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March 04, 2021, 03:25:14 am

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Author Topic: Nue's Hundred Tales - 1x1 Search - MXM & FXF & MXF - OPEN!  (Read 2024 times)

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Offline RianueTopic starter

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Nue's Hundred Tales - 1x1 Search - MXM & FXF & MXF - OPEN!
« on: February 21, 2020, 12:05:49 am »

Hi there!

The Gist of It
My name is Rianue, or Nue if you want to shorten it. I'm looking for MXM or FXF roleplays both right now, with some FXM too if you have a good plot idea (I rarely come up with good ones that last any real length of time). I tend to write longer posts (3+ Paragraphs normally, though I can do shorter ones depending on the drama being inflicted on my/your characters) and I don't work with one-liners unless absolutely necessary. I also try to reply daily if possible, though it may take a bit longer to respond depending on the length of your return posting or IRL issues that may crop up.

Current Posting Rate: 1-2 x Weekly, often more, and I DO tend to be open to chatting (I have a Discord we can talk in if you're open to it, or I can chat via PMs here too). IRL is a LITTLE odd for me right now, but I try to keep in contact even if it's not a full post/story addition.

I do NOT ghost people. If you think I may have, send me a PM asking!! I'll be honest if I hit a block or if something just isn't holding my interest and we can move on to other things, no hard feelings.

  • My timezone is PST (Pacific Standard Time)
  • My writing style is strictly third-person perspective and I expect the same from you.
  • I will NEVER write less than 2 paragraphs in a post, and I don't consider one-liners to be a relevant post-length. Please try to keep to that as best you can as well.
  • I tend to respond daily if I can and depending on the length of your post, sometimes more often. I will match your frequency though if you are a slower writer/busy IRL/etc.
  • I ALWAYS respond to questions and OOC/PMs more quickly than stories, just because it's less to write and it can help us both to get something added to the story to make it more impressive.
  • I LOVE to chat OOC/PM even if it's not related to the story and I'm pretty open...though I do NOT cyber or do things like that. This site is for my characters to use, not me.
  • Speaking of PM's and threads in general, I only roleplay on threads or PM's here since I'm extremely scatter-brained IRL and WILL end up losing track of where/who I am roleplaying with otherwise.
  • I love and always look for roleplays that we can write long-term, really bring out the characters' personalities, drama, and more, so if you're lookin' for a quickie I may not be the right person for roleplay with you.


Looking to Roleplay Plot-Heavy Fantasy/Modern and Fantasy/Medieval Stuff!

Looking to play ALL of my plot ideas!
And there's a few more coming up in my Character Sheet Archive!

Also, open to OTHER plot ideas, send me yours!

Genres I Love

Fantasy (anything, since most of my characters, aren't entirely human)
Modern - Limited
Zombies in Modern Day (first outbreak kind of deal)
Pirates - any timeline except sci-fi.
Romance (with a lot of plot)

Not Interested In: Sci-fi, Steampunk, Futuristic settings or FANDOMS(I don't feel I can pull those off effectively).

I LOVE these so far as I know, if you have an idea for a plot that's not included in the post below this one, let me know it!!!!

If there is an X at the beginning of the idea, it means I don't mind being either character, otherwise, the character, in the beginning, is the one I'd prefer to play. But I'm still open to discussing!![/b]

Vampire X Hunter
Assassin X Royalty
Assassin X Adventurer
X Assassin X Mage
Mage X Thief
Dragon Lord/Lady X Thief
Dragon Lord/Lady X Yakuza (modern-day)
Mage/Scholar X Warrior
Werewolf X Hunter
Dragon X Modern Human
Prince/ss X Warrior/Soldier
Guard X Prince/ss
New Creature/Mythical Creature x Modern Human
New Zoo 'Animal'(Pantenae or Lycanthrope) X Zookeeper/Human
Incubus X Police Officer (modern only)
Incubus X Mortal

And obviously, if you have some ideas for a plot, let me know! I probably have a character already that could be a good match for yours, or if you want to, check out my original characters in my thread here:

Character Sheets Archive!

