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Author Topic: The suburban housewife takes a job - Escort Service Seeking Clients and Escorts  (Read 6629 times)

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Offline Older And WiserTopic starter

This idea struck me as particularly appropriate for the recession.

The idea is that a suburban trophy wife has her material life threatened when her husband is laid off.  With the house threatened with foreclosure and the bank threatening to repossess her BMW, she decides to take action, she opens an escort service and on-line porn service running it from her home.  A few rules I thought would help make this interesting...

First, the husband, the neighbors and the kids are not supposed to know.  This will, I think, lead to some interesting drama.  How do you explain a parade of gorgeous women coming through the house?  What happens if a neighbor or someone she knows from PTA/Church becomes a client?  What does she tell the husband?  What is the interaction with the other women on her staff?  Does she recruit neighbors?  Does she appear in the porn?  How far does she go?

This is sort of a Weeds/Fun With Dick and Jane meets web porn and Elliot Spitzer.

At a minimum, I think we would need
1.  The housewife
2.  The husband
3.  Porn model/actors - male and female
4.  Escorts
5.  Clients  - male and female possible
6.  Neighbors  - male and female

Escorts, clients, porn models and neighbors can run the entire range of activities.  Strait or gay or bi;  Dom or Sub;  Leather or lace; cross dressing or whatever floats your particular boat.

I welcome people working in multiple roles.  Gender bending is cool too.  If you are interested, please post a reply or PM me.  Let me know the role you would like to play and some background for your character as well with perhaps a description or photo.

Additional Rules:
Please post your character sheet in this thread.
You can play more than one role - simply post the additional charaters here.
Hook ups with escorts can go off onto a sperate thread from the main thread.  Please provide a link back so we can all enjoy the fun.
Open to suggestions to help with game flow...
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Offline Older And WiserTopic starter

Proposed character sheet:

Additional activities you may enjoy (e.g. dom or sub; threesomes, etc)
Character Type (e.g. escort, model, client):
Appearance:  (Images often help here)

Offline Foxy

I would be interested in either the housewife or a friend she talks into doing porn.  The latter would be my preference.  Maybe she is in a dead end marrage or just divorced and needs some excitement.

Offline Older And WiserTopic starter

Proposed character sheet:

Name:  Jim – the Husband
Gender:  Male
Orientation: Strait
Additional activities you may enjoy (e.g. dom or sub; threesomes, etc)  Missionary position only

Character Type (e.g. escort, model, client):  The housewife will be trying to keep her activities secret from him.  Jim is, in a word, clueless about the darker sides of the street.  He is Ned Flanders come to life.  A good dad, an honorable hard working man, he has gotten laid off and is playing the part of Mr. Mom while his wife works full time starting her own business.  I pictured him mostly as a comic foil who questions much but always accepts his wife’s explanations, no matter how farfetched.

Background:  Worked as an engineer in a large local company that has hit bad times.  He was laid off.   His retirement and savings were all in the company’s stock, which has completely tanked.  His unemployment is not enough to pay for the lifestyle they led when he thought he had a steady job.  He volunteers to coach his kids sports team, he is a scout leader and on several committees at his church.
Appearance:  (Images often help here)  A good and decent man, in the worst sense of that phrase.  The complete straight arrow, strait laced, white bread white guy.

Offline Older And WiserTopic starter

Proposed character sheet:

Name:  Franklin, porn model
Gender:  Male
Orientation: Strait
Additional activities you may enjoy (e.g. dom or sub; threesomes, etc)  Threesomes, escort for women clients, perform for couples where guy wants to watch his wife and another man.

Character Type (e.g. escort, model, client):  escort, porn model

Background:  College student.  Franklin has lived next door to the main characters since they moved to the neighborhood.  He lusted after the housewife for years, fantasizing about her whenever he saw her in a bathing suit by the pool, or, once, undressing by an open window.  She was the stuff of many a teenage wet dream.   Always good at sports, he was worshipped by the girls in high school as the star jock.  He developed an attitude that he is God’s gift to women.  That works on drunken college co-eds and frat parties, but he is in for a shock when he has to now deal with the more sophisticated women he will meet here.   Dumb jock would be a very good description.  He is recruited by the housewife to appear in porn scenes for very little money, as he is not too smart about cash.

