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November 27, 2020, 02:09:47 AM

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Author Topic: Welcome to The Asylum (Dom M for Any, BON/NC/EX)  (Read 375 times)

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Welcome to The Asylum (Dom M for Any, BON/NC/EX)
« on: March 19, 2020, 06:06:32 PM »
I've always loved asylum settings. They're an excuse for strict bondage, like straitjackets and leather straps. They involve a corruption of a trusted position of authority, as a doctor can trick a patient into a compromising position, and only reveal their wicked intention after the patient has no chance of escape. Not to mention, if the patient ever escapes, their tales of mistreatment at the hands of an evil doctor can just be dismissed as the ravings of the insane. And of course, medical kink is just plain hot.

I am looking for stories that are kinky, sexually charged if not always outright smutty, and really have fun exploring the setting. My O/O's can be found in my signature. I post a few times a week, sometimes more sometimes less. So if any of the ideas below strike your fancy, please PM me.

In terms of setting, I'm very flexible. I like to have a bit of modern technology available, but there's fun in revisiting the past, where the conditions in these asylums, and attitudes toward the patients were far less pleasant. We could go back to the 50s or even earlier, though if we're going to go all the way back to something Victorian inspired, I'd like to do steampunk so we still have justifiable access to some fun toys, not to mention the absence of a need for historical accuracy. Then again, I'd also happily go futuristic/cyberpunk, or even fantasy.

Anyway, onto the plots:

You Think You're a Boy, Don't You? (NC/EX, M and F for M) TAKEN
YC is the oldest male heir of an important lineage. A massive family-run business, a noble house, maybe even royalty. As the oldest male, he must be the sucessor, anything else would make the family look weak, illegitimate, or both. Problem is, YC is quite soft and effeminate, not a worthy heir at all. So his family comes up with a plan: convince the world that he was really a girl all along. Of course, YC isn't on board with this plan at all, and plans to tell the world the truth, but they discreetly ship him off to an asylum before he can, where he, or rather she, will be cured of her 'delusions'. There he'll be restrained, trained, and feminized by my two characters, a doctor and nurse, who will happily teach him all the skills he'll need as a woman, especially the most important skill of all: pleasing a husband.

Troublemaker (NC/EX, M for F)
YC is a real problem for her prim and proper family. Sex, drugs, partying, petty crime, all kinds of problems that they are rich enough to sweep under the rug, until now. YC has finally caused a problem that her parents can't or won't bail her out of, and it looks like she's going to be sent for a lengthy stay in jail. Her lawyer manages to get her off with an 'affluenza' defense; she's lived a life free from consequences so she never learned right from wrong. Except instead of letting her get away scot free, the courts decide she needs to be 'cured', and they send her off to an asylum that specializes in troubled girls like her. There she's placed under the care of MC, a twisted doctor who won't take any of her crap. He's determined to build her up into a productive member of society. He just has to make sure she's broken down first.

Not From Around Here (BON/NC, M for F) CRAVING
YC is a newcomer to our modern day Earth. The reason for that is up for discussion. Perhaps she's a supernatural being, like a fallen angel or a summoned demon. Or something more sci-fi, like a time traveler from the distant past or far future, or an alien. Or for something a bit more connected to reality, she was raised in the wilderness, having little to no human contact since she was very young. Or anything else that strikes your fancy. Regardless of why, her bizarre behavior and confident declarations of her origin quickly get her committed to the local asylum, where one of the doctors, MC, finds her absolutely fascinating. He's eager to learn about her, and unravel the mystery surrounding her. Meanwhile, she is eager to prove her compliance and earn her freedom. Of course, when MC discovers just how naive and obedient and eager to please she can be, he can't help himself starting to push boundaries.

Asking For It (BON/NC/EX, M for F)
YC was assaulted by a prominent member of society. Just the accusation would destroy her rapist's reputation, but even worse, there's video out there, so he needs to take action. So he has her institutionalized, where MC is assigned the task of convincing her that the encounter was actually consensual, and that she was asking for it. His efforts include recreating her assault (with himself in the role of the rapist), having her say slutty mantras to herself, making her wear (or not wear) certain articles of clothing to see how the other doctors and patients react, and just generally robbing her of all privacy or agency, until she's so helpless that she looks to him to tell her what reality is. Obviously this is going to be dark and twisted no matter what, but it can go in a few ways. One option would be for YC to accept the treatment, naively believing it will help her, though of course she's still reluctant and embarrassed. Or, for a far less consensual take, MC can be more direct, using any necessary force to ensure her compliance, whether that's tearing her clothes off himself, or locking her in a room and not letting her leave until she repeats "I was asking for it" one hundred times.
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Re: Welcome to The Asylum (Dom M for Any, BON/NC/EX)
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2020, 06:17:47 PM »
Added "Asking For It" and updated the status of some of the RPs. "You think you're a boy" is now firmly taken, but I'm still seeking takers for the others.