It's still under construction, so not ALL of my characters on there yet...I have nearly 30 critters both male and female so...I've got my work cut out for me...^^;

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Offline RianueTopic starter

  • Just because I'm not looking, doesn't mean I'm not paying attention.
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Re: 'Nue's Best Request - 1x1 Search - MXM & FXF
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2020, 12:07:35 am »
Please Note: Strike-Through Titles are Roleplays I am in already and do not want to do another, FOR NOW, it doesn't mean I wouldn't be interested in something new or a twisted plot idea, so let me know if you're interested still m'kay?
Raindrop Sunset
Raindrop Sunset - FXM or FXF - Shifter/ 'Rich Princess' X Military/Police/Officer/Etc. OR Assassin!

The room was dark as usual. Pain was well-known to her. It was the Dark Times again, and she was back in the closet, the thick wood locked and barred. She was filthy, covered in dirt and bruises, cuts and even a burn that she knew wouldn't heal for a long, long time on her thigh where the Father-Beast had burned her with a ring bearing the family crest. She hadn't been allowed to cry during that terrible experience, nor had she been allowed to be treated for her wounds afterwards. The pain still burned through her mind now, and her fear, and terror exploded at the sound of the footsteps behind the door that suddenly echoed loudly in her small, fuzzy ears. Whimpering quietly, yet with eyes dry and dull to what was to come next, the Small One cowered in the far corner as the door swung open, blinding her bright blue-green eyes for a moment before being obscured by a tall, back-lit figure whose reaching hands seemed to take up all of the space remaining in the closet and the Small One knew her pain had yet to end...

Waking up gasping for air, the young female Pantenae flailed in the blankets that had tangled her up during her nightmare and then yelped as her rear end hit the floor, followed by the back of her head. Writhing on the carpet for a long minute, hissing and muttering in pain, Kayaer grimaced for a long while before she got her wits together enough to sit up and get herself sorted out from the blanket.

Finally sitting up on the carpet of the floor of her one-room apartment, the Pantenae female shuddered as a flash of light from outside flickered through the shuttered blinds of her room. "Just a's just a car passing by..." Skittering away from the window and her bed, the woman padded into the kitchen area of her small room, flipping on the light more out of a need for comfort than necessity and began to make coffee. As the hot liquid began to percolate, she stood in bare feet, entirely nude, and looked out over the city through the enormously wide windows at the top of the apartment building her current home was located at. She couldn't handle living underneath someone, so having a ground-floor or, gods forbid a basement level, was unthinkable for her.

Absently rubbing at one of many small scars that littered her pale body, the blue-green eyed woman frowned slightly in silence at the sound and sight of the fireworks in the distance caught her attention. "...Oh's New Years Eve...Happy New Year...I should call Rita and wish her that..." The murmur was said in the softest of whispers, what would be akin to liquid velvet according to her adopted sister Ritanue, and the one or two male Pantenae that she'd spoken to in her life outside of the 'Family' and it's....caretakers.

Kayaer, nicknamed Airy by her sibling of the heart Ritanue, shuddered at the vague thought of her 'family'. She hated them, feared them more, and had run away to escape them and their trackers so many times. They always found her. Kayaer Moriana, the Heiress to a multi-million dollar chain of hotels, was nearly at the legal age to accept ownership of those holdings and money...and the rest of her blood relatives, and those who work for them, wanted it and they wanted her dead.

I was hoping we could introduce either an assassin that is hired to kill her but ends up NOT for reasons we can discuss, OR there could be an attack by her family's armed forced, that gets taken out by hired bodyguard/military personel/etc. that the Moriana family hire to protect Airy....let's see if we can figure out more!

