Hati's Current Cravings [M seeking F][NSFW Images Inside]

Started by Moon Hound Hati, March 02, 2020, 05:14:14 PM

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Moon Hound Hati

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Hello there! Thanks for taking the time to read my request thread. My name is Moon Hound Hati, but just call me Hati. I'm a thirty-year-old male, born and raised in the Netherlands, home of legal weed, windmills, and wooden footwear that doubles as melee weaponry     only in self-defense, of course! I work four days a week for Polaroid and attend school one day a week in an effort to eventually transition to a job as an English teacher. And what better way to practice and hone one half of the craft than to do some creative writing! As such, I've put together this thread and will work to update it with new ideas whenever they come to me.

About Writing With Me
Given my ambition to become an English teacher, I like to entrain the thought that I'm at least decently literate, capable of usually producing medium to long posts. Naturally, I'm always looking to improve, so any constructive criticism is welcome. Considering I both work and study, free time can vary. They might come quickly or they might take a while. I'm not a grammar Nazi by any means, but some decent punctuation is appreciated.

I predominantly write straight male characters. The gender of my writing partner is not of importance, as long as they're willing to write female characters. I'm inclined to use visuals to supplement my writing and prefer to use anime/manga-style artwork. If you're having issues finding a face claim, just let me know and I'll happily assist you.

I've got a pretty varied taste in themes, ranging from slice-of-life to science fiction and fantasy of all kinds. Often I like to do subversions of old and beaten tropes or just like writing stories with a nice twist. This could be something as simple as a change of scenery or an unusual pairing. If you end up contacting me, please open with your thoughts on what we could do with the idea, rather than just presenting yourself.

Ons and Offs
Please note that the following is a fairly compact list and does not include everything, but rather points out some of my favorite kinks, things I'm indifferent about, and things I absolutely detest. The list in question can be found here. It might be slightly outdated, though, but should still be fairly accurate. If there is anything you're unsure about, feel free to ask me about it.

Lady of the Eleventh Hour
It had begun recently. When the clock struck eleven in the evening, she would be there, in his apartment, seemingly having appeared out of thin air when he hadn't been looking. But she would only appear when he was alone and she would always come clad in tasteful nightwear, a bottle of champagne in hand as if each time was something to celebrate. He had wondered who she was and what her goal was, but for some odd reason, he could never muster the ability to ask her. Instead, he sat with her, drank with her, and then embraced her, sharing a passionate night. In the morning, when he awoke, mind fuzzy, she would be gone.

"Who are you?"

The question would smolder after each encounter, but then disappear as soon as the next presented itself, as if wiped from his mind at the mere sight of her. A blessing or a curse; which would this mysterious woman reveal herself to be, he wondered. Did he even want to find out, or simply remain complacent with the situation as if was, basking in her company and loving embrace.

Christmas Cake
"A woman 26 years+ who is considered to be past her prime, undesirable, used goods and/or no good."

Having had little time for socializing beyond the workplace, this mild-mannered office worker had turned thirty before she realized it. With her friends all married and many already with child, she felt her own window of opportunity closing. After much mulling about, she took the advice given to her and attended a mixer     a casual party where people assembled to promote sociability and communal activity. Slipping into an old pair of jeans which might have become a little too tight and a frilly top, she sets out with little hope. But will things turn around for her at the mixer? Will she meet a man with an interest in an old "Christmas Cake" like her?

The Eternal Pharao
The pharao of Egypt should be dead. So it is written in the death records of the underworld, the domain of the goddess Anubis. However, he has remained seated upon his throne, ruling Egypt as he had always done. He is a mystery, even to the goddess of the underworld, a man who defies fate. What is his secret? The goddess ascents to the mortal realm to investigate. But as she approaches the pharao, she might find herself spiraling down the path of temptation and corruption as the man reveals himself to be far more than he makes himself appear to be. Will Anubis resist... or give in to temptation?

The Wizard From Belgium
In the early chapters of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry finds ends up staying at the Leaky Cauldron for a while before returning to Hogwarts. During his stay, he meets up with the Weasley family and one of the people whom the twins mention Ron showed the Daily Prophet article about his family's trip to Egypt to is a wizard from Belgium. In the movie, a wizard is briefly shown during breakfast, stirring the spoon in his cup wandlessly while reading a book called “A Brief History of Time” by the now late genius Stephen Hawking, suggesting this man be both highly skilled in magic     as (non-accidental) wandless magic is not done easily, let alone with so little effort     and very intelligent and knowledgeable when it comes to matters magic and Muggle alike.

I’d like to make this man the wizard from Belgium and forge a great story about him and what adventures he might have had during his travels across Europe. Part of what fascinates me to this day still about Harry Potter is not per se Hogwarts, but what lies beyond its walls, the magical world, and magical society.

I have an idea for the first arc of the story but note that nothing about the following is set in stone and is up for discussion. To be honest, I'd love to brainstorm this idea further.

The first destination for our wizard, after leaving the Leaky Cauldron in 1993, will be France, to reunite with his fiance, a young quarter-veela woman, and cousin of Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour. Though shortly after they meet up in Paris, strange events begin to occur across the city, endangering Muggles and threatening the secrecy of the magical world. Now, the pair must set out to solve the mystery.

A Royally Demonic Affair
Niflhel is the homeland of the demonic races of the world. Its kingdoms are governed by ancient families of elder demons, whose blood is most powerful indeed. The realms flourished and prospered, but this would not come without cost. From across the ocean, the kingdoms of man banded together in jealousy and misguided by religion, proclaiming demons to be a scourge upon the world     one that had to be cleansed!

Tensions rise and war is soon to come to the tropical, sandy beaches of Aether, the largest and most powerful of the Niflhelian kingdoms. With the threat of war looming, the king and queen send their children away, to other kingdoms, as far removed from the battlefields to come as possible, in order to secure the safety of their offspring and the future of their elder bloodline.

The oldest daughter, a sultry succubus and the heir to the throne, is sent to the queen's younger brother, who rules Abyssion, the largest kingdom of the North, where snow covers the land nearly five months a year. The princess finds the land of her uncle to be quite the stark contrast to her own and she quickly becomes bored due to the lack of luxuries, such as grand bazaar and places of entertainment found on every corner of Aether's capital. Seeking to quell that agonizing boredom, the princess soon sets her sights on something she has come to see the South is lacking in; real men. And what man is more manly than he who rules these cold, hard lands of the North     her very own uncle!

And so the game of seduction begins!

A Fantasy Desert Nomad Adventure
The Crystal Desert is a vast sea of sand and ancient magic, where safety is only found at the various lush oases blessed by the goddess of life and fertility that sparsely dot the golden, shifting landscape. Travel is perilous and for the weak and inexperienced, leaving trade and transport in the hands of mercenary nomad tribes. Traveling between the various outposts, towns, and cities, these resourceful warriors and survivalists make it their business to thrive in this harsh environment.

The life of a nomad is not without tales rich with oddities and adventure. From delivering long lost creatures and ancient artifacts to escorting wayward warrior princesses; they’ve seen it all! One such tale involves two young nomads who stumble across an ancient treasure map and embark on a quest to find the tomb of an ancient king, long thought lost to the desert sands.
Lingerie is like wrapping paper for the best present in the world     the female body.

Moon Hound Hati

Added The Eternal Pharao
Lingerie is like wrapping paper for the best present in the world     the female body.

Moon Hound Hati

Lingerie is like wrapping paper for the best present in the world     the female body.

Moon Hound Hati

Lingerie is like wrapping paper for the best present in the world     the female body.

Moon Hound Hati

Lingerie is like wrapping paper for the best present in the world     the female body.