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May 06, 2021, 09:03:24 pm

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Author Topic: A Saints mixed request thread  (Read 576 times)

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A Saints mixed request thread
« on: March 17, 2020, 01:20:04 pm »
Hello and welcome to my little thread. While having no connection for about a week i realized a new craving within me, and this thread is for it. I hope i've named the thread aptly enough that you wouldn't be too suprised once you start reading stories or following links. As a tl;dr version I suppose I could say I'm looking to play or play with a character changing something important in his/her life. Gender, world, personality.

A few things first: I tend to write between 1 and 3 paragraphs of text consisting of 4-10 sentences each. I'm looking to for someone to somewhat match this.I'm totally fine with you writing more or less than me, but i'm neither looking for novel sized posts nor one sentence replies.

As my writing time is quite erratic, i'm only promising one post per week. there might be more, but I don't feel comftable enough to promise more. If i havent replied to you within two weeks you can ask whats wrong, no problems. I will do the same. I also would like you to tell me when you have no time or motivation to write for a prolonged time. a few days off? no problems. A few months off? please tell me!

I mainly write over discord nowadays, but if you dont want to, I am fine with writing in pms or thread. I will not write over emails or other messengers.

I'm completely fine and comftable with you being whatever gender you are and playing whatever gender you want. Be it that you are female wanting to play male characters or visa versa, or being a white mouse intending to play a red dragon. The only thing i ask you to try and be convincing. I'm not a huge fan of overly exaggerated or comedic characters. Keep it somewhat realistic, or at least serious even when (especially when)  portraiting a red dragon.

As you can see, I have an okay grasp at basic english grammar. Please strife to be at my level or better, for i really don't want to guess every second word's meaning. thank you.

Iprefer an equal part for both plot and smut. In my experience, if every second post has something naughty to it, thats already a lot and can hinder a story, but also keeps people interested in writing much smut invested in the story. I can deviate from this, but not by much.

My Ons are many, but my alltime favorites include public nudity and sex (forced, accidental or willing), humiliation(although not necessaryly degration, one can be or get humiliated without being called a slut and spit on. It depends on the scene and shouldn't be forced at every corner in my opinion.),innocence(and losing said innocence) and corruption, rules, punishments and dares(including naughty curses, quests, geas and such).

My Offs include Pokemon, furries, vore, gore, scat, other toilet related stuff, bloodplay, elasticity, feet fetishes, spit fetishes and extreme or unusual inflation.

Okay,  I think thats about it with the rules, lets continue with the fun part. I should mention however, that almost everything is open for discussion. If you see an idea that is appealing to you but some details are not, then write me a pm describing what to change and how you would like to change it. We are both grown adults, i'm sure we can come to an agreement, and if not then we possibly don't match all that well and can save us a lot of disappointment by not writing together.

Another thing I propably should mention is, that I will be linking some pictures and sites as reference I strife to make them accessable without having to sign up anywhere so please tell me if a link is broken.
I won't give any premade adventures. this is intentionally. there is no fun in just completely following my ideas, I really want you to bring some of your own to the table. at the very least you are going to "be" the world, thus you should help creating it. CONSIDER ALL LINKS NSFW. Its not completely true, but better for your real life if you need to pay attention.

Currently not interested
Princess Isekai
Inspired by this CYOA   which I link here and which is composed of 8 pages, I would like to play a guy being forced to suddenly live a life as a cute little (female)princess
Okay, to give a bit of perspective, I'm a huge fan of isekai manga. I've read a lot of them and i really really love the idea. So i would like to write a heroic tale filled with adventure and magic, clever shemes, nobles, marriages and more. If you didn't read any isekai manga so far, think of game of thrones with more common elements of fantasy, adventure and magic. Or, if you are interested, read this manga which sadly has a very slow rate of new content. although its one of my favorite. sad :-/ . Of course, this is E, and I do expect smut to happen, and I'm asking to play a female character here in a fantasy world. thus I think its only fair when i say right from the start the following: I'm fine with Noncon, I may be okay with bestiality and I'm fine with necrophilia in the form of undead. As for the links given, I would prefer to go by the creation process step by step, ideally already in the form of an RP with MY's "Soul" talking to whatever god is reincarnating him, haggling for every bit, seeking an agreement. Or we could do that before writing, or not at all, only using the ideas the links provide as rough guidlines. I'm very flexible here, just pointing out my preferences. And I propably should stress again that I don't intent on deciding everything by myself unless my partner wants me to, ideally we would talk about your preferences as well, and how to incorporate them into the play. As a last note:to those more familiar with the isekai genre, maybe we could do something more political like game of thrones or this manga? I'd also be in the mood for something light, romantic here. Or something like the heroic tales to save a princess... just from the princess' point of view. Her capture, her time in prison... how she is going to reward the hero for her rescue...