Modern Day Murder
Modern Day Murder - Vampire/Immortal X Hunter
It's a modern-day setting with cities and everything and vampires and many other Paranormal beings have integrated well into society after having revealed their existence back during the Second World War. After a long period of chaos and fear - there was murder and mayhem on both sides - the world has settled into a more-or-less stable routine much like our own Real Life. However; As humans need to police their own kind to prevent and catch law-breakers, so to do the Other need a police force of their own. The Hunter's Union is a specialized task force of hunters who work alone and in groups to capture rogue vampires and other supernatural creatures in designated areas of the world (mainly cities and rural areas). Nowadays, anyone may join so long as they agree to sign contracts and undertake a Spelled Oath (basically a binding oath that prevents one from just going out and murdering any and all Otherworldly creature under the name of the Union) binding them to the company and its regulations (which are quite lenient given that some Union members are not human). Upon leaving the Union, this Oath is reduced in its prohibitions on the user, so that any attacks on the ex-member as a civilian is possible to be defended against by the civilian, and they will not be held liable physically or magically if the attacker dies in the attempt.

Now on to the story plot; Your character has been given a new assignment to find a Demon or Vampire (due to how the murder is done bloodlessly) that's been murdering people in rather vicious ways, and all clues so far have led your character to a bar that Kerek(my character) owns and operates nightly.

Alternatives: I also have a female Vampire/Immortal character, I just haven't 'fleshed' her out yet, I'll update this when I do so.

Mistaken Identity - Vampire/Immortal X Assassin/Hunter
Mistaken Identity - Vampire/Immortal X Assassin/Hunter
Medieval Times - There have been tales of a demon loose in the countryside, and the local Lord is heavily suspected to be the unholy creature. Your character is hired/sent/enlisted to kill Kerek (my character), via assassination if possible. Of course, things are not always what they seem, and the two (YC and mine) must join forces eventually to find out why and how said actual demon has gotten loose, how to put it back where it came from or kill it, and who set Kerek up. This can be pretty open for story plotting, so feel free to chat!

Dragons' Beauty
Dragons' Beauty - Dragon X Thief MXM Only Please
Medieval-Fantasy OR Modern Times - The lair and/or mansion of Dragon Lord Shoren Malakurethk have been silent for decades. The man/dragon known about mortal society as a leading figure in magic and history had disappeared from the public eye for so long that those who speculate for any reason believe him to be dead. Now, a thief has come into possession of one of very few 'legitimate' maps/directions/stories supposedly detailing where this Dragon Lords' great hoard of treasures can be found. And what thief can prevent their curiosity from piquing at the notion of immeasurable wealth?

Basically, your character (thief, adventurer, hunter, rando off the street) has the option of trying to steal from a very-much-alive Dragon Lord. Who has pretty much just forgotten about the passage of time and forgotten that humans and other humanoids' curiosity would eventually get the better of them....and he doesn't appreciate curiosity-led-trespassing. Comedy, chaos, violence, probably sex, can be involved. And since my lovely lil' dragon can change into a rather handsome humanoid, yes or no bestial sex (not bestiality, he do dragon/dragon sex in his true form only) is possible if that is your preference.

Night Murder
Night Murder - Assassin X Prince/King - MXM Only Please
My favorite plot for my character Nix Coordenta, and one I'm willing to play in ANY amount.

Something is killing the Royal Family of Maarchen, and every single person who resides within the country of March is cheering the fact.

For twenty years, the entire family has been the epitome of despotic perversion and cruelty. Rape, murder, poison, public executions for trivial matters, and extreme tax levies against the common folks have reduced the once-glorious lands to little more than mud, dirt, and starvation. The Royals and those loyal to them lived beyond well, crushing those poorer or less fortunate than them underneath their feet for so long that those who wished to rebel...simply didn't have the strength. The last five years especially were worse, as an extreme drought hit the country, with little to no snow or rain in Spring or Autumn or Winter when it was needed most. People starved or fled to better lands, taking with them what they could, and often it was the children who suffered the most.

Until a year ago, when the mysterious 'Shadowblight' began to kill off the royal nobles of the country, starting with the brother to the King. That day was one that the people of the Capital would remember forever, as it was a night where it stormed mercilessly for hours afterwards. Each week a new Royal would die, or a noble who was loyal to the King. For a year this happened, no matter where they hid, each week someone would die, and each week there would be rain. Now, only one Royal is left (Your character) who has been raised outside of the wasteland called a kingdom (he/she could be a great war leader, fighter, adventurer, something to do with magic or fighting of some kind...)

