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May 13, 2021, 02:15:04 pm

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Author Topic: The Reich: 1488 Rethought [MxA: TW: fascism, eugenics].  (Read 897 times)

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The Reich: 1488 Rethought [MxA: TW: fascism, eugenics].
« on: March 30, 2020, 11:01:52 am »
Obviously, this story includes traces of fascism, racism, nazism and eugenics (and plenty other) which some might not be comfortable with reading about, or writing about. That is fine. I made this thread specifically for this plot precisely for that reason - so that you can back out now and just not read it. Happy roleplay hunting!

What if in 1945, A. Hitler was succesful in taking over most of Europe, had unsuccesfully attempted to invade America, and then reorganized the rest of Europe to his liking before dying and leaving behind an empire without a name. What if, after that, the people that took over did away with his racist policies that were misguided, incorrect and not supported by any evidence whatsoever, and replaced it with something equally misguided, incorrect -- but that had at least an inkling of evidence behind it. After all, we can't prove that certain genes are inferior -- but we can prove that genetic issues like hereditary illness and psychological issues are bad. What if we.. weeded those out through a class system?

After the success of operation Seelöwe, Britain was conquered -- made possible through the collaboration of the Dutch collaboratist government with Nazi Germany. And from there, a springboard was made to Iceland, and from there, to America. The invasion of America was a failure -- as one could expect -- but the losses on the American side were so catastrophic they had no option but to sign a conditional surrender treaty with Nazi Germany, thus ending the Second World War. What remained was a powerful Axis -- consisting of Nazi Germany, Italy, Yugoslavia, Japan and China. The "Free World" was heavily restricted to a weakened Britain, a destroyed France, an America that had lost it's status as the world number one power, and the Argentinian and Brazilian state -- whose allegiance was shaky at best.

the world, map


  • Germany retook historical colonial holdings in Africa, China
  • They own Poland, "freed" Ukraine and the Baltics and turned them into Reichskomissariats. They are basically satellite states for the German reich, providing resources while maintaing an idea of ''independence'' to satisfy the locals.
  • The Netherlands turned fascist, but still has a monarchy and democratic system. The only party legally allowed to win is the fascist party. They also maintained colonial holdings (Indonesia, Carribean, South Africa) while growing them also (Venezuela was invaded, ex.).
  • Yugoslavia exists and is fascist, with a monarch as well.
  • Brazil and Argentine both grew massively to protect against the fascist reich and countries.
  • America sold Alaska to Canada during the German invasion of America to provide funds for their defense -- it worked and Germany was beaten back into the ocean but it came at such a cost that they had no choice but to surrender after that. Alaska remains Canadian.
  • Britain remains the owner of the British Raj (India), Canada and Australia because they had to give up Ireland.
  • France had to give up all their African holdings, and North Africa. Morocco is now free.
  • Iran grew massively in size inspired by the reich because they are technically 'Indo Aryans' making them part of the superior people. They are still Shi'ite with Zoroastrian inspiration here and there.
  • China was united under Japanese rule and granted to the emperor of China, reviving the Qing Chinese Empire under the "two emperors" rulership -- China runs mainland Asia, Japan rules the oceans and islands. Japan owns many of the islands in the pacific that aren't owned by the Dutch. Qing China has Vietnam and Thailand as their subsidiaries.
  • Italy is.. well, Italy. They screwed up their war effort, but managed to invade Greece and retake Constantinople from the Turks. They also conquered Ethiopia. Then they did nothing.  O:) Kinda like real life.
  • Scandinavia is now fascist and allied with Germany, Denmark no longer exists. Jylland was taken by Germany and Sjaeland given to Sweden.
  • Congo is a warzone. The RP was is set 2020, but if the Reich had won. So the Congo is a hotspot for resources -- coltan among others. Because of fasist rulership in the area, though, the area is less infested with local warlords, but instead is just kind of a free for all for every country.
  • Antarctica is a German science center where they do human experiments, and have some prisons. No large imagination needed to imagine what goes on here -- hard to put into words, most likely.

This new world order consisting of fascist states (all of which followed Germany's lead) lead to the creation of a class system. The top dogs in this system were immune from everything, only controlled through the Sierra Convention of Berlin -- a set of rules and privileges that Sierra class citizens had to abide by. As one could imagine, the rules imposed on the Sierra class were made by Sierra class members, and so there were not many rules whatsoever. The Sierra class was the ruling elite -- noblemen, politicians, military leaders, public figures with a remarkable following. "Nazi Superstars" is what some would call them. Not a bad analogy.

The rest of the classes were also created by them, which lead to a pretty clear cut divide. The entire system is based on eugenics and other "scientific" factors, like IQ. Have a genetic disposition towards asthma? Tough luck. Get in the pigpen. Your genes are perfect and you have a high IQ? Welcome to the elite. Have some caviar. It doesn't matter if your father was a pig farmer or a wealthy but unhealthy factory owner. Your fate was determined by your brain and your body. In a way, it seemed more meritocratic -- to the mind of a fascist anyway.


The idea is that, for example, a black woman (who was previously considered inferior) could have extremely good genetics (strong, healthy, no malfunctions, good IQ) that she would be elevated to a position in society that is above that of an Aryan (blue eyes, blonde hair) woman who has really bad genetics (unhealthy, prone to illness, low IQ). It's not about race but about genetics and performance.

Where do we come in? I think that's the beauty of this setting (you can call it laziness if you want to). It's open to whatever we want to do. It's very flexible in what kinks can exist in the RP (wanna play as a living statue? fuck it. We can do that). The variety of locations means that we can also play where ever. And the advent of modern technology means we can switch locations should we want to.

I am open to suggestions. If you're interested in the setting, PM me one of the most inspiring parts of the setting and perhaps we can start working something out from there. Looking forward to any responses!
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Offline GremgoblinTopic starter

So, to update this, I think I am full up on plots that revolve around me playing an evil bad guy opposite a woman in distress. I'm hoping I can find some other roleplays that delve into other aspects of the setting -- perhaps an equal relationship or one in which I play the one in a diminished position of power.

Offline GremgoblinTopic starter

Opening this up again as my partner for this has had to take a Corona related break. Any interest, PM me please!

Offline GremgoblinTopic starter

Re: The Reich: 1488 Rethought [MxA: TW: fascism, racism, nazism, eugenics].
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2020, 09:48:36 am »
Posterity bump.

Offline GremgoblinTopic starter

Re: The Reich: 1488 Rethought [MxA: TW: fascism, racism, nazism, eugenics].
« Reply #4 on: September 04, 2020, 02:55:48 pm »
I am now looking more in the direction of either:

A) for a change of pace, you play the high-ranking official, and I'll play an underling or a property of hers; not necessarily meaning I will be the sub, but possibly so if that is the way things work out.
B) a newly purchased Dot class property and her owner; mostly, I want this to revolve around her attempt at "bettering" herself and becoming free.
C) a couple that rank pretty high in the new world order -- and their "adventures" and misdeeds.

I have had plenty of stories in this setting that did not really go into the politics or the things that make this setting unique (at least in my eyes) so would like to experiment more with that, as opposed to an RP that could have taken place in any other setting just as well.

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Re: The Reich: 1488 Rethought [MxA: TW: fascism, eugenics].
« Reply #5 on: December 19, 2020, 09:29:25 am »
Bumping this again in the hopes of receiving some interest -- it's a niche subject, and a touchy one, too, so I won't hold my breath.  :D