They got used to each other? Bbc affair story!! ( M looking for F)

Started by Justin1, March 11, 2020, 05:42:30 AM

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They are used to each other!!

About your character - A beautiful housewife, 40, thick (not fat) with perfect curves. She does yoga and other things to maintain herself! She is a mother of two kids: daughter, 18 studying abroad and son, 5, stays with them. She if from well to do family as husband is manager at some good company and has to be on tours mostly.

My character - Mark, 28, a black guy, slim but rigid toned body and horse like dick (metaphorically). He is a college drop out and deals with weed and drugs. He sells them to college students mostly. He stays in cheap rented single small room. Which is always in mess. He has a stray dog, Mixer, as his pet.

It all started a year back when Mark also used to sell drugs to her daughter among other kids. She caught her girl doing drugs and tracked down Mark. Mark made an offer that let him fuck Yc character and he would stop selling the drugs to her daughter. She let him and he kept his promise. But the girl began to buy her stuff from other vendor. So she was sent into a strict boarding school abroad.

After that, months passed by: Might be Yc never forget how Mark had did her that day; and also at the same time her husband was always busy.

One afternoon she saw Mark selling drugs on the street. She pulled over and broke a conversation with him. She took him to near by cafe, she pretended as it was all about she was making him to stop selling the drugs and to find a proper job, saying he was a nice lad but Mark was smart enough to notice that she was also checking him out...

He fucked her again and now for 2 months she is like his girl friend! They fuck regularly. She comes to his room when they decide or when he calls her or when she missed him. They spend hours at his room, talk and fuck numerous time before she leaves. They stay almost naked or in undergarments...

Now some special times she wears hot lingeries, stockings garter belt, when he demands or to surprise him.Even some time they roleplay, like her being a school girl etc...Now there is a whole lot of things they do, try out, talk about...

I want to keep it very regular casual thing.

Now this is the basic plot. About twist and drama I will discuss once we start.

Your thoughts? Do you want add more to it?