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March 30, 2020, 09:07:09 AM

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Author Topic: What They Did to Us (sensei)  (Read 30 times)

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What They Did to Us (sensei)
« on: March 25, 2020, 09:23:14 PM »
Name: Mai Victoria Larson
Experiment Number: 124α
Age: 23
Date of Birth: April 26th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Undetermined
Ability: Nuclear

Appearance: Mai is a strange looking person. Due to the radioactivity given off her body, her DNA is destroyed, and she has striking traits. Her body can’t hold melamine, and so her skin is pale, and transparent. Some of her veins can be seen underneath her skin, and when she overuses her abilities, they turn black. She has light silver eyes that change color when she feels strong emotions, and white hair that she dyes pink in her own safe form of rebellion. Mai stands at about 5’2” and weighs around 125 pounds. She has scars on her arms and chest from experiments when she was younger, and she wears a metal collar around her neck that monitors her radiation levels. When she goes out in public, she wears a brunette wig, brown contacts, and modest clothing to cover anything that might give away the fact that she was an experiment.

Personality: For the most part, Mai is quiet and reserved. Any emotion can trigger her nuclear ability and make her radioactive and dangerous. Some people say she’s emotionless, but she only seems so to hide who she really is. Mai is hot-headed, and angry all the time. When she wants to be, Mai is snarky and rude. She has a problem with authority after being held hostage by the military her whole life. That trauma has also made her paranoid. She can’t go out in public because she’s afraid of someone finding out what she is. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and she doesn’t trust anyone but her best friend.

Life History
: Mai was born normal. She didn’t start out as the freak she is today. Shortly after she was born, Mai was kidnapped and forced into the Asger program. There were three generations when she was entered and a generation consisted of 50 children each. Mai was apart of the third and final generation. Her number was 124, and she was in the nuclear portion of the project. Each program focused on a different ability. Most children died, and none of the experiments were easy. Mai was tortured with chemical poisonings, psychological exams, combat training, and many more tests to see if she would survive experimentation. Unfortunately, after many trials and many many errors, Mai was the only survivor, and was given the alpha symbol to her experiment number. The element used on her became known as Asnmamium, a manmade radioactive element that was almost impossible to create due to its unstable condition. The effect it had on Mai was horrible, and until she was older, and learned how to control her powers, she was sick constantly. Her growth was stunted, and she couldn’t keep food down. She was kept under military care even after Project Asger was shut down. It wasn’t until she was 18 that she was freed and returned to her family. Even still, the military kept an extremely close eye on her.

After she was released, Mai kept herself closeted. She rarely left the house and didn’t talk to anyone. Her parents who were grateful to have their daughter returned to them still felt that their child was a stranger to them. To get her to open up, she introduced her to Demetria, a girl Mai’s age whose ability was telekinesis. Demetria was Mai’s best and only friend, and she was the only one who could get Mai to be human. However, when she turned 21, Demetria found the resistance, and left, never to be heard from again.

Two years later, and Mai is trying to find an out. She’s tried, and angry, and miserable. She can’t go out in public without feeling like someone is out to get her, or that she’ll lose control and hurt someone. She hates her mother’s sad eyes when they look at each other or talk to her dad without him praising the government for returning his “little girl.” Mai wishes she could have joined Demetria, and run away, but her collar keeps her subdued, and tracks her location. On top of all that, the military visits once month to run more tests and checkups, like a robot. They’ll never let her go. She’ll never stop being their science experiment.

First Post:
Mai Larson sat on the ledge of an old abandoned building. The sun was setting low in the distance, light glaring off of the glass giants of the inner city. Everything was bathed in an odd gold lighting, and casted long shadows on the ground. Everything that Mai could see was covered in a layer of dust and weeds. Nature was overgrown in this area, long forgotten after the economy fell. Here, Mai felt a little safe. The only people around were homeless scavengers, and they never gave her a second glance. They all had a mutual hatred for the government, and although Mai never exchanged more than a few words with them, she was accepted here.

