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Author Topic: CLOSED A Villain May Save Us [Fantasy Setting Theme of romancing an enemy] [MxF]  (Read 577 times)

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Hello hello! Take a look at this prompt that I have -- and if you're interested check out my Roleplay Preferences. I'll discuss a bit more about the prompt below the quote. PM me if you want to roleplay.

The doors swung open by the efforts of two men, straining and grunting as they pushed it inward. Behind them, a party of soldiers and scholars filed into the ancient throneroom. They held their torches up over their heads, burning away cobwebs and casting flickering light over the room. The flames shed light over a battle, frozen in stone from a time long past. Knights were locked into a dance of blades, several mid-stroke or as they raised up a shield. One or two were curled up, cupping wounds that didn't bleed. At the foot of the throne, a young man held up a handbell as a woman plunged a sword into his chest. The two had their gazes locked. In the woman's other hand, she held an ornate staff.

"Her," one of the scholars breathed.

"Which of these men are hers?" A sergeant asked. He had stepped up to a statue of a man drawing the string of their bow back.

"No way to know." A different, older scholar grumbled. "Best to smash them all. She cannot have help when she awakens... We'd be overwhelmed."

With a nod, the sergeant ordered the largest soldiers to take sledgehammers to the extra statues. They fetched them from servants trailing behind the party, and set to work. As statues crumbled, three scholars circled around the man with the bell and the woman slaying him. Her face was hidden behind a mask, sealed now to her as part of whatever had frozen her. "She was probably angry," the eldest scholar commented. "Everything she worked for, ruined in an instant."

"Perhaps," the first scholar said. "I'd like to think she can still think in this shell. Suffered for what she did. If I was like that, I'd be angry too. Mad by now, is the most likely scenario."

"Mad or not Marcus, she must be brought before the Council. I know what you are about to say, and I will not argue with you again," The eldest scholar said.

"Yes Master," Marcus said, bowing his head.

The final scholar spoke up. "She's more pretty than the books give her credit for. Master, can I have a moment to make some notes?" To his question, the Master gave a small nod.

"Do as you will, Carrow."

Carrow grinned and reached into his bag. He pulled out a journal and ink quill. He had a soldier awkwardly hold up the inkwell for him to dip the quill, and he began to write. He counted the knights, detailed the Hero, and described the tyrant in better detail than any of the histories. He included the throneroom, of course, speculated on what it must have looked like before it was sealed and buried. As he worked, another young man entered. He carried a similar staff to the woman Carrow studied, and wore robes instead of breeches as his scholarly friends did.

"I see you've decided to break the others after all, Devlin," he said. He approached the statues at the throne, moving around the results of the soldiers' demolishing.

"It is the safer option," the eldest scholar - Devlin - said. "When you are ready, we will reverse the effects of the bell. We trust you to make sure she cannot use her magic on us all."

"I will do my best," the young man with the staff said. "As the council-appointed sorcerer for this expedition, if I fail at least we all won't have long to regret it." Marcus, from behind the tyrant's statue, snorted.

There were some arrangements to make. A chalk circle was drawn around the hero and tyrant. The sorcerer inscribed symbols around the circle. Several soldiers including the Sergeant arrayed themselves in a wider circle to surround the scholars, sorcerer, and the ritual area. They would attempt to kill her if the sorcerer failed. The preparations were so thorough, they included things that were no longer necessary: Master Devlin led a prayer to the old god, Marcus placed all the coins he carried at the centerpoint of the circle, and Carrow passed the journal to the youngest soldier - younger even than Carrow himself - to run back to the capitol in case of failure.

"Illian," Devlin said just before they started.

"Yes?" The sorcerer replied.

"I don't wish to die badly."

"It'd be over before you knew it if the histories are to be believed," Illian shrugged. "She knows all of the old combat magics, but I have the advantage of surprise and a ritual circle. And..." Illian stepped briefly into the circle, cut the handle of the bell and took it from the hero's hand. "Ultimately if she gets out, she'll be fighting the enemy anyways right? We win either way... or at least we don't lose."

So we have the setup. "A bunch of professionals are trying to revive an old evil to fight something else nastier."

  • Does the villain have to be a woman? No. We can swap that around where the one waking them up is a woman.
  • Does it have to be a magic user? Nope! Can be something else entirely, including a different species/non-human humanoid (Like an Elf, Demon, Orc, etc.).
  • Will this include a lot of combat? As much as we'd like. I'd like it to be part of the story for sure, though.
  • Will there be plotting and scheming? It's a requirement of the story! The old evil is trying to figure out how to get back into power, the 'good' guys are trying to survive and put them back away at the end, and the enemy is trying to win this war!
  • Who IS the enemy anyway? We'll decide on that together, including motivations.

For anything else, ask, or check out my roleplay preferences! PM me if interested.
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