They are returning now to this land, perhaps reluctantly, and not a single villager, peasant, commoner or trader/merchant is looking forward to seeing the new ruler of this land. Most believe the lasting drought and diseases brought yearly are the doing of the Cursed Blood of the Royals (it's not -quite- accurate, but we could discuss this aspect of the plot). The story would begin as your character comes 'home' through lands pretty much dead and wasted thanks to the drought, though the area around the Capital is becoming slowly more alive with greenery thanks to the rains that have happened over the last year and most of the 'welcome' is suspicious glares and dull lifelessness, except for a few thin children playing here and there.

The first encounter between our characters would be one of the children running out of the crowd to catch an old toy that had escaped him/her and nearly getting trampled, whereas Nix (in his persona of the Father of the orphanage he runs) would confront the front rider of the procession.

The general idea is that Nix and YC would meet first in that fashion, and then Nix and a group of revolutionaries who managed to keep some of their spirits during the bad years, decide to stage a revolt and attempt to free some prisoners from the castle dungeons the same night(of a few days later) after YC arrives. Nix would get injured somehow in the skirmish, and would have to hide somewhere, where YC would discover him..and we would go from there!

We can totally discuss options and plot twists and stuff, I'm in LOVE with my Nix character, and I'd love to play with this plot more often~!

Spoken In Shades
Spoken In Shades - MXM Only Please - Demon Lord X Human/Half Human
The Demonic Lands are at a tentative peace over the last three years, after centuries of bitter war and slaughter on both sides of the continent.  and as a sign of good faith, the Human Emperor has suggested a grand gala to be hosted in order to prove the demon kings' ability to uphold the trust being slowly built between the various species.

So, Kelrodan is hosting a series of grand events, with the prospect of marrying some of his best men and women to nobles and royals of the Human Lands in an effort to establish better connections. Having chosen his people who would do so, and after attaining their consent of course, Kelrodan had had to turn the rest of the affairs over to party planners in order to attend to matters regarding restoring the Capital before the gala. In doing so, he has unknowingly placed his trust in folks who care for him very deeply...and with those who have knowledge of his previous love and loss. His planners have chosen and decided to bring in humans/others that would be interested in marrying as high up the ladder of command as possible, and with the Demon Lord as the 'prize' there is sure to be some interesting events during this time.

My Thoughts:  Kel ends up finding out about this whole scheme the day OF the opening grand ball, where humans and Others can mingle and become acquainted before the other events (a Fair, outdoor festival, grand tea party suggested by humans because demons don't generally party with tea, and ending with another ball and decisions of those attending as to whether marriage or affiliation would be best). He is...not happy about it. Your character (human or half please) is intrigued for whichever reason and makes this attempt.


Kel is aware that his own hatred for humans is disrupting the potential that this event can bring to both his people and the humans, and so is willing to make the attempt to become friendly with someone who is human...he's a big ball of gruff though and it would be hilarious to see someone very outgoing or sweet-smart or sexy-whore-ish or any of those combinations that could beak through that icy heart he has.

I've kept this idea pretty dang generic mostly because it just came to me, but that leaves the whole thing wide open for discussion!

Shadows and Light
Shadows and Light - MXF/MXM  - Demon Lord X Human

This one is more detailed and I hope it would last a long time!! The Demonic Lands and the Human Lands have been at war for generations, hundreds of years has shown the greed and murderous intent from all sides, and Kelrodan Kinendrae, the Demon King, has had enough. He has assembled an elite task force of fighters, warriors, Wyverns, Dragons and much, much more to fully and finally invade the Human Lands. He has no plans to stop this invasion, and his thirteen Generals are in agreement: Humans Must Die. The Great Turmoil is at hand, and with the Demon King leading, his army begins the invasion. From his homeland into the human lands, he brings villages and towns alike to their knees, showing absolutely no mercy to anyone with any form of title or claim to nobility. He leaves those who are able to work, such as farmers, shepherds, craftsmen and traders, alive and even encourages their continued work with monetary support and mana stones, the one thing that the human Lords and Kings and Emperors have coveted for centuries.