Currently not interested
Taking over a goddess
A more unusual take on the isekai genre, and maybe fairly close to exalted P&P role playing games or maybe closer to white wolf's scion games, I would like to try out this. While the CYOA is quite exhaustive, there are so many brilliant ideas and seeds in the flavor texts and abilities its worth reading at least once. the ghist of it would be that the gods give a trial to a mortal, lending him/her a bit of divine power to make it more entertaining and his goal is to win against one of the mayor gods or goddesses in order to pass the trial. Of course he'll start smaller, on a world controlled by said godess which will keep sending minions after the hero to battle until he is finally ready. I like the idea of the high power high fantasy setup. So many possibilities. Also so many options for lewd content, its hillarious. Helps finding what you really want to write about. For this one I would like to focus more on battles and other, more unusual trials MC has to pass. I could play either gender in this one, and it doesn't have to be a transgender person. I'd really like to focus on the heroic part. fighting Demons, slaying dragons, cleansing undead. the whole stuff you'd do in a highlevel D&D game. With a true god or godess as the last enemy, maybe. For the CYOA even gives seeds on how to continue. great, right? Obviously I'm looking for a longterm writer here.

Pathfinder Isekai (Looking for a longterm writing partner)
I want to write a isekai story in the pathfinder role playing game world of Golarion. Weather my character being reborn, drawn into or sent there by a god, in the end I would like to play a female Wizard, Arcanist or Sorceress at level 1. I'd like the story be about her growth, from very humble beginnings where she might not even be able to defeat a single goblin, getting captured, bred maybe even impregnated. Where corrupt guild officals blackmail her into sex or even more degrading services, or where by pure bad luck her race,religion ethnic or nationality is enslaved in the place where she is, making her a slave until the time she is strong enough to escape or break the chains.A story about her growth,where when she reaches a certain level she is acknowledged as an adventurer and people will start asking her to form a party with them, letting her experience all kinds of situations, from love and lust while expxloring acient ruins to being abandoned by a craven party or being outright betrayed, sold to her enemies.A story about the terrible revenge she enacts upon those who betrayed her. A story about growth, for when she overcomes even those trials, she is recognized as a powerfull national figure, having risen over those petty games simple folk play, and having to dance to the perilious, glamerous tunes in a dance of politics and nobility, between duty and ambition. A story about that time, when she even realized her ambition to be crowned Queen of her own country, but grows wary of ruling it, where she leaves Rule in the hands of her descendants and moves on, away from the world that strains to even bear her enormous power towards the elemental plains, to heaven and hell in a neverending quest for even more adventure, secrets and power.

Life is Strange esque
Looking for a GM whos interested in a life is strange esque scenario. A story where a girl discovers she is able to turn back time, but is unbeknownst to her cursed or destined for a real bad fate (maybe being the schools glorified "teaching material" for sex ed? Being abducted and sold into sex slavery?Being turned into a hardcore porn star? I'm open to suggestions!). Now she needs to use her newfound powers to rewind time in order to avoid such fates. But of course it isn't that easy. maybe theres conditions to her power? Like only being able to make a "safepoint"  after an occult ritual, or after an orgy, maybe her power only allows her to rewind time a day at most, or maybe she needs something to focus on in order to rewind time?
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Re: A Saints mixed request thread
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