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Started by TheBlackThrone, March 15, 2020, 09:55:37 PM

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Have you ever been to Jacob’s Town? It is a small community of less than two-hundred residents. Everyone mostly knows each other, and even if you don’t know everyone, we all can tell a stranger when we see one. The town is peaceful and full of love. Most couples wind up marrying their childhood sweetheart and living happily ever after. Some are destined to continue their family’s business. If one thing’s for certain, no one ever leaves. Why would you? The grass is always green, the weather is always perfect, and Jacob’s Lake is always at the right temperature. No one ever finds a reason to leave.

To citizens of Jacob’s Town, everything is normal, but to those of us reading this story, there are things abnormal about it such as not wanting to leave. Has anyone tried leaving? And when they do leave, are they ever heard from again? At the nape of each resident’s neck is a tattooed five-digit code. Colloquially, the townsfolk have called them “zip codes” as a joke. The numbers never repeat and they never follow a sequential pattern. The people of Jacob’s Town have uncanny psychic abilities that make their life easier. The elderly never have to worry about straining a muscle to lift heavy things again. The mind of a resident of Jacob’s Town is superhuman, but to them, it is normal. Everyone has the same power.

Children are introduced to the power at an early age. They receive their power from a priest at the temple in the woods. Children unable to receive the priest’s power are stolen by a monster that is urban legend among the townsfolk. The bunny man will take any child unable to receive the priest’s power. Some even believe that it is the bunny man who takes those away who try to leave. But that won’t happen to you. You’re no longer a child. You received the priest’s power and have grown into a beautiful young lady secretly desired by many young men in the community.

Your friends are Brett, Keith, and Rachel. You grew up with them and went on many adventures with them as a kid. You guys attended school until you were eighteen. School in Jacob’s Town is not the same as everywhere else. At school, children from eight-years-old (their gift age) to eighteen learn how to use their psychic powers in various ways. However, they never learn to use it to harm others. Jacob’s Town is the most non-violent town in the world! We would say they’re sheltered, but with love…love as open and beautiful as it normally is...Love can be a dangerous thing. The bunny man likes to take away those who show signs of aggression, but the bunny man doesn’t get everyone.

As for your friends, Rachel is like a sister to you. Brett is the one you argue with and for some reason hit, pinch, and throw a mild tantrum with when he pisses you off (he does it on purpose, he knows how to get under your skin). Keith is the nice guy. He is smarter than Brett and usually stands between you two. Your circle has a healthy pinch of dysfunction that makes your company enjoyable. Keith likes you. You and Rachel have noticed but he doesn’t know that you both have. What will you do? Do you like Keith?


This is a supernatural mystery game with mild horror elements (the bunny man). As you learned from the introduction, your character (YC) starts in this community that they have lived in all their life. They have spent so long in the community that nothing is odd about it. But to us writing in this game, we know what’s odd about it. What are the codes on the back of everyone’s neck? Why is everyone so blissfully peaceful? The town is perfect? No town is perfect! What is this bunny man nonsense? The game seems like slice of life with some supernatural flavors: the psychic power.

The psychic power allows you to move objects with your mind, light them on fire, create gusts, levitate, and repel projectiles. Everyone in Jacob’s Town can do these things, but why? Is YC’s life even real? Or is it apart of something bigger. Something they’re not supposed to know? The three mentioned friends are NPCs except one. I will be role playing Brett. I can NPC Keith as well as Rachel unless you would prefer to take a NPC under your wing to provide post enrichment. Just let me know.

This story requires a writer not much of a role player who relies on a dungeon master to do anything. While I know how the story will go and will be dropping things in the story every now and then, we’re writing this story together and weaving the atmosphere and community around it. I expect the other writer to be able to separate themselves from their character and write them as they were created. I expect the other writer to be able to creatively adapt to whatever plot is dropped before them. I will never have a character do anything without your permission, and I hope you give me the same respect.

What I hope to get out of this is what I hope you would want to get out of this: chemistry! I love chemistry. When an unlikely pair suddenly fall in love. It is just great. I hope we can create believable characters with believable quirks and personalities and go on this mysterious adventure together. I can guide the game, but the game is much more enjoyable if we’re both on the same wavelength. If you think you’re interested, drop me a PM and feel free to let me know if you plan to take one of the friends as an NPC. Feel free to drop me some pics of YC’s face claim and I’ll send you some in return. I don’t think an all-out CS is necessary. We can brainstorm the initial plotting together.
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