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April 10, 2021, 06:01:35 pm

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Author Topic: Mater Succubus (M for F)  (Read 314 times)

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Offline Jack StoneTopic starter

Mater Succubus (M for F)
« on: March 10, 2020, 05:38:08 pm »
Jack had always harbored a darkness deep within him, one that was quite inexplicable to those who knew the seemingly sweet boy. At first, when a nice young couple adopted him from the orphanage, they were ecstatic since as a baby Jack was always smiling, always laughing. Though his night terrors were a bit worrisome, his adopted parents figured it was just a phase that would pass as he grew up; he was just getting used to his new home, his new parents, his new surroundings… that’s all. 

 When he grew into a boy, his optimism was still endless and abundant. He was always grateful, always courteous, always displaying the proper manners in every scenario. But still he had issues at night. The night terrors continued, though as he grew older, they started involving sleepwalking as well. His parents would wake to find him passed out in the yard, his clothes muddied. On one particularly terrifying night, they found the boy with a dead and mutilated pigeon in his hands, his pajamas completely covered and saturated in the creature’s blood.

At that point it was off to the psychiatrist to see what in the hell was going on, but no matter what they did, no matter what sort of chemicals they subjected his little brain to, his nighttime proclivities remained. His parents just wrote it off as a little character flaw. After all, he was such a sweet and gentle boy in every other aspect of his life.

Nobody knew the truth about Jack, the truth that would help explain his behavior. And that truth was that Jack was the product of the carnal relations between a succubus and a seraphim; he was both demonic and angelic. The succubus had taken advantage of the seraphim, and much to her delight, she became pregnant. But the night she gave birth, the seraphim swooped in and scooped the boy up and out of hell, delivering him to a secluded, religious orphanage where he might have a chance at a somewhat normal life since he would have been considered an outcast and an abomination in both the hellish and heavenly realms.

But as Jack continued to grow, as he entered sexual maturity, his mother’s genetics started becoming more and more apparent, especially when it came to the bedroom. Nothing or no one was able to satiate his increasingly sadistic and perverse sexual desires. Jack’s lighter and more benevolent side seemed to understand that something was wrong with him, but if he wasn’t able to finally have what he so desperately craved, he worried that he might end up seriously hurting someone… maybe even killing them. He felt like he was possessed, but by what, he didn’t quite understand.

And so he got to studying, researching…

For some reason unbeknownst to him, he was drawn the occult.

Years of intensive study finally led him to something promising, a goldmine in his eyes: a summoning spell, a spell that would summon a succubus: a creature that he was certain could fulfill all the desires he was harboring within him, a creature just a capable of delivering pain as she was of receiving it, a creature built for sadistic and masochistic sex, and probably most importantly, a creature that he couldn’t kill no matter how sick and depraved things became between them.

Little did he know, though… he would be summoning his mother.

This is a strange one, I know. But if it piques your interest, let’s discuss details and brainstorm in PMs.