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Pretty Muscles [UN] M/M

Started by traci80, March 03, 2009, 09:50:19 PM

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This is a scene about 2 boys. The pretty boy and the muscle boy. In their early years muscle boy was a fat boy. Pretty boy was a year older and, along with his clique, made fun of the fat boy. They went to different high schools and for two years they didn't see each other. Now a muscle boy and 16yo, the former fat boy heads off to boarding school. He's paired with a 17yo roommate. It's pretty boy who's still 5'6" and almost girl cute. Meanwhile muscle boy is now 6'1" and pumped. I can play either role.


I might be interested, PM me, and we can talk it over.
I am filled with recollections of lives I have not lived.


Hey, I'd love to rp this plot with you, if you're interested.