The Demons' Army invades YC's country, one bordering the Demonic Lands (or is closer to the capital of the human lands, either way is fine, it could even be the last country remaining standing in front of his army that he conquers, uniting the continent) and YC is the last of the Royal Family, the rest having been killed or made into slaves by his generals when they had put up a fight, rejecting any notion of a change in hierarchy to the last person. YC has also been captured (or not, as you like, this is also up for discussion and could be fun too) and somehow during the scuffle, you have been chosen to become Kelrodan's property/slave/mistress/toy/pet/etc.

With YC's family under control or killed, as well as the country YC's family had ruled now under the direction of the Demon King Kelrodan and his generals, it's up to your character to find a way to get your family back, end up a slave yourself, or....try to trick the Demon King into somehow giving you your position back. The question would YC go about doing that?   

This one is also quite open as to location/YC/what happens after the country or city is claimed by the demonic army, but it can be bloody and gory as anything or it could be quite mellow too if you'd prefer.

Frozen Heart
Frozen Heart - Mage X Thief - MXM - Medieval Fantasy OR Modern Fantasy
The Mage of Ice is well-known throughout the land for his lack of humanity. The rumours state that ice flows through his veins, explaining his extreme amount of mana and ability to control it. The mansion that the Kingdom/Country of Curbaine has gifted him in response to solving a three-year drought is immense, and often is a source of rumours as well. Rumours state that the halls of the mansion are covered in gold from other countries that have received his help, that his libraries hold nothing but magic tomes that anyone can learn, and that there is mana stones by the pile in his coffers. These rumours are drawing in all sorts of thieves and greedy people. Rikken Balusthae hates thieves, he despises greed and most of the rumours are very much outright lies, spread by someone that wishes no good to the young mage. His potential is enormous, and it has upset the upcoming balance of the Mages Council; the place of power among those that claim to be great mages and witches.

This is the first of a series of events that will transpire, with events happening that place Rikken and YC in more and more danger over time while they try to find the culprit or culprits responsible. My thought was that YC was a thief, or warrior-turned-thief that attempts to break into the mansion for one reason or another and is caught by Rikken, OR escapes with a treasure of some kind that no mana-less creature or person should wield, forcing Rikken to chase him and eventually capture. The two will then end up in a contract when the treasure goes off badly OR Rikken decides to hire YC to find/help him find the culprit/s that are causing him so much trouble.

Broken Silence
Broken Silence - MXM Only Please - Incubus X Police Officer

The Broker is a rather secretive creature in the City. Able to give information on anything that must be hidden, for the right price to anyone no matter the consequences as long at the correct amount is paid. This has led to a series of murders occurring across the city, and the police are baffled, and willing to pay a very nice sum of money to the Broker. The trouble is? No one knows who this Broker is, or if they are even male or female. A tip-off from a random higher level official solves that information quickly enough, with much in the way of embarrassment when it's found the man is a frequent visitor to the very prestigious escort-entertainment-brothel called the Butterfly Wings. Well, it is all fine and good that they know who this man is, but the owner refuses to speak to anyone, or give out any information without a the police department and the higher-ups have decided on something rather unusual as the kill count grows higher. A detective has been chosen to attend a special event where the Owner has decided to auction a night with himself as the prize, and that is the only way that the police will have a chance to speak with the elusive man.

Soooo much could be done with this one, and Morgen is very much a slut, so if he has a dominant, reluctant, human man be the one to take him, then he would be VERY happy to give out information. This can go two ways:

One, it's a short little fuck-for-info session, just a short and fun roleplay for us.


We can make this longer with them both ending up hunting for the killer, say one of Morgens' employees is found dead, or the killer begins targeting his employees.

Myth In Modernity
Myth in Modernity - FXM or FXF - Modern RP

Setting: Modern Day, A Big City and/or Worldwide.

Stranger things have been happening lately worldwide, random power outages, more and more photo and video evidence of odd creatures, strange sounds from old places caught on camera, and the appearance of odd landmarks just...appearing out of nowhere has become much more frequent. Now, that's all well and good, and most of the occurrances are being chalked up to the idea of kids playing pranks for views on Youtube and other social media sites, even one video of some kind of large, furred monster tearing into a pack of wild dogs having been caught on camera had been passed off as 'some college kids' media arts work' by those in power. But...there is something going on. No one really believed that monsters really existed, besides the psychotherapy babble about monsters-in-your-head and the fears all little kids have at one point, until the Happenings began to occur worldwide six months ago.