A gust of wind blew hard, swirling dust and leaves around. Mai's brunette wig whipped around her head, and she held it back with a hand while she finished watching the sunset. It would only take a few minutes, but as night fell, Mai knew she was breaking curfew. If she didn't leave soon, the night patrols would be out, and she would get in serious trouble if she got caught. She wasn't even supposed to be out this far from home anyway, and she was sure whoever was monitoring her location today was already aware that she was in trouble. Maybe tonight she'd get lucky and that person would give her some leeway. After all, it was her birthday.

When the last ray of sunlight faded, and the world got dark, Mai made her way back down to the ground. She slung her backpack over her shoulder, and climbed down using a drain pipe. She landed softly on the dirt below. Her skateboard was hidden under some old bushes on the side of the building, and she dug it out so she would have a quicker way home. Before she took off, Mai let her eyes adjust to the dark streets around her. From what she could see, the streets were deserted. Still, she fixed the scarf around her neck, hiding the government issued collar she wore. The last thing she needed was a patrol officer or scavenger seeing it.

As she skated along the alleyways, watching as the streets became more and more well-kept. The buildings were still dirty and small, with bars on windows and apartment buildings locked up with several key pads, but it was clear that people lived here. She passed foreign restaurants with neon signs and florescent lights inside, grocery stores with dingy parking lots, a gas station that was notorious for being raided, and a tattoo parlor that was definitely illegal, but stayed open anyway. Mai kept close to walls, skating slow so that her wheels didn't make a lot of noise and echo into the main streets. She was getting close to home, which was in a neighborhood on the other side of town, closer to the city. It would only be a few minutes until she would be safe, but unfortunately, she wouldn't be lucky.

She heard the guards before she saw them. They were drunk. It was still early in the evening, but the officers must have been drinking for a while. As they rounded the corner into the alley, Mai hopped off her skateboard and ducked into the shadows. She held her breath, trying not to get caught. Please please please don't see me, she thought, watching as the guards walk past her. For a moment, she thought she was in the clear, until her anxiety spiked, and the collar around her neck started to beep. The sound started both herself and the men walking away from her. Mai looked down to see tiny black veins on her fingers, and she hadn't even realized that she was letting her powers start to show. A flashlight shown in her face, and she knew she was busted. Despite the brown wig, and the civilian clothes, Mai knew they could see her eyes change to yellow with her fear, and the way her hands were shaking and turning black. In a instant, she took off running into the darkness, away from the direction of her home, and forgetting her skateboard. She wasn't sure where to go, but she kept running anyway, trying to lose the men in the dark, narrow walkways between buildings.

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Re: What They Did to Us (sensei)
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2020, 01:11:58 AM »
Name: Oriēns Fātum
Experiment Number: 44
Age: 22
Date of Birth: August 11th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Ability: Intangible a/o phase shift

Appearance: Not overly tall or broad, Oriēns shows no visible signs of intimidating power. He stands somewhere under 6'0, with a lean build and pale skin, but not abnormally so. His hair is a natural blonde girls wish to achieve, though wild and unkempt like he hasn't bothered to brush or cut it, and his eyes are a steely grey, his gaze cutting razor sharp without giving anything away. He's conventionally attractive, having a sort of "i smoke on street corners and sell drugs as a side hustle, your parents won't like me and ill manipulate you into being obsessed with me" look. Along with numerous scars mutilating different parts of his body, arms, back, a faint albeit thick white line at the base of his neck, tattoos are painted into his skin, amongst them a compass pointing prominently east on the side of his neck, and a sleeve covering his left arm of various things tying in to a bigger picture of everything that lead him to the place he's in today.

Personality: Oriēns has always had a preference for flying under the radar. Being the center of attention isn't his role, he's not forthcoming, a standoffish sort, especially to strangers, as well as anyone he doesn't like in general. Which is most everyone. He's quiet on purpose, though his tongue is sly to distort the truth without blatantly lying, and to be deceitful when necessary, when truth be told he prefers upfront honesty to secrecy. He's just extremely guarded, rare to open up a softer side to anyone. His alignment can be classified as amoral, with an extremely grey sense of morality, if he has one or any concern for one at all. His outlook is realistic, but if you stay in his company long enough, you might pick up on his dry humor, or even the eventual strong sense of loyalty he develops to the things that stick around, even reluctantly.