Appearance:  (Images often help here) The dumb jock college kid who dreams of making it in professional sports but does not have the talent or the work ethic.  Very popular at drunken frat parties, but will become the face of the 19th hole when he reaches 35.

Offline sassychic

Name: Caroline, but goes by Carrie

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight

Additional activities you may enjoy (e.g. dom or sub; threesomes, etc):  Much more adventurous than her husband, though so far she's not cared that she hasn't explored that area. But knows she would be a sub.

Character Type (e.g. escort, model, client): The housewife

Background: Not satisfied with her husband's decisions to not pursue fixing the mess she believes he has gotten them into. Refuses to give up the lifestyle that she had grown accustomed to and therefore has decided to put together this business. At first she thought it was going to be small, but its quickly becoming much bigger and more lucrative than she initially expected. But as much as she wants to be able to provide for their lifestyle, its very important to her that her husband and their kids have no clue what she is really up to. Knows how clueless her husband is and naive, and uses that to her advantage.

Appearance:  picture will be forthcoming I promise . . . 
she's very much the girl next door. She's the All-American beauty. Beautiful but looks extremely trustworthy. Looking at her you would not expect her to be the one running an escort and porn company.
« Last Edit: March 19, 2009, 09:43:17 PM by sassychic »

Offline Foxy

Name: Susan Armstrong (Suzie)
Gender Female
Orientation: Straight currently (wants to experiment with Bi)
Additional activities you may enjoy : She is more submissive.  will do try threesome.(e.g. dom or sub; threesomes, etc)

Character Type : Next door neighbor

Background: Suzie was in a happy marrage and living a normal quiet life when she heard about Carrie misfortune.  She lives next door and would walk over to talk to her about things. She figured she would try and help Carrie as much as possible till it happened.

She came home, found out her husband had left her for a younger man. A MAN! How could she compete with him?  He left her heavy in debt with the house and kids. Now she needs to earn lots of money quickly.  She was always very conservative and straight and for what? Maybe now was the time to break out, party and experiment.

Appearance:  Suzie is a beautiful tall woman with shoulder Lent dark hair. She has a tanned complexion and deep blue eyes.  She has a buxom figure, slim waist and shapely ass. She moves gracefully on her long legs and appears to be very flexible.

Carrie, what kind of relationship do you want to have? 
Do our kids play together?  I think having to work around would be fun.

« Last Edit: March 05, 2009, 06:35:32 PM by Foxy »

Offline Older And WiserTopic starter

I think if we get one more guy (at least) and one more woman, we would be good to go.  Folks can come and go, as "temporary" porn stars, clients or escorts.

Offline kikyo100

I would be intersted to be a male.

Offline Older And WiserTopic starter

I think you need to be approved before you can play.  Let me know.

Offline tonycraig0555

Hello, this is my first attempt to join a rp on here so bare with me please.  Although I have been rping for years this is my first crack at a forum style.  I am willing and able to play any role you wish, gender is of no importance to me or orientation.  Please let me know what character you have a need for and I can get back to you on a character bio. 

I look forward to contributing in any way I can.


Offline Older And WiserTopic starter

It is looking like we will have enough for this.  Please post your characters when you get a chance and I'll get a start on this before the weekend

Offline tonycraig0555

Name: Ashley
Gender: Natural shemale
Orientation: Very Bi
Additional activities you may enjoy : Very much a tease, loves to show off.

Character Type : Escort and open to do porn.

Background: Ashley is a fun loving 18 yr old girl, she is very aware of her body and knows how to highlight her physical traits.  She loves to show off her body and test the limits of the people she comes across.  She is generally a nice person but with a strong sex drive, able to play the submissive role or take control as needed to get the desired outcome she wants.  Money motivates her although she has a soft streak that does like a bit of romance when she can get it.

Appearance:  Ashley is slim with a figure, with exotic beauty thanks to her mixed ethnic roots.  She has a firm body and loves to wear clothes that are flattering and eye catching.

