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Author Topic: More of Blinkin's Thinkin's (All comers welcome)  (Read 436 times)

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More of Blinkin's Thinkin's (All comers welcome)
« on: March 24, 2020, 04:27:02 pm »
Important Notice

The gender of the player and that of the character bears no relation to the other. It is completely irrelevant to me if you are a male wanting to play a female, a female wanting to play a male or a wolf wearing a sheep skin suit; If you are willing to engage and invest in developing the story, I%u2019m happy to work with you.

Hello All.

First, please do not post in this thread. If any of the story concepts interest you, I would appreciate a PM to let me know.

These story concepts are something of an addendum to my regular request thread, which can be found in my signature.  I've gathered them from other One-On-One threads that I've made over the last couple of years, but I've never added them to the main thread. The subject matter roams all over the place and covers a wide range of interest; they cover just about everything from light to dark and all of the catagories for content. So, enjoy and if anything seems like something you would like to write with me, feel free to say hi. If the nugget is good, but the details aren't quite right, I will be happy to entertain a conversation about what you would like to alter.

I do play both male and female roles and in the majority of these concepts, I'm happy to play either.

A Father/Daughter Camping Trip
When Travis Hills and his daughter, Lauren take their first vacation together after the loss of her mother, Julie, It's seen as an opportunity to reconnect as a family; to mend fences broken by months of grieving and guilt between them. It's a father and daughter bonding time in the great outdoors; a 7 day camping trip. Just like the ones the family would do when she was a little girl.

The first few days pass as expected; long conversations, rebuilding of trust and not a few confessions about their roles in the aftermath of their loss. They are deep into the mountains and the weather has been beautiful; no devices, no web and no facebook%u2026 Well, Travis has a sat phone, ibut it%u2019s just in case of emergencies. Even Lauren has admitted that she%u2019s having fun and growing closer to her father again.

On the 4th day, the two reach the turn-a-round point of the trip. They are nearly 40 miles from anywhere when they make camp; it%u2019s a pleasant clearing by a lake in a wide valley;father and daughter have a companionable dinner of freeze dried pasta with vegetables by a cozy little campfire. The stars are out with a forecast of 2 more sunny days as they prepare to turn in for the night.  Later that night, the weather suddenly starts to turn bad with rolling booms of thunder and flashes of lightening; the two find it hard to sleep as the rain rattles the material of the tents around them. The temperature begins to drop with gust of wind threatening to uproot the tents with the power of mother nature.

When the storm first struck,most of it%u2019s strength had been largely blocked by the surrounding mountains; what neither father nor daughter had considered as they had set up their tents was the potential for a flash flood as the rain water started to run along overflowing streams further back in the range. As the lake overflowed it%u2019s banks, the closer tent was quickly overtaken by the rising  water; Lauren was nearly washed away as she tried to save her backpack!

Fortunately, Travis managed to pull Lauren from the sudden current and the second tent was saved, it was wet, but survived the flooded valley floor. Resetting the tent in the mist of the storm was unpleasant to say the least; by the time it was done, both Travis and Lauren were soaked  to the skin. All to aware of the loss of the tent and a significant portion of their supplies, hypothermia was a distinct threat to both of them! In the certain knowledge that if they could not get dry and warm up quickly, they may never get out of the see the morning sun.

Travis decided that the clothes had to go; even the underwear if they wanted to survive. Against Lauren%u2019s protest, Travis argued that they had both seen naked bodies before and this was a situation that overrode modesty. Finally, the two slipped into the lone sleeping bag and shared what body heat that they might be able to generate between them. As often happens in such close proximody, as Travis warmed again, the feel of a female body pressed so close against him caused him to become erect; Naturally, Lauren felt the presence against her back, but her father told her to try to ignore it. Finally, lauren asked him if he could please stop poking her in the ass?