Life History: There's prominent images in his mind, trail markers, flashes of his tortured childhood, every second of it painful. Wishes of knowing his family more than the little he got to experience, his mother Casia, his older brother Dux, Dux who was a few years older than Oriēns, able to live a normal childhood, as he wasn't the promised son. Casia who wept as the government took her hours old newborn from his mother's arms, still weak in the bed she gave birth to him in. Oriēns was the second son his disgraced soldier father promised the government in exchange for pardon. Whatever crimes his sire committed, he hoped they were worth creating the weapon he was turned into. Years of experiments and trials, of getting trapped on another plane as a child, where time was frozen and he was alone for ages when no time truly passed at all. Solitude is a hell of a trauma. Unfortunately for him, he was a survivor, one of the few to shoulder the burden of being a successful experiment. Eventually with the reveal and shut down of the program, Oriēns was returned to his family, where he fell in love with his mother, and even begrudgingly learned to love his big brother too, even with resentment lighting a fire in his blood from time to time. He was 18 when he could no longer live in the shadow of the government, constantly under surveillance, suffocated under their watch. So he did the logical thing, and disappeared. The revolution welcomed him with open arms when he found them a few years later, his abilities an extremely useful asset. Living amongst fellow revolutionaries, honing his talents and aiding their cause.

A smoldering star always set in the west, and as always Oriēns found himself in unfamiliar territory at dusk. Though it was easier for him to find himself somewhere unfamiliar than in a place he was comfortable in. No home existed for something that was considered a ghost.

Ghosts didn't belong, didn't have a safe haven to return to when all was said and done, could only wander to haunt the living.

This ghost was currently haunting the streets of another hope sapped city, keeping his head down with the hood of his off grey sweatshirt pulled over his head. Anyone who wandered the street past curfew was asking for trouble, so the only one left when night fell was Oriēns.

Belligerent chatter.

Scratch that, Oriēns and unknown company.

This area was upper class, for all that was worth in this day and age. Everything said "I live here," rather than appearing to be past tense. Live, not lived. Things were taken care of, homes in a state of livable care. There was a garden that was recovering from the past winter, spring bringing new life with the help of human hands.

Distraction— Voices again, footsteps that weren't stumbling shambles, this was running pursuit.

This was enough to peak his interest.

Oriēns pursued the pursuers, quiet as a mouse, following the commotion caused by the patrol. He had to increase his gait to get anywhere, somehow less lost in chasing whatever prey they were in pursuit of than the drunk officers, as he piece by piece figured out there was some reason they were chasing this girl, and another reason why she was giving them a chase.

Through the maze of alley's between buildings, Oriēns picked off the patrol silently, and with less time than a minute passing had them incapacitated. Weaving in and out of a place no one could see with a blind eye, but Oriēns possessed the ability to feel it there, constantly on the edge of his subconscious, able to step into that place consciously when he chose to do so, he knocked each of the officers unconscious one by one, startlingly quick. Although at this point he'd assaulted authorities with no provocation towards him, basically on a whim of mild intrigue.

"Psst, girlie?" He stage whispered into the dark of the alley when it was just him, unsure how to come off non threatening, but thinking it the better option than taking her by surprise.

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Re: What They Did to Us (sensei)
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2020, 02:29:48 AM »
Mai wasn't sure how long she was running for. It had to be a solid amount of time because her forehead was covered in sweat and she was starting to run out of breath. She wasn't sure where she was either. The alleys were no longer familiar, and the lights from the street lamps no longer reached back here. For a while, Mai could still hear the men behind her, shouting orders and sprinting towards her. Until suddenly, all was quiet. Mai couldn't tell what had happened, but she quickly snuck a glance behind and noticed that none of the men were there anymore. Maybe she had lost them? No that wasn't right. They were right on her heels until a second ago.

Slowly, Mai jogged to a stop. In the dark, she listened closely for a sound that the patrol officers were nearby. But there was silence. Until there wasn't. Right next to her came a voice. She nearly jumped out of her skin, and her left hand sparked to life with tiny snakes of plasma that danced at her fingertips.  She crouched against the wall behind her, glaring at the dark figure in the alley next to her. The collar on her neck began to beep loudly again with the use of her powers, and she shook the sparks away. They dissipated as quickly as they had come. Mai opened her mouth to speak, but before she could, voices sounded from the other end of the corridor.