« Last Edit: March 19, 2009, 02:05:46 PM by tonycraig0555 »

Offline Older And WiserTopic starter

Main thread is now up here:

Please check modified rules on the first entry.

Offline Older And WiserTopic starter

We could use a few male clients

Offline tonycraig0555

Name:  David, No last name given
Gender:  Male
Orientation: Strait
Additional activities you may enjoy (e.g. dom or sub; threesomes, etc)  Loves 3somes, is a bit more on the aggressive side and loves oral sex both giving and recieving

Character Type (e.g. escort, model, client):  Client

Background:  David is Middle aged steadily approaching 40 although he lives life like he's 18.  He is a business man who started working young.  Now that he is older he loves to play when given the chance.  No wife and kids to speak of, he loves the company of a beautiful women on his arm and is willing and able to pay for the right arm candy.  Romantic and Gentleman like until the lights dim, then he likes to take control of a women much like he takes control of his business.

Appearance:  (Images often help here) Strong black male, likes to keep in shape leading a very active life. 
« Last Edit: March 19, 2009, 09:26:56 PM by tonycraig0555 »

Offline Older And WiserTopic starter

Name: Colleen O'Shea
Gender: F
Orientation: Bi
Additional activities you may enjoy (e.g. dom or sub; threesomes, etc):  Anything, so long as the money is right
Character Type (e.g. escort, model, client): escort
Background:Colleen is in graduate school, majoring in English and wants to be a writer.  As such she is in debt to her eyeballs with no prospect of well paid employment when she gets her degree.  She figures she can do this, then write a tell all book when she is done to make her mint.  She has been working for the service since it opened and has done lots.  Porn model, lesbian scenes, Dom, 3'somes.  Her limits are few, but firm.  If it belongs in the toilet, forget it, and she doms only for escorts - she will sub in porn flicks.  Being a sub is dangerous.
Appearance:  (Images often help here)
Tall leggy red head.  Everyone's Irish dream.

Offline kikyo100

Okay, I was approved! Can I join in as a male now?

Offline Older And WiserTopic starter

you may.  Please post a character sheet kikyo, then join in.  May I suggest you come in as a client?  we are in need of those

Offline Marlow

Name: Sheena "the Punk Rocker" Mallory (sorry, couldn't resist)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight, although this is due to the fact she has not had any female sexual encounters, and not because of any aversion to the fairer sex.
Additional activities you may enjoy: Dominant, interested in female partner, group
Character Type: Client
Background: Sheena is a recent upstart in the punk-music genre, headlining the band Punkology, praised for going back to the style of the 70s punk revolution. That being said, her personal life is constantly under scrutiny from the paparazzi. She grew up in Sunnyville, your commonplace suburban neighborhood. She moved to New York two years ago, after turning 18, to go to the New York Academy of Art, where she met her future band mates and formed Punkology. On her last trip home to Sunnyville, she discovered the operations of one Carrie. After being promised extreme secrecy, she tried out one of her male escorts and was thoroughly pleased. She now uses the service whenever in town to blow of steam from the heavy eye of the paparazzi that follows her everywhere in New York, barring her from a healthy sex life.
Appearance: Image from a photoshoot for a magazine.

If needed I can make additional characters to fill any roles required.
« Last Edit: March 25, 2009, 05:12:37 PM by Marlow »

Offline Older And WiserTopic starter

Kinky!  I love it.  Please call for an appointment.  Please specifiy if you want male or female companionship (or both)

Offline Older And WiserTopic starter

Clients Needed!  Reasonable Hourly Rates!

Offline rahatngt

Name: Jim Gordon
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Additional Activity yo may enjoy: Dom, slightly sub, threesome ffm
Character type: Client, Escort, Model
Background: Jim is sort of a spoiled rich young men (age?). He has been looking for some wild fun and fantasy. He liked the prospect of Carrie's service. Since he is really in it for all the fun he can get if doesn't mind hiring a woman from Carrie's or even working as escort or model. Since money is no t an issue for him, he would just like to make out with a woman he like in most capacity.


I would also be open to playing other male roles if needed.