Without much space in the sleeping bag and a distinct lack of interest in losing what warmth that they had created, the two began to maneuver around each other; obviously, Lauren facing him wouldn%u2019t work and his attempt to roll over exposed his daughter%u2019s front. There was little recourse; Travis would have to change places and face the zipper with Lauren against his back.
With Lauren laying under him, he tried to move over her without too much bodily contact, but,
unfortunately,the bunched up bottom of the bag had other ideas and his feet lost traction on the damp lining; of course, it was at the absolute worst time!  Travis tried to recover but with the worst possible luck, was in the perfect position for his persistant erection to plunge completely into his daughter%u2019s vagina! With a gasp of pleasure mixed with horror, the father looked fully into his daughter%u2019s stunned eyes, they remained locked together for long seconds%u2026 until she spoke in a thin voice, %u201CIt%u2019s ok, Daddy%u2026 don%u2019t move, ok?%u201Dtwo looked at each other, he heard Lauren say, %u201CIt%u2019s ok Daddy.%u201D

A Game Of Cat & Mouse (Warning, Extreme Content!
color=red] Warning! This concept contains subject matter that may be offensive or distasteful to some viewers. It will go into the Extreme Solo forums and if such topics as rape, violence, soft vore or NPC death are not your cup of tea, you may wish to skip this story concept. You Have Been Warned.[/color]

A Game of Cat & Mouse
Special Agent Kristen Harris of the Portland FBI Field Office is, arguably, on the razor's edge of the law, among several other things.

Kristen see's herself as being on a crusade; a holy mission of obsession and vengeance that has already cost her a promising career, a marriage and, perhaps worst of all, her partnerr's life. Her family is  concerned about her sanity and the Portland Special Agent In Charge just wants to get her back onto the reservation and get her the real help that she needs. Even the Director of the FBI is worried about her claims concerning her unknown suspect.

For more than 6 months, Kristen has been on the trail of a serial killer. From Portland to Phoenix to Houston, Miniapolis and back down to New Orleans and now, Chicago, She%u2019s followed each step that the monster has made. She%u2019s been ordered off of the case, threatened with termination and everything that she%u2019s worked for, but Kristen has absolutely no interest in giving up the chase; her obsession. She will stop the man... if he is indeed a man... who has killed at least a dozen women and her partner as well. To add to her problems, the only people who believe that there is a murderer is Kristen herself

!  There isn%u2019t any evidence, no blood splatter, no fibers, no DNA, not even a body! All she has is just the personal effects of the missing women and tainted semen that the best techs in the business cann't make heads or tails of. If not for that final radio call from Sarah, her partner, Kristen would have nothing at all to go on; her superiors aren't even convinced that it was Sarah on the radio at all. A dozen women, perhaps many more from a predator so skilled that nothing remains from his kills; perhaps he%u2019s the perfect killer, but Kristen is going to bring him down!

In fact, all that anyone has on the serial killer and the missing women is a generic description of a man that has been seen with the victims the night of their disappearance. not even that helps much; average height, brown hair, brown eyes with an average build. But Kristen knows what to look for and it's only a matter of time before she puts him away... permenantly.

Or by God, she's going to die trying.

So, what's the catch? The hook? What makes our predator so special? Well, predator is an apt term; he's hunting his prey, tracking her and closing in on his next meal. In fact, even if he looks like it, he's  about as human as a lion. Like a lion, he's consuming his kills; even a lion has to eat to survive... to reproduce. He's probably closer to a reptile more than merely a man; his only mercy is that his victims go down with the greatest orgasm of their lives still vibrating along their nerves... even if it's the last thing that they ever feel.

Oh, and he knows that SA Harris is on his trail and he'll have to deal with her eventually, but for now, he's having far too much fun with the little game of cat and mouse to want to harm her. Well, seriously anyway.

So, what happens when they finally meet face to face and only one of them can walk away alive? Does she come out on top, does she become his next meal, or does he have something even more primal in mind?

Passing It On Down The Line

I'm looking for someone to pick up the role of an older woman, perhaps a teacher, administrator, staff, etc of an all girl's private school.  Someone who is caught by MC, a student at the school, engaged in an act of beastiality with one of the animals on the property.