Children on the edge of puberty have begun to exhibit signs of what can only be described as 'magic' abilities. One child having publicly levitated a car off of a bicycle rider that had been hit and pinned, another child very obviously calling a solitary thunder cloud and heavy rain over parts of Africa that should have been in a heavy drought, and another child that had frozen his abusive father to death during a not-so-public abuse 'session'. The last child's record has been kept quiet, though rumours online and in that specific town are running rampant now. Not only this, but odd locations have begun to sprout up, just appearing from nowhere and seeming to integrate with its surroundings perfectly...aside from being exceedingly strange. A desert wasteland twenty kilometres in a perfect circle (according to satellite imaging) appeared in the middle of the Amazon Fain Forest. A circle ten kilometres in diameter made entirely of molten black glass appeared in the Florida Everglades. A Rocky chunk of what could only be a mountain peak nearly two hundred feet tall, and yet only seven kilometres wide - again in a perfect circle - appeared on the side of Mount Fuji in Japan, while what could only be a very strange Rain Forest forty-five kilometres wide appeared in the Mojave desert.

More of these strange 'Circles' are forming, one every three days, and as the months go by more people are becoming aware of it; with chaos and panic being a common sentiment among humans on Earth...especially when video footage from the military is leaked showing that these circles brought...things...with them. Creatures resembling beasts from myths, and species that all appear to be very, very aggressive towards anything on this planet are wreaking havoc wherever they can be found.  Given the names such as Wyverns, Orcs, Goblins, Direwolves, and more, these creatures have been insanely strong, requiring more and more military might to be used to destroy the creatures over the six months since the first Circles were discovered.

...A Circle Appeared in Astraea City, one of the largest cities in North America (yes, it's fake, this is a fantasy after all.)

Nothing came out of it. Oh, there are definite signs of life within the enormous, ancient old tree trunks of the Forest that took out over fifty kilometres of the place. No humans within that area were harmed, everyone was found standing outside of the border to the Forest in a state of confusion (nearly 1500 people in total, children included). No one and nothing is allowed within the Forest, as there is an enormous pack of both Direwolves and large Salamanders similar in size and physique to Komodo Dragons that are apparently capable of spitting flaming balls of spit at intruders. So far, the Forest has been cordoned off by police and the military using electrified fencing to hopefully prevent stupid people and those monsters from interacting further...

All was fine and bills and regulations were being put through discussions for how to get rid of the forest...and then those that had been caught within the Circle began to develop magical abilities. Again, much like the rest of the world, the children were the strongest and quickest to develop skills far exceeding human ability. Yet, no one could figure out WHY and HOW...except that the Forest was a key part of the solution and answer, or maybe even more questions...would be found within the dark depths.

My thoughts on this are: YC is a human (Law enforcement, military, paramilitary, a stupid adult with knowledge on survival, photographer, etc. I'm open to suggestions) who enters the Forest in order to see what's there/who's there.

The center of the Forest is a palace of sorts, all white marble and silver/gold metals, absolutely gorgeous. The Ruler of the Forest is Celeste, whom you meet in the Palace after getting caught/captured/nabbed by a patrol (can be any species, there are also Ogres and Elves who are in the Forest as well that answer to Celeste) and brought to the Queen, who is JUST as confused as the human world is over the random appearance of her land in this strange world and is reaction-aggressive in protecting her people. She had NO intention of cooperating and likes the fences just fine.

Also an option, there could be SOME people left behind in her area that she had captured and YC ends up having to come to negotiate to get them back.

We can discuss how things could pan out, but Celeste is VERY firm in her beliefs, and has not seen humans before so is also curious and fearful...and has no mate or anyone else to lean on when ruling her 'country'. I'd LOVE to do this roleplay, and it would be awesome to discuss more things about it if you're intrigued too!

