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April 10, 2021, 09:38:16 am

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Author Topic: Building the Perfect Bimbo- Revenge, Extreme, Non-con, all Kinks Welcome-CLOSED  (Read 469 times)

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Offline Emily sweetTopic starter

I saw a recent request posted on E that I would love to play.  I pm’d the author to discuss and wasn’t given the courtesy of a yay or nay.  As a result, I feel no shame in borrowing the concept and putting it out there for a Dom type.
The basic premise is that two scientists are trying to develop a device (collar, implant, wristband) that can interact with a person’s brainwaves.  Their project is being funded by both the military and a well-known University.  The goal of the military in supporting the research is to develop a ‘better’ soldier, one with improved talents to both improve odds of victory and reduce battlefield casualties.  The University is hoping that the scientist’s research might lead to some effective treatment for addiction and criminal behavior.

After years of research and experimentation, the project is deemed a failure by both the military and University.  In actuality, however one of the project scientists (YC-can be male or female) did develop a device that worked.  The thing was, the researcher didn’t want the glory of winning a Nobel Prize or accolades from the scientific community.  No, YC wanted the riches selling a mind-control device to the highest bidder would bring. Once the word spread throughout the Dark Web of the device’s existence, the offers started coming in.  Word also got back to MC about the device’s existence.  Naturally, MC goes to YC and insists that the device be used for the altruistic purposes it was originally intended for.  When YC declines, MC threatens to expose you.  YC is forced to take action to prevent being exposed and arrested for fraud.  YC kidnaps MC with the idea that the device would be used to erase MC’s memory and end the threat. 

Before the story takes its dark turn, I’d like to RP a bit of back and forth between the two main characters just to examine the drama and tension in the relationship between a self-centered greedy misogynist and a feminist.  Below is a brief synopsis of it.

YC has never liked MC, MC being extremely egotistical, judgmental and holier than thou. YC hated the fact that MC was one of those radical, fresh out of college, idealistic ‘MeToo’ feminists as well. MC was the type that never wore makeup to work, dressed plainly and probably never even shaved her armpits.

As a result of all that resentment, when YC is just about to wipe MC’s memory YC decides on a more ‘ambitious’ solution.  One that will provide both personal and professional satisfaction, killing two birds with one stone.  YC figures what better way than to relieve the years of pent up frustration of working with an uppity feminist than to turn her into the perfect bimbo.  Then, there’s the added bonus of proving the functionality of the device to a prospective client by recording every second of the transformation process.

Once the memory wipe is ‘complete’, MC’s psyche will be rebuilt using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs as a model. The twist, of course, is that the various steps in the process will be geared not toward creating a better, more psychologically fulfilled female but the perfect bimbo. I thought it would be both interesting and challenging to use it as a backdrop for the bimbofication process just to give the story some basis in ‘science.’  Obviously, I’m not looking for 100% psychological accuracy here. It’s just serving as a plot device so the story isn’t just one long tale of sexual abuse. I think if each writer tries to employ elements of the theory in the replies to explain their character’s actions and reactions, the story will be more interesting.

Below are the various levels in the process. I’ve included some of my thoughts about how they might affect the plot but I definitely want to hash out details with my prospective partner. 

Phase One- Physiological Needs: The basic, paramount requirements of life- nourishment, clothing, sleep, sex, creature comforts.
Thoughts/ideas: MC is taken from her original cage and given a one room living space with minimal accoutrements. Instead of wearing rags or being kept naked, MC is now given a bra and panties.  MC would be allowed to have sex with a vibrator.

Phase Two- Safety and Security: Protection from elements, security, order, stability, freedom from fear.

Thoughts/ideas: MC would develop a reliance/trust toward YC being the provider of said safety/security.  MC’s acceptance of being owned because of the stability provided.  Feeling safe in her current environment would eliminate any desire to escape.

Phase Three- Love and Belonging:  Examples include friendship, intimacy, trust, and acceptance, receiving and giving affection and love. Affiliating, being part of a group (family, friends, work).

Thoughts/ideas: It would be YC’s job to make MC think of friendship and intimacy, affection and love in strictly sexual terms. In this stage, perhaps ‘intimacy’ is established by replacing the vibrator with a person. Love would be defined as any sexual act.  There is no foreplay or cuddling.  MC would be exposed to endless hours of various types of pornography and become brainwashed into defining any sexual act, no matter how bizarre, as love.  Besides YC being family, perhaps MC is allowed to spend time with some prostitutes.

Phase Four- Esteem Needs: classified into two categories: (i) esteem for oneself (dignity, achievement, mastery, independence) and (ii) the desire for reputation or respect from others (e.g., status, prestige).

Thoughts/ideas: Self-esteem and pride here could be related to sexual performance and ‘looks.’ Big juicy red lips, an hour-glass figure, big tits, the ability to walk in sky-high heels, etc. Examples of achievements could be sexual accomplishments, ie. cocksucking, being able to fuck for hours, ability to withstand pain, etc.   

Phase Five- Self Actualization: realizing personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences. A desire “to become everything one is capable of becoming”

Thoughts/ideas: By this point now, MC will be thinking of herself as a Bimbo, yet she would still be striving for perfection.  Can she suck a bigger cock? Take on more sexual partners? Engage in a sex act even more extreme than she has previously.  Whereas in her previous existence, MC prided herself on intelligence, now vanity will replace brains.  Perhaps if YC and MC were to be walking on a public street, MC wouldn’t be ‘happy’ unless every pair of eyes turned to watch her.  If she was standing by herself, she wouldn’t be satisfied unless every passerby propositioned her.

If the scenario sounds interesting to you, please PM me.  I promise to answer any and all inquiries.  I want to make this an extreme RP so the less offs you have, the better.  All kinks are welcome but will be discussed.  In fact, the more the merrier. I am looking for someone to post at least twice a week and puts some detail into their replies.  I am not a grammar Nazi, nor do I insist on perfect spelling as long as I understand the post.  I do object to short replies.  Also, OOC communication as the story develops is desired.  Bonus points for anyone who can include graphics in their post. I will do the same.

Well, if you’ve gotten this far, I hope that means you’re interested.  Thanks for reading.
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