Without thinking, Mai pushed the strange person against the wall he was against, and put her hand over his mouth, keeping him silent. As the people passed, Mai pressed herself against him, keeping him still and making sure no one saw them. They weren't patrol, which led Mai to relax a little bit, but instead just some scavengers trying to find a score in a nicer part of town. Once they passed, Mai released the man, and stepped back. Looking at him, she could see that he towered over her by nearly a foot, and something about him made her wary of him. "What do you want?" She asked, annoyance in her voice. She fixed the brunette wig on her head, making sure no pink hairs stuck out. Not that he could see her very well in the dark, but after running for so long, she was sure she looked like a mess. "Are you trying to get in trouble? It's past curfew and this place in crawling with patrol officers." Mai was sure that he knew about curfew, and probably had an idea about the officers, but she still thought he was foolish for trying to talk to a random person in an alley.

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Re: What They Did to Us (sensei)
« Reply #3 on: March 28, 2020, 11:33:59 PM »
Oriēns wasn't sure what to make of her light trick, stowing that conversation away for later. Especially with her body closely pressed against his and her energy high, she seemed volatile and who knows what could happen. When her collar beeped simultaneously as she made sparks appear, he recognized what she was almost instantaneously, it was just bizarre to see someone who came from the same place as he did. They were a handful of people, and he'd met...three? Now four? Probably more than any one of them could say.

Pressed up against a wall, he let it happen as it took him by surprise, non resistant. His keen eyes were on her while her gaze was focused on the people she'd heard. Stepping away from him, Oriēns flashed her a partial smile, suddenly looking disarming and boyishly innocent with his hands up in a display of surrender.

"Hey look, please just don't set me on fire girlie, I was only trying to help," when he spoke he had a soft lisp, more pronounced now when he spoke full sentences. "I...I happen to be like you. We were both turned into weapons, and we..we're also our own greatest threat. Sound right?" The expression he wore when he said this was a genuine, endearing puppy look, though he was still in a slightly guarded state, arms raised, body angled slightly.

Oriēns honestly figured it was better to be open now rather than run with some secret, or try to play it off as a coincidence when she discovered. She'd see the downed patrol anyway, it was dark but bodies littering the alley were hard to miss when you tripped over one.

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Re: What They Did to Us (sensei)
« Reply #4 on: Yesterday at 12:40:49 AM »
Mai continued to eye the boy. Something was off about him, and while she continued to straighten herself out, she listened to what he had to say. It took her a few seconds to register his words; part of her was still hyper focused on listening for the guards when what he said struck her. She snapped her head to face him again, her yellow eyes, glowing faintly, looking into his. "You took them out..." Mai wasn't sure if she wanted to phrase that as a question or a statement, but the disbelief in her voice was evident. He was like her. He was an experiment. Different emotions ran through her head: fear, excitement, joy, anger. She had only met one other person, and that was her old friend. Mai almost believed she would die before she met someone else.

For a moment, she simple stood staring at him. She wanted to say something, but nothing came to mind. Instead, she suddenly remembered that even though those guards were down, she had momentarily used her powers again, and more would be on the way soon. Her eyes flashed to orange as she grabbed the boy by his hand. "Look," she started, her voice shaking a little. "Thank you for what you did, really. But, I need to get going now. I have this collar," she pulled down the scarf she was wearing to show the hideous white contraption around her neck. "It goes off whenever I use my powers, and there will be new officers coming after me. I don't want you getting mixed up in this. I don't know how you have your freedom, but don't lose it, okay?"

Mai started to walk away, fully intending on forgetting about the boy, but he had saved her. He didn't have to, and yet he still did. Quickly, before she could talk herself out of what she was about to do, she walked back to him. Pulling a marker out of her backpack, she reached for the boy's hand again and wrote something on his palm. It was an address, and a time of eight in the evening the next day. "Meet me at this address at this time tomorrow," she continued. Her eyes on his were almost pleading. "I have questions and I'm sure you do too, but we aren't safe here tonight. Promise me you'll go there tomorrow."
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