Flowers In Chaos
Flowers in Chaos - MXF or FXF - Superhero X Human

This is a bit of a story idea I like alot, so we can chat more on it! This could also be any sort of story really, HumanxAngel/Demon, HumanxFurry, etc.

The day was a gorgeous one, in early fall where the leaves were just beginning to change their colors, not yet falling. There was a gentle wind to help cool down the summer heat that was fading slowly in the city, and Lai was setting up her shopfront displays for the day. "Maple leaves and birch leaves...a few fairy lights and some...ah, there's the velvet for the floor..." Stepping down off the stool she used to get up the two-foot space from the floor, since her little shop front was a nook more than anything, the silver-grey haired woman put her hands on her hips and nodded decidedly. "That works. Now, where can" The only warning was a faint whistling noise, and a scream from someone outside just before the front of her store...imploded.

The detonation of sound and movement and violence was enough to send the woman sprawling halfway into the cafe portion of her shop amidst a hail of shattered glass and stone while what looked like a person....maybe...barrelled through her shop without using her door, landing on the ground nearly at the coffee counter. Covered in grey dust that made her look like a ghost, bright green eyes snapped open with surprise and fury before she started to sit up with a groan. "What the..."

Managing Mates
Managing the Mates - FXM, FXF -  Anthro X Any

NC/Gangrape/Group Sex or Single Sex, Light to Hard BDSM

It's that time of the year again and Aine is getting ready to go into heat. She hates when this happens, and has despised it ever since she started her heats at 19, but there's nothing to be done about it unless she wishes to give up her role as Clan Leader in the Starlight Pack. Getting the home and den prepared, her favorite foods and movies in stock, favorite games, and so many other things is par for the course, and she's content with just riding out her Heat with a batch of delicious looking sex toys to get her through.

She's not interested in a mate, and she's not interested in having kids, her small pack simply getting along well. 'Besides, Maria is a better mother type than I am, I'm just a favorite aunty type.' Since her heats lasted for three days at a time, once every four months unless she got pregnant, Aine had a small house in the mountains, far away from others and society where she can really let loose with her toys, and this is where she finds herself on the night before her heat is to start when...

I'm thinking this would be a situation where YC ends up lost in the mountains, is involved in a plane wreck, has an accident rock climbing, etc. and she finds him just before her heat arrives. YC can be any type of creature actually, as Aine is an absolute whore once her reasoning is gone, so even something with an enormous cock or a small one is right up her hormone-crazed brain. I was thinking we could make this a long or a short option, or pretty much anything in between.

My Roommate is a...WHAT?!
My Roommate is a...WHAT?!

Interesting plot idea here on my part, borrowed the general title from a friend on here, but it's got way more twists.

Nina has finally, FINALLY escaped from her family. Oh, they aren't HORRIBLE to her, if anything she's been a bit...overprotected...since birth. Being the only child in a few hundred years will do that to a Family apparently.

Her family is very old-school, very much a mafia, and by that I mean...pre-historical era old-school, before the Greeks came up with Gorgons, before humans really learned how to make fire. Or so her family history goes. Her family had decided that she was to get married in a year, and this is modern times y'all, she's not about to be stuck with old-school rules like that. Nina's wanted freedom to do what she wants, without anyone to guard her or protect her from any little thing for a very long time now, and it's finally happened! Having convinced her father and mother that she can afford to move out thanks to her business being very niche and very popular in that niche, she's established her identity as an adult so far and is ready for the next step.

Moving Out.

Of course, this comes with rules. The world has forgotten that the 'Old Kyn' were and ARE still real. They just hid from humanity when their numbers exploded, and humans now over-populate the world compared to those supernatural creatures. So, the One Big Rule that Nina has to live by is one can find out that she is a Lamia while she is living on her own for a year, to prove she is independent.

And she has to live with a roommate, since her budget doesn't allow for her to have her own home. (This can be adjusted to a different plot, where she discovers a beat up human and takes it home, or something like that in the future too). So she needs to get a roommate!

