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June 29, 2022, 12:59:16 am

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Author Topic: Cross a black cats path (F seeking M writers)  (Read 651 times)

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Cross a black cats path (F seeking M writers)
« on: March 18, 2020, 01:45:23 am »
Please check out my O&O thread to get an idea of what kind of writer I am, also please do not reply to the thread, rather, I'd prefer to hash out things on PM. Here are some of the ideas that have been knocking around in my head, please keep in mind I like to throw out skeleton ideas and flush them out with my partners to make them more unique and tailored to both parties:

A Power Play:

Genre: SciFi and anime inspired (Think Future diaries and Darwin's game)

A new phone app is popular among high schoolers and young adults that pits its participants against one another in a game of wits that has life or death consequences. Either our characters inherit powers once they join the game or some other kind of advantage in exchange for joining the game. No one can quit or simply stop playing otherwise terrible things happen to the participants. Our characters meet during this deranged game and have to figure out a way to win.

Corrupting the Lady;
This is loosely based off Downton Abbey; a refined lady who is naive about the world is living the high life, servants, wealth and is kept in comfort. However being a woman in that time period, very little freedom. Yearning to experience something new she comes across one of the servants. He's cocky, good looking and charming. Maybe he seduces her over a series of off chance meetings? Or she wants to defy her father and seduces him? I'm open to more suggestions and pairings to mold this into a workable story.

Be My Pet:
This idea is based around the BDSM practice of pet-play. This is where one person is master and the other is literally their pet. Having to crawl around on all fours, being trained like a mindless dog, drinking and eating from pet dishes, wearing ears, a butt plug tail and a collar. The story plot behind this one can be many fold. Here are a few reasons this would happen in my mind:

Modern day setting:

Laura was desperate for money, debts mounting, roommate suddenly relocating without notice a truly hopeless scenario. After foolishly moving to a whole new state and town to pursue her new life, she finds herself too proud to turn to her parents or friends. Seeing an online add for a pet it peaks her curiosity.  After sending in a picture of herself and an inquiry to the email provided in the add the mystery man responds quickly to her request to meet and discuss. The two meet and at first she is completely turned off by the idea, but the man she encounters is ludicrously rich. His conditions; she obeys without question, lives in his home for the span of three months, and doesn't tell anyone. If she fulfills the conditions he pays her 500k for her time.

This scenario can go many different ways depending on the partner's input. I'm open to ideas on how to flush things out or tweak it to meet a more agreeable outline. I would like this to focus on the idea of humiliating someone, the side affects of the treatment and heavy emphasis on the kink aspect of pet-play.

Fantasy setting:
 A high lord has a fetish, a secrete desire to break a woman and turn her into a mindless obedient pet. Taking on a new servant in the house to his private attendant he cherishes the opportunity to mold his new play thing into the perfect sex slave he always wanted. Unable to refuse or run the servant is forced into a new kind of servitude. Will it break her or will she grow to love and adore the odd form of affection her new master bestows? In this scenario we can also do some world building and expand on the idea.

Although I gave examples where this would be a man dominating a woman I'm also willing to be the woman dominating the man for the right ideas and right partner.


Sasha was always fairly popular with guys inheriting her mothers good looks and natural charm. Not until her senior year, however, did she realize that it was because she was half succubi. Finally coming to an age where she can fully realize her powers her mother throws a challenge to her, seduce and beguile one of her male classmates into becoming her source for power. Enter your character. A proud stubborn womanizing "man's man", sure Sasha had been on his radar before but since she didn't throw herself at him to worship his cock he had always ignored her. Yet "suddenly" (My initial thoughts are that Sasha is a half succubi capable of using shamanistic magic and puts the male character under a spell of love spell of sorts to beguile him.) one day he sees her in an entirely new light and is drawn to her even obsessed with her. Will he discover her unnatural magic or will he become her sex slave?

I would also be open to changing the time and setting for this idea and also the roles just depends on what works for the writers.

Picture Perfect:

Now was Heather's time, or so she thought. A young naive woman in her early twenties attempting to break into the  competitive world of modeling in the hungry city of New York. After hearing so many no's its refreshing to hear at least one yes. A photographer who is in a similar set of restraints needs a muse to work through and having met Heather believes she's the missing link who can pull all of what he needs back together. Working together the two push and inspire one another to achieve greatness. But for now their broke, desperate and forced to rely on one another to try and get ahead. On top of that they hate each other. About as opposite as they come the odd couple grow to appreciate and respect their intense differences.

