options for it.

"Female Teacher and Male Student"
- The student is shy, nerdy, geeky, and generally unpopular in school especially with the opposite sex.  At the beginning of summer vacation, he coincidently runs into his very attractive teacher from the previous class.  She takes interest in him as she is genuinely concerned about him and decides to learn more about him to develop a friendship.  Given it's summer and she's off, and her husband not home much, she has quite a bit of time to talk and spend with the student as their relationship develops.....and she starts learning about his desires/curiosities and whether she should extend her help a step further to him.

"Bad timing with Uncle's Friend"
- She decided to help her uncle move as he was willing to pay her some extra cash, but he had to leave for several hours leaving her alone with his questionable, former convict friend as they finished packing up things in the attic.  Open to more discussion.

"Revenge on the Milf"
- in this role, the daughter recently broke up with her boyfriend as she was cheating on him with another guy.  Being furious, he decides to get back by seducing and/or persuading her mother in ways she never imagined.  At some point, he would be thrilled to let his ex know just what he did or is doing.

"Son's friend and Mother"
- In this role, the son's friend has taken a real, secret interest in his mother.  One particular weekend, her son is gone, and the friend comes over.  Lots of long term potential with this role as they attempt to maintain a relationship over time - sneaking around and trying to keep things quiet.

"Son's friend and Mother Blackmail"
- In this role, the mother cannot stand her son's friend.  She dislikes everything about him.  However, after her son ends up cheating on a college entrance exam (proof by her son's friend), she might have no choice but to protect her "angel" by fulfilling her son's friend demands.....or face her son getting exposed and banned from getting into the school.

"Popular Student and Nerd Student"
- I was thinking of a role play that involves two opposites.  The popular student would most likely be the female who is considered way out of the league for the nerdy male student.  However, a situation arises that changes the odds for him.  What might that be?

"Sister's gift"
- In this role, his sister decides to talk her somewhat promiscuous attractive girlfriend into breaking her nerdy, younger brother's virginity.  This idea needs more fleshing out.  This could be a prom date, or some other circumstance that takes him completely off-guard as his relationship with both starts to change.  Different directions possible with this one.

"Home Invasion"

Home Invasion - Her parents left her alone as she didn't want to go out of town to visit a relative.  However, the thief (could be stranger, neighbor, or friend of family) had no idea she was home alone and decided to take more than he originally was planning to.

"Late Night Walk"

Late Night Walk - A young woman has a bad argument with her parents and goes for a walk late at night. She’s approach by a middle aged or older man who, through a lot of charisma and  persuasion manages to lure her back to his camper van for a “friendly chat" or something to drink. Of course, he would be very persuasive.

"Uncle's Dirtbag Friend"

Uncle's dirt bag friend x niece - Basically, a niece is helping her uncle move.  Takes place during the hot summer.  It's a large, older home and the attic is rather large and filled with things.  Her uncle also hired his dirt bag friend who recently got out of prison.  He really didn't want to, but couldn't find anyone else to help him move cheap.  Perhaps she spent the entire week around him where as he was making rude inappropriate remarks, checking her out excessively, innuendoes, etc.  The uncle mistakenly ends up running errands for a bit leaving his niece alone with this creep who decides to take what he wants - his own friend might be there to watch, as well.

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Re: Looking for RP partners for a Modern-based RPs with possible twists/taboos
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Looking for RP partners who are looking for something more longer term (and less likely to disappear)...thanks!