Rather than being revolted or running off to tell the headmistress, MC is curious about what YC was doing; she asks YC about it and how to go about experiencing it. YC ends up taking MC under her wing and introduces her to the joys of animal sex in a place where men are all but unheard of being.

As the story progresses, the two characters would grow closer, perhaps becoming lovers themselves. By the end of the story, they have found a happy medium where they can have a life together with their special animals.

The Futa Teacher

Terri Summerville has the respect of her community, her peers and the parents of her students. A professional educator for nearly 12 years in the Brookvalley School System,  she is a teacher  with a spotless reputation for being a strict, but fair professional.  Well known for her dedication to her students and going that extra mile to insure their success both in her class and life in general, she tends to be one of those teachers who really cares about her students and their success after leaving high school.

Terri truly loves to teach and mold the minds of young people... Perhaps not precisely in the way that the community expects, but she loves to mold young minds all the same.

The image of a fantasy woman for not a small number of teenage boys, these same boys might of been horrified to discover that their stunning teacher, has a not so little secret under her skirt! A not so little surprise that simply loves teenage girls; those poor boys under her care never had a chance. Her career is convenient for her as it brings her into contact with just the types of girls that she adores the most; young, innocent and compliant teenagers!

It isn't, of course,  an accident that Ms. Summerville is an educator; Terri has  worked hard to put herself into a position that allows her to satisfy her needs when they arise. With careful selections, she almost always has one or two lovely young things under her skirt, I mean wing. Fortunately for Ms. Summerville, the principal is an aware of Terri's activities and as long as she gets some of that not so little surprise, she has covered for Terri for years.

Enter Natasha Porter, the darling daughter of real estate magnet Brian Porter and his less than bright wife Sonya Evanovich Porter. Natasha is a bright, but reserved girl with the kind of body that could make a blind man look twice... and more than a little sheltered from the seedier side of life. When Terri begins the standard sex-ed course for the year, she quickly notices that Natasha is having a little difficulty controlling her blushing features. Sensing an opportunity, the young Natasha is asked to stay after class and Ms. Summerville broaches the subject with the teenager. Once it's clear that young Natasha has had no sexual interaction, is infact, unable to talk to her parents about the subject, Terri makes an offer to help her... just not in the way that Natasha or her parents would ever expect. It's a prime opportunity for Terri to take her under her skirt, I mean wing...

Going Out With A Bang
Tiffany Bowen%u2019s life has been a charmed one. From high point to high point, it%u2019s all been like the perfect life; from the moment she was born with a platinum spoon in her mouth, through the best private schools, a degree from Harvard and a trust fund that she couldn't spend just the interest on if she tried, and she%u2019s tried! At 26, she was on top of the world.

At least it was before that skiing accident. Not that the accident was particularly bad, just enough to get her taken to the local hospital for a CT scan to make sure that she hadn%u2019t suffered any head trama%u2026 It%u2019s better safe than sorry, you know.
That moment would be fateful for Tiffany; her world came crashing down around her. That moment would prove to be as fateful as everything in her life combined.

The doctor didn't beat around the bush, nor did he pull any punches; he firmly believed that it was better to be up front and make a patient accept treatment. The hospital room%u2019s door closed behind him with a hiss as he held her file between his surgeon%u2019s hands. %u201CMs. Bowen, I%u2019m Dr. Phillips. I%u2019m sorry to tell you this, but you have a tumor in your brain; it%u2019s inoperable. He slipped a brain scan result into her hands and ran his fingertip along the effected area. %u201CWe could try Kemo, but the chances of it working is about 20%.

Tiffany%u2019s hand moved up to rest on her chest, stunned for more than a minute before she could speak, "How long?" she asked in a whisper, not wanting to know the answer and knowing that she had to.

