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June 24, 2022, 06:04:16 pm

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Author Topic: [Male for Female] Wanted and Wanton  (Read 750 times)

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[Male for Female] Wanted and Wanton
« on: March 21, 2020, 04:53:32 pm »
Let's see about getting some roleplays started around here then.

Right now I'm only bothered about getting the meat of what I'm searching for down on this thread. All the pretty pictures and fancy fonts will come later when I've mind to edit it. This'll be an ongoing work-in-progress so things will inevitably change both visually and what's on offer plot wise and where my muse is current sat. If you don't see anything that jumps out then check back later, chances are something'll grab your attention. Probably.

To repeat what I wrote on my On/Off thread then, I'm hunting for stories where I can introduce dominant, confident, assertive men alongside of (sexually) switch or submissive women. My characters are typically rugged, world-weary and experience with a penchant for violence. I know what I like to write. With that being said, my characters are far from all copy/pastes and I strive to make them unique from one another. Personalities, motivations, temperament, aesthetics, all of that varies from deplorable hedonists to knights-in-sour armour. In addition you can expect a suite of minor/side characters who run the whole gauntlet of different attitudes and looks.

Odds are the characters are going to fuck at some point. That's just the nature of the site isn't it? However, that's not necessarily guaranteed. Like in all things I write, context matters. If I don't think two characters have the right chemistry, if their current situation doesn't reasonably allow for Barbie and Ken to get it on, I'm not going to abruptly warp reality around them so pants can be dropped. Some people like that, a lot claim they do but actually don't. A slow burn might happen, or the whole premise might've involved one characters on their way to nail the other already, who knows? Point is, story comes first even if everybody says that.

Moving on.

I aim to respond once every few days as a minimum. Sometimes things like work or other necessities get in the way of this (especially right now) and thus the response times can fluctuate. I am not a quick writer and I'm upfront about that, but I stew over posts until I think they're 'right'. Obviously if the response is a shorter one of a paragraph or two that cuts things down immensely, but in all things context is important as to how much I'm going to write. Edit: At this time I am still working and thus replys may be delayed longer than usual.

On that note, my post length varies from anywhere between a rough minimum of three paragraphs to a maximum of... well, there is no maximum. If there's an exposition dump or I'm taking the POV of multiple characters this might be as long as ten paragraphs plus. Again, context matters here as another post might just end up with just one paragraph (IE If they're having a quickfire conversation between one another). I'd say on average though you're looking at about four-six paragraphs.

I like my worlds and plots with a (not so) healthy dosage of grit and grime, places that're unpleasant but not necessarily grimdark. Grounded characters and mature themes are a given but there's flexibility there. I avoid stories that're essentially one big joke but there'll be room for light-hearted moments. All sounds a bit pretentious doesn't it? But in all honesty I just like things to feel believable and immersive, if not realistic.

Below you'll find a very rough, incomplete list of genres, established settings and potential pairings. These are, surprise, surprise, not exhaustive but should give you a pretty good idea of where my muse is at currently. If something has a dash through it then it's something I usually go for but am just not feeling at this time. If you think an idea of yours sounds pretty similar to something listed then chances are it'd work if you presented it to me with a question mark. I'm open to hearing ideas or reading your own muses so no need to be shy on that front. More fleshed out, ready(ish)-to-go ideas can be found further down still.

Genres At A glance
  • Fantasy (High/Low/Sword & Sorcery) +++
  • Post/Apocalyptic +++
  • Gaslight Fantasy++
  • Modern Fantasy ++
  • Historical Fantasy + (*)
  • Science Fiction +
  • Weird Western +
(*) A note on Historical Fantasy. Historical fiction is something I enjoy reading about but when it comes to writing myself I am not a lover of it, for no other reason than my being something of a perfectionist and thus keen to get all the details and the immersiveness pretty damn spot on. I am not an historian. For this reason, I prefer to include at least an element of historical fantasy to such settings, whether it was known to the world or not, if only because some of the broader strokes can be handwaved as "wizard did it." Note that in this context I refer to any period before the 1900's as our records between then and now are pretty up to date and thus difficult to make too much of a literary mess of.

Settings At A Glance
  • Final Fantasy XIV +++
  • The Secret World ++
  • Warcraft ++
  • The Division ++ (fitting right?)
  • Fallout +
  • Star Wars
  • Mass Effect
  • Dragon Age
  • Warhammer Fantasy
  • Warhammer 40,000
Pairing Ideas At A Glance
  • Lycan/Human
  • Conqueror/Noble
  • Templar/Priestess
  • Warrior-Priest/Penitent
  • Bounty Hunter/Mark
  • Investigator/Person of Interest
Any of the above could be doubled down into a partnership/rivalry (EG Bounty Hunter/Bounty Hunter)


This is what you stuck your head in here for right? Well, that and presumably the smut that comes with it. These are the ideas I have written down but they're far from the only things I'll write as the above bullet points can attest to. Feel free to share your own ideas also. Most of the things you see can be tweaked in one way or the other, in certain cases even moved over to different genres altogether. I'm not a lover of writing out extremely specific plots where everything regarding your character and what will happen is decided short of what wallpaper they'll choose - I like to collaborate on those points.

