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September 27, 2021, 02:08:30 pm

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Author Topic: Any and all genders welcome! Eternal search.  (Read 454 times)

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Any and all genders welcome! Eternal search.
« on: February 24, 2020, 07:15:39 am »
Hello there!

I've been gone for a while due to some issues in real life. But now I seem to be doing better, I wanted to try and come back to the swing of things. Thus, I've decided to try setting a request thread up in the hopes of finding some potential RP partners who can help my somewhat rusty muse get back on track. Now, I'll be sharing a few details about me...

The writer:

*Female IRL, 26 years old currently. Decent level of English, despite not being a native (feedback is appreciated!).

*Available to play any gender at the moment, regarding characters. And any type of pairings. So either males, females, transgender, non-binaries...Any and all kind of characters are welcome! LGTB+ friendly.

*Post-length: Ranges from one, meaty paragraph (4+ lines) to 6+ paragraph responses. My length will aim to match yours, although I'm finding myself more comfortable with 2-4 paragraphs per response, as of late.

*Frequency: I'll aim a post every two-three days, always making sure to let you know if it ever takes me longer than a week to get back to you. Communication is appreciated and sometimes much needed, after all. Likewise, I'll appreciate it if you let me know whenever you don't want to continue with our RP or simply want something changed or removed, I'll gladly abide by your preferences!

*OOC chat and plotting: Appreciated, since I quite love it. I'm willing to help and engage in a world-building along with my partner, doing some brainstorming together, talking about character development...Or simply about common interests. Anything goes, meeting new people and making new friends should never be a bother.

*Open to playing more than one character, regardless of how many characters you are playing (if you want to stick to playing only one character, that's more than fine with me). That might mean I'm open to harem-like scenarios, indeed. Although bear in mind I'll never play more than two-three characters per post. I don't want to indulge in writing novels as of now, since I don't have either the ability or the patience that's needed for that.

*Versatile: I can play male characters for MxF pairings, or even double-up, female characters for any type of pairings and male characters for any type of pairings as well. Whereas I'm open to playing against transgerder/others, I'll likely limit myself to playing male, female or non-binary characters as I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to handle properly any other type of characters, I'm afraid. I'm always willing to try though.

*Position (sexual):

-MxM pairings: My preference are switch/seke characters but I can also handle either a more dominant/seme or a more submissive/uke position. Please bear in mind for me top is not equal to dominant. Actually, submissive tops are something I've always wanted to try playing for once!

-FxF pairings: Just like what I mentioned above, my preference are switch roles for this. Then again, I can also handle more dominant and more submissive roles for this type of pairings!


.If I'm playing as the female role: I will prefer far more to adopt a more submissive attitude regarding characters. It might take a lot of convincing for me to agree to play a switch, and I won't likely play a dominant unless we are doubling up or the plot is too good for me to pass.

.If I'm playing as the male role: I prefer switches, but I'm willing to play as either a submissive or a dominant male (kind of pickier when it comes to adopting dominant roles since I'm fed-up with those, I've been forced to dominant positions during the whole time and now it's become a bit tiring for me. But I'm always willing to try, especially for the right partner and plot).

The ideas...


Below I'll be listing some fandoms I might be willing to indulge in. Don't be afraid to ask should you want to try something that's not listed here though, chances are I might know it or might be willing to check it out so that we can play the story together (it wouldn't be the first time)!

Real life movies and series

(Disclaimer: Characters and fandom settings will be altered to properly adjust to the forum rules)

*Supernatural TV series (not even the end of the series will force me apart of my liking towards these cute, Winchester brothers!):

-Willing to play MxM or MxF pairings for this (or M x transgender/nonbinary/other type of characters)
-Mostly interested in playing as Dean Winchester. I can also play as Sam Winchester, Castiel and maybe even others, feel free to ask!
-Either OC x canon or canon x canon pairings accepted (I'll be mostly playing as a canon role though!)

*Shadowhunters TV series (Netflix)

-Any pairings, regarding genders, welcome!
-I can play as Clary, Magnus, Jace and Alec. And maybe others, feel free to ask!
-Anything goes from canon x canon, to oc x canon or even oc x oc.

*Marvel cinematic universe

-Any pairings and genders welcome.
-I was willing to play mostly as Captain America (Steve Rogers), Natasha Romanoff, Iron Man (Tony Stark) or Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel). I can play others as well, feel free to ask! (My knowledge might be somewhat limited though).
-OC x OC, Canon x OC and/or Canon x Canon pairings any and all welcome.

