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November 29, 2020, 10:17:05 AM

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Author Topic: Way Down We Go -- [ Supernatural | F/M | Male Virginity ]  (Read 303 times)

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Way Down We Go -- [ Supernatural | F/M | Male Virginity ]
« on: March 28, 2020, 12:27:08 PM »

Way Down We Go
Inspired by the show Supernatural and this handsome angel

Kinks: seduction, teasing, sensory play, virginity. While kinks are not the focus of this story, a must-have is exploring our male angel's humanity and first sexual experiences. It would be hilarious if he's indifferent to his nakedness (ex. walking around after a shower) because he doesn't understand it's taboo, or that he's attractive, which could lead to some interesting situations.

An angel is cast down from paradise and finds himself bound to present day earth. Suddenly, he has to cope with the strange new needs and desires of his partly mortal body, as his power was almost completely stripped away during the fall. He wanders, lost and vulnerable, seeking purpose on earth among the humans he once dedicated his existence to protecting. Alternatively, in a twist of fate, he could have been an arrogant angel who thought himself and their Creator above these messy mortals and fell from grace unwillingly.

Along the way, the angel meets one of a few people (flexible on characters and motives):

- A human woman who unexpectedly shows him kindness. The woman may be part of an old prophecy dating back hundreds or thousands of year and his fall was done in part to protect her on earth. He caught on to some angels swayed by the influence of an imprisoned demon who requires the mortal woman for a nefarious scheme, if not to outright kill her.

- A huntress who protects humanity in her own way. She could be distrustful of the angel (if he's callous to humankind) but seeing the once mighty being struggle with his new vulnerability makes her help him... and she has to admit he's pretty useful to have on her side when they encounter things that go bump in the night.

- A demon in disguise who is eager to take advantage of the naive creature, or butt heads with him until he submits. Originally, her plan is to corrupt him with all the good and deliciously bad things they can divulge in. Maybe she wants the favour of the demon who took her soul, using this angel as leverage to be released from her bond? But her plan becomes complicated when she warms up to the strange angel.

Depending on the circumstances behind his expulsion, and who we pair him with, one of his righteous siblings could be sent to bring him home or kill him upon discovering his "corruption".

A Brief About-Me (for the curious)

The short and sweet version is: communication and creativity are a must. I love to regularly discuss kinks, plot outlines and future plans to make sure the story is moving in a direction we both enjoy. It should go without saying that no one wants a reactionary partner who has to be dragged through the narrative. Please respect the time we put into the RP by sending me a heads-up when you might be away for a while, or if you're experiencing writers block. In my experience, collaboration truly makes a good story.

Regarding writing style, I heavily favour plots that have a strong foundation of characterization and world building - even for short term stories - so you can expect 2-5 paragraphs on average and sometimes more. Ideally you have a flexible style with emphasis on flowing prose, immersive detail and mostly proper grammar. The quality of your writing is big part of what determines our compatibility. I want to be excited to reply, not slogging through a vague narrative with flat characters, you know?

If you like this idea, check my O/O page, then send me a PM to hammer out the details! Tell me about your angel, where you see the story going, etc. I'm also open to expanding the cast beyond our possible monster-hunting duo, depending on whether we want this to be short or long-term. Feel free to ask questions if I forgot to mention something important!
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