Requiem For Rome
Historical Fantasy/Alternate History/Horror(?)
For centuries the Roman Emperors have harnessed the magic of divination to see beyond the barriers of time. The Empire's enemies - both outside and in - have been held at bay and history has steered away from it's collapse. It is 1229 AB and beneath the veneer of military dominance and ostentatious wealth, forbidden cults fester against amongst an increasingly stagnant, decadent society. Barbarians test the borders with alarming success whilst inexplicable phenomena breaks the minds (and bodies) of learned men. Rome's foundations are far more fragile than the power it projects would ever suggest. Against these rising arcane threats, a secretive chapter of the Emperor's Praetorian Guard is sent to the four corners of the known world, but is the death knell finally sounding for Rome?

It's alternate history/fantasy, so frankly go wild. As with all my writing I am seeking something darker with more horror thematics than truly 'fantastical'. The character I had in mind for this one I'll likely write up a profile for if this idea proves popular enough but the gist of what I had in mind was a hardened, world-weary legionnaire investigation such phenomena both within and without. How does your character tie into this? Well there's plenty of different angles to come at this from. A woman initiated to the study of divination working alongside of him? The survivor of an attack on an isolated village? A slave of some pedigree with her own uses? An antagonistic witch of a forbidden cult? Plenty of scope here, but it does come down to what type of character you're interested in playing.

Dark Corners

Modern Fantasy/Horror/Investigation
The things that go bump in the night are all too real, even if most people remain ignorant of them. You guessed it, it's another one of 'those' masquerading, urban fantasy settings where the paranormal is all too real and somehow mobile phone footage hasn't blown the lid on it. There's a few ways this concept can be played depending on your preference, such as how well integrated the supernatural is with humanity, whether everything magical is closeted and dangerous, if they can communicate with mankind at all. The gist of it however revolves around my primary character being an investigator of sorts, be that one who has a dirty little supernatural secret (it's a cliche, but I do love playing lycans) or else is an 'ordinary' human against all the violence and horror that the paranormal brings.

Spins on this idea include:
  • Members ancient society/conspiracy (Templars, etc) fighting a war in the shadows.
  • FBI/Police/Investigators with knowledge of the supernatural undertaking cases with an horrific, inhuman spin.
  • Small, isolated town horror, with residents who have terrible secrets of their own.

Your character might be partnered up, or otherwise completely new to such knowledge.

A Dubious Company

The Legion has plied it's bloody, mercenary trade from one kingdom to the next. When the smoke clears and the screaming stops, all men in their ranks care for is the gold flowing into the company's coffers - and then into their hands. Yesterday's allies prove to be tomorrow's enemies more often than not and on more than a few occasions they've gone right back to fighting alongside one another. It's a damn good thing their reputation proceeds them and it's gone a long way to restoring the Legion's numbers whenever they've found themselves on the wrong side of a losing battle (and sometimes the winning ones). Good men, bad men, everyone - and everything - between can be found amongst their ranks, though the righteous seldom have any reason but - save desperation - to join their murderous ranks.

Where does that find you then? Queens and baronesses might charter the Legion, or they might well find themselves at their mercy once the end finally comes. Camp followers number as high as the Legion's fighting men, like a parasite. Maybe they've even reason enough to try and join? This plot is, admittedly, not very fleshed out beyond the basic concept of a mercenary company. I thought it might give it a good deal more scope than 'lone sellsword on the road', as well as allow for plenty of different character types to involve themselves with the Legion's admittedly not-very-fleshed-out Captain. I'd be happy to flesh things out further, as any plot would necessitate.

*Regarding Final Fantasy XIV

You'll Know It If You're Into It
I do have an established character for this with a decent sized profile and some commissioned artwork to boot, but i'm not keen on waving him around on here. If you're at least familiar with the setting and want to put something together then feel free to PM me and I'll send you the profile.

More to come.

I can write on-site but most of the time I utilise Google Docs, PMs or via a separate Discord channel. Writing samples are available on request.
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Re: [Male for Female] Wanted and Wanton
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2020, 08:02:28 am »
Up we go.

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Re: [Male for Female] Wanted and Wanton
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2020, 01:21:47 pm »
The site must be haunted because there's been a few ghosts. That means a bump.