"4, maybe 6 months before you start to decline. Perhaps another few weeks after that, but it'll be... unpleasant. We can try to make you comfortable at that point. If you wish.%u201D

Tiffany nodded wordlessly and looked away, her slender hand waved him off as she thought furiously. She was only 26, with so much more that she had wanted to do with her life%u2026 she sighed softly and picked up a piece of the hospital stationary to make a list; a bucket list.

With the list as complete as she could make it, she took an unexpected step and created an ad. She put it on the web, made a youtube video and placed the ad in every major newspaper remaining.

"I'm rich and dying. Seeking a companion to help me finish my bucket list. Said male or female will inherit all my assets at death. One caviot to inherit everything; said companion fulfills the final item on the list. Send interest to..."

Under The missiletoe
It all started innocently enough. A Christmas party with friends, wine and song, flirting and teasing. In this particular case, Laura Wells was attending the party of some long time friends and their son, John. While she had watched John grow up, she hadn't imagined what having him in her history class as a student would be like. The suggestive, flirty chatter between classes, the adoration that was in his eyes for a woman almost old enough to be his own mother... But Laura had kept things professional and hoped, with time, that John's infatuation with her would ease and that he find a more appropriate romantic interest in the form of a girl his own age; a girl who could compliment his good traits.

The party was winding down and guest were leaving by midnight; including Laura, who had stayed late to help clean up before she took her own leave. So, there really wasn't any excuse for what happened as she prepared to leave; she could say that it had been the wine, she could say that it had been the relaxed gathering, she could even blame it on the mistletoe. She would never be sure in her own mind why it happened.

Maybe it was just the season and finding herself under the mistletoe with John; the teasing, daring way he had encouraged her... but it didn't matter. She had kissed her student under the mistletoe and suddenly, she realized that the attraction hadn%u2019t been just one way. That kiss had blown her socks off and  it hadn't been a simple brush of lips.  by the time they parted, she was breathless and could still feel the tingle that his tongue had left when it had brushed hers.

Now, more than a week later,it was the first day of school after the holidays and Laura had no idea how to handle the young man's affections; or her own fluttering heart.

My Nudest Girlfriend
Wendy Reynolds was well known as an unabashed nudist and a bit of an exhibitionist,  just to add flavor. The fact that the irish girl, with her raven hair and creamy skin was, at 5'7, a knockout that could of graced just about any men's magazine in the country; particularly with her light green eyes that seemed to look right into your soul.

While Wendy always dress neatly, even a little primly for work and in public, the moment that she passed into her private domain, the clothing seems to almost magically fall off of her body; it wouldn't matter if the Pope appeared on her doorstep, she wasn't going to change her lifestyle for anyone... well... maybe for the Pope, but he is an old man and might not have a strong heart.

Wendy's friends had long ago accepted her lifestyle and didn%u2019t even comment on her sitting in the buff with them anymore. Even her male friends had gotten use to it.... well... mostly... Erections aside. Wendy was just who she was and was comfortable in her skin. And, her boyfriend (or husband) certainly didn't mind that she was always naked; since she was more than willing to get into... how did that book term it? kinky fuckery?

Of course, it's hard to be an exhibitionist without getting jail time these days, soWendy has come up with a thoroughly unoriginal idea with the potential for a lot of fun and some nice little mad money.

she and her significant other did a web cam broadcast once a week; where they have... intimate relations... for people who are willing to pay a modest fee to watch; for a less modest fee, they even take request. For an even less modest fee, they'll do a private show for select viewers. It was all good, if not so clean, fun; besides, it didn't hurt anyone who didn't want to be hurt, right?

One evening, while doing their thing, the family dog got into the bedroom and appeared in the shot as a seemingly happy observer, sitting at the foot of the bed. Within a few minutes, a viewer had offered a lot less than a modest fee if she would let the dog lick her pussy on camera. So, Wendy decidedto take up the offer and encouraged the dog to do the deed. After the camera%u2019s were shut down and they had logged out that evening, Wendy's heart was racing as she admitted that she had enjoyed it and wanted to explore it more... with his help, of course.
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