*Teen Wolf

-Mostly looking for MxF or MxM pairings at the moment for this.
-Mainly interested in playing as Stiles, can indulge in others as well.
-Canonx Canon or Canon x OC pairings welcome!

*The Maze Runner

-Only MxF or MxM pairings, with me playing the male character.
-Mainly interested in playing as Thomas, can handle others, especially if we are doubling-up.
-Canon x Canon or OC x canon pairings only.

*Percy Jackson

-Only MxF or MxM pairings, with me playing the male character.
-Mainly interested in playing as Percy, can handle others, especially if we are doubling-up.
-Canon x Canon or OC x canon pairings only.


(* at the end of the sentence=craving badly)

*Boku no hero academia/My hero academia*

-Any pairing(s) welcome, mostly interested in MxM right now for this though.
-I mainly want to play as Bakugo Katsuki or Shoto Todoroki, can indulge in others as well though.
-Canon x canon or Oc x canon pairings only

*Hunter x Hunter

-Any pairing(s) welcome.
-I'm mostly interested in playing as either Killua or Kurapika, I can handle the Phantom Troupe members as well as others too.
-Either canon x canon, oc x canon or oc x oc pairings welcome.

*Naruto/Boruto/Dragon Ball

-Open to many things, I'd need to catch up with the shows though, I'm quite rusty.

*Attack on Titan

-Any and all pairings welcome
-Mostly interested in playing as Eren Jaeger, Armin Arlert, Mikasa Ackerman, Levi, Erwin or Annie Leonheart.
-Open to either OC x OC, Canon x OC or Canon x canon pairings.

*Fullmetal Alchemist:

-Any genders welcome!
-Mostly interested in playing as Edward Elric, can indulge in others.
-Canon x Canon or Oc x canon only.


-Mostly looking for MxM or MxF pairings.
-I'm mostly willing to play as Inuyasha, can play others as well, feel free to ask (I won't play as Kouga though can't really handle him).
-Canon x Canon, Oc x OC or canon x oc all of them welcome.

Original ideas

I don't have any full-fledged plots right now but I do have some settings and pairings I favor.


-Gore/horror/grittier stuff. I'm a sucker for angst and drama, basically, making our characters suffer. Of course while letting them enjoy fluffier slice of life moments as well.
-Slice of life
-Love triangles
-Sci-fi (rusty)


-Human x supernatural creature
-Supernatural creature x supernatural creature
-Professor x student
-Deity x human/other supernatural creature/mortal
-Monster x human
-Mad scientist x creation
-Character x sibling's boyfriend
-Cop/detective x criminal
-Caretaker x blind/deaf person
-Jock/cheerleader x nerd
-Ghost x human
-Anything else you'd like to include
-Nun/priest x demon/spirit
-Homosexual x homophobic

Faint idea

I had once tried to do something in a dark cult setting. MC was a so called submissive top, well in the end he was more of a switch. But the setting was about two cousins, both male, whose families were part of the highest ranks of a dark cult devoted to devil spirits which indulged in human sacrifices. MC was more of the soldier type while the other character, let's say, Muse 2, was more of the nerd type. Both were in love and one couldn't live without the other. They thought they'd spend the whole life together until they learned Muse 2 was going to be used for the next sacrifice.

After that, my character, let's say, Muse 1, decided to save Muse 2 and elope together with him. And then that was it. The idea was for them to engage in an adventure in which they traveled through the whole world while escaping from the cult's hitmen who would be after them. We can mix this up with supernatural creatures of sorts, having Muse 2 have the ability to become possessed and act as a vessel for demons or simply have him have some special abilities. While they keep running away, Muse 1 protecting him with his life.

It was presumed to be close to a perfect mixture between angst, drama and romance, indulging in a grittier side from time to time. Of course the gist of it was that both characters would have to hide their homosexual relationship since it wasn't accepted in a more ancient setting we had chosen for them. And that was part of the fun. But this story can be modified as you please, with the pairing being anything you want and any details can be added or removed to adjust to your likings. It's just a faint idea I've always wanted to try again but never got the chance to do so.

Well then, once all of this has been properly written...If you happen to be interested feel free to PM me! Wish you all the best, one way or the other and thanks for reading!

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