What I would like to get out of this is the strong idea of opposites attract, maybe one of them is struggling because of a drug addiction but is still superlatively talented or is a spoiled rich kid having to live out in the real world for the first time, whatever their differences I love the idea of two people hate fucking and then starting to grow into romance.

Sci-fi idea:

The year is 3050, earth has become practically uninhabitable forcing mankind to look to the skies and live among the stars. However doing so is easier said than done, whats left of the earth's governments has come together to create teams of scientists to send into space to discover the next inhabitable planet or help create working sustainable ecosystems. Enter our characters, we have been assigned to take part on a journey to the outer parts of the solar system to find a new place to colonize. Each of us has our unique talents and skills to bring to the expeditionary team.
In my  mind this can go many different ways, it can either be a straight up love story where our characters reunite and find out their was a spark between the two that has been rekindled. It can either be straightforward or more complicated, time and distance maybe one of us is married and has to overcome the struggle of being attracted to their comrade in space with precious hope to see their family again wondering if they made the wrong choice of lovers. Or maybe something disastrous goes wrong on the expedition turning into a high stakes survival and mild horror scenarios for the characters to overcome? I specifically threw out the suggestion of making this story take place far in the future so if we want to introduce aliens or new technology that we make up could be incorporated. This is mostly inspired by ALIEN so having some horror twist or thriller scenario would be fun.

Vigilante and Cop

The city can be dangerous filled with unforeseen violence and crime. The police stretched thin due to a corrupt government and sever under staffing and under funding the police are a jumble of extreme cops, dirty cops and a few good men and woman trying to get threw their day. One officer unable to take it snaps after seeing one to many mafioso's get away with yet another heinous crime. Deciding to take justice into their own hands they adapt a disguise and a street name to take out their target. However their odd behavior and reclusive nature draws intrigue from their over concerned cop partner. Discovering their secrete how will their partner react? Enable the activity? Attempt to bring them in for their vigilante ways?

I'm willing to play either role of the vigilante or the cop.

What Is Reality?
Detective and Supernatural

Madeline always was good at finding out things no one wanted her to know. Having worked as a reporter she is fired from her newspaper job as the world starts to turn to the internet for its hard hitting journalism. Still craving the action of discovering societies hidden underbelly she decides to try her hand at detective work. A far stretch for a newspaper pusher but having the knack, charisma and talent to figure out how to put together the pieces of difficult puzzles she starts to make a name for herself. Working closely with the police department a missing persons case comes sliding across her desk. However the more she find out the less she wishes she knew. Your character is some how tied to the missing persons case but they are a werewolf or vampire or magician or some other form of supernatural creature that is not quite human. They can either be responsible for the crimes at hand pitting our characters against each other or just mixed up in all the mess seeking help from the outside but wanting to hide who they really are.

Other ideas/fandoms I'm craving but can't seem to come up with good scenarios at the moment:

I like playing multiple characters especially in the theme of an anime harem like Tenchi Muyo or Ah!My Goddess. So the idea of multiple woman vying for one man's affections. I would like this to still have plot despite having a lot of potential for straight sex scenarios all over the place. So anyone who sees this idea and wants to flesh out a better story let me know.

Supernatural creatures; vampires, werewolves and fairies! Oh my! I love fantasy creatures. For Vampire and Werewolves I like the nity gritty type that exists in the cannon of things like World of Darkness RPG and D&D style. So fantasy, futuristic, modern day, I'm open to any and all suggestions on these types of beings.

Anime Harems, I'm always a fan of the gratuitous lots of women after one guy. I'd like to do a spin on this where the women are all trying to seduce the one guy. I'm open to the reasons why; maybe he's rich and they want his inheritance?
X-Men; specifically Rogue X Gambit, Wolverine X Jean Grey, Night Crawler X Shadowcat

Young Justice; open to most parings

Batman; Batman x Catwoman, Nightwing x Harley Quinn

As a note when I play fandoms I like to draw inspiration from the resources at hand but I don't like rehashing story lines that already happened and just adding sexual elements into it. I would rather try to do a story that is outside whats currently or previously happened.

Please PM me if interested so we can delve into the details. I had taken a hiatus to have surgery for carpal tunnel but now after recovery I plan to be more active on the site.