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January 22, 2021, 12:29:59 PM

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Author Topic: The Beast and the Blind (Any for Any, Fantasy adventure! )  (Read 365 times)

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Offline Winds Of LustTopic starter

The Beast and the Blind (Any for Any, Fantasy adventure! )
« on: March 19, 2020, 06:43:03 PM »

So I started a game a while ago that got me very excited but eventually, the partner and the one who originally came up with the idea hasn't been around for a bit, and this game has just been so stuck in my brain that I can't help but steal the idea and see if I can give it another shot.


At the moment I can promise a good 3 paragraphs 3 times a week at a minimum. Of course, someday I will find time to post multiple times, or feel inspired to go beyond just a few paragraphs, but I can promise you that a minimum you'll get 3 by 3 length/post rate. We are in uncertain times and we'll see how things play out.

While I'm happy to play over PM or Threads, PLS PM me if you are interested so we can start talking details.

I'm willing for this game to cover any combination of Gender pairing M/F M/M F/F M-or-F/Herm Whatever floats your boat. ( though I will admit I do kind of like the idea of playing this m/Herm )


The setting is Fantasy, we can discuss the details of the world ( high, low, dark, etc ) as we do game planing. The only real requirement is that I would like the world to be vast and dangerous, consisting of large stretches lands wilderness only inhabited by monsters and beasts between highly fortified towns and cities. 
basic idea is that we have two primary characters MC who is a blind human or elf or some such 'normal humanoid' who is blind, for whatever reason they were braving a journey between their home city and some far off place when the caravan they were traveling with is attacked. Through sheer luck they manage to not die with the rest of the travelers, but they find themselves lost in the middle of nowhere. YC is some sort of monster/humanoid hybrid ( here I'm open to just about anything you'd like to do, though I am thinking something more bestial or monstrous that simply 'half-orc', we can go with the ever proper dragon person, minotaur, or whatever is striking your fancy, I'm fairly open to just about anything, feel free to run ideas by me. ) They come across this lone lost blind human/elf in the woods and find themselves taking pity on them. You inquire what has happened to them, and they mistake you for some sort of ranger or adventurer instead of one of the various beasts and monsters who inhabit the wilds. YC decides they can't bring them to kill them or leave them to die. So their only option is to guide and protect them until they can be delivered to the next nearest settlement of humans/elves/what severe. Along their adventure, they discover that there is more to their relationship than guide and guided or monster and human.


so while I'm willing to get down and kinky and dark with this game, I do like the idea of focusing on the building romance between the blind character and the monster character. We can have the shoe drop on who is actually helping them early, or put it as far down the line as we dare. But ultimately, even if they end up Fucking like rabbits or our poor blind traveler finds themselves at the mercy of other creatures and such from time to time, I want the relationship between YC and MC to a romantic one


A priest/priestess who is taking a pilgrimage to a city with a significant holy ground/temple to study and/or complete an important religious ritual.

Similar to the priest/priestess one, someone who has shown to have the gift of magic, and has exhausted all they can learn in their small home town and was traveling to one of the larger cities/kingdoms to further their studies.

A young noble who is traveling far for an arranged marriage that will secure and important alliance between two cities/kingdoms 

A squire/knight/adventurer who was part of the caravan's guard, who is blinded in the fight that destroyed the caravan and through questionable luck find themselves lost in the wilderness rather than among the dead of their

Offline Winds Of LustTopic starter

Re: The Beast and the Blind (Any for Any, Fantasy adventure! )
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2020, 02:14:37 PM »
Okay dokay, the person who I was in talks with has ghosted our, figured I’d give this its one and only bump now while we are all stuck at home.