Started by Haibane, March 03, 2009, 07:55:32 AM

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I was in chat 2 mins ago and got logged out as it seems a pair of single inverted commas round part of your nick is not liked by Mibbit?

Now my nick is banned. When I put my nick in I get this.

Closing Link: (*** Banned (DNS blacklist))

So... er... help. Please.


Going to have to use an IRC client like mIRC:


I'm in on Mibbit via, just "blacklisted" via the link to it on E's front page... go figure that one out...


I believe what's being said is that if you continue to have problems with Mibbit, you'll have to use a different chat client.


No, Mibbit is fine. I can use it if I open it via

However, if I use the exact same software but enter mibbit via the chat button on the Elliquiy home page, it says I'm blacklisted. So something is happening at the login stage on the E front page that isn't happening at

EDIT: Scrap that, 'tis working now... I love the internet... *rolleyes*