This plot can go pretty much anywhere, I can think of ways that we can make this serious and long and amazing, or short and sweet and funny, or a mix of everything, but I'd prefer someone that doesn't mind roleplaying as someone dominant in personality, even against someone who is considerably stronger than them physically (Nina is a snake-woman after all, even in her human form). Or someone who isn't all human and is just figuring that out, someone who IS human and hired by her Family to trip her up and make her reveal herself, anything to do with them being her roommate could be stupendously fun. And if they don't know that she owns an Elite BDSM club that would be a bonus hahaha....I love springing that surprise on people XD

A Strange Visitor
A Strange Visitor - FXF or FXM

It's not often that a Pantenae becomes a prey, but in this case, it's something understandable. Rita is working as a freelance journalist in a rather unsavory part of town/city/country when she discovers the secret of one of the biggest mafia/gang/yakuza/Nobility/royal in control of the (land/area/country/city/etc.) Now, she's on the run, wounded and terrified for her life because somehow, someTHING has been summoned and sent after her. It's killing anyone that helps her, anyone whom she comes into contact with, and it's literally ripping people apart in the dead of night.

She can't sleep, she's too afraid to fight the THING that's after her, and her abilities aren't anywhere near strong enough to fend off this creature that smells like blood and metal and pain. She needs someone that knows how to help her, and it's at YCs house that she ends up at, injured, delirious, and more than a little out of her mind with fear and the need to run.

This is one of my more...abstract roleplay ideas. The creature can be anything, the location can be anything, the villain could be Your Character and the creature could have been herding Rita towards him/her (I kind of like this idea) with a twist like, only to find out that she DOESN'T know his/her darkest secret and it would have been perfectly fine to let her know it since the matter had already been dealt with or something. It's pretty much an open theme I'd love to talk more about, so hit me up if you're interested!

Pantena are essentially pre-historic, flipping enormous cat-shifters (think Clydesdale horses, big enough to ride, big enough to murder you in a bite, that kind of deal) that had integrated into modern society perfectly, with the ability to hide their true forms unless they are too exhausted/injured/dying/overall unable to control their unique form of magic that allows them to have different physical body shapes. Other than being very large, and a few other unique-to-the-species-traits, they are like most other feline shapeshifters....just way bigger.

Jungle Secrets
Jungle Secrets - New Zoo Animal X Keeper/Human - MXM, MXF
It's not every day that the city zoo gains a new patron and the funding and equipment to create a new enclosure, but when Van City Zoo gets just that, plus a new animal that's been rescued just along the borders of the Amazon the newspapers go absolutely insane. The new animal is a jaguar, and an absolutely massive creature it is. Ten times the size of a 'normal' male big cat, he rivals most others of his species easily and has yet to be fully researched. Rescued from poachers that talked about the giant crate the injured animal was in as though he were a demon, those tales were embellished once news of it hit the press.

Of course...that's all well and good, and the press would die down quite quickly after a few months of his introduction to the new land he's been transported to when he proved to be just another big cat...if with a few quirks. YC has been put in charge of his enclosure and has noticed a few...things about the cat the zoo has unanimously dubbed 'Scarborough' or Scar for short. Appropriate, given the number of rather massive scars littering the previously gorgeous fur and flesh of his enormous body. Scientists were on the lookout for the creature or thing that could have inflicted the wounds that he had arrived with, and in the meantime, he is healing well, but YC had noticed that he seems somehow...more intelligent...maybe even more cunning...than normal big cats.

Scar doesn't know how he ended up caught by poachers, and he doesn't know how to get home. The wounds that his clan-mate had given him in that deep, hidden valley of the Amazon had been nearly enough to make him give up his life had he not fled when he had to. His real name is Michail Pantenae, and he was kind of...stuck. It was nice to be waited on while he healed, don't get him wrong, and his keeper was absolutely gorgeous (male or female, it doesn't matter to him) so he was content to wait and try to figure out basic information...but it was boring. He had to act like an actual cat all of the time since his enclosure had not one but three cameras that nearly covered his area. He only had a small space in the man-made cave that he could shift forms into his human one...and that was close to his door where the keeper entered and exited in order to do cleaning and maintenance. It wasn't difficult to change forms thankfully, but it was annoying that he couldn't stretch how he wanted, and he itched to escape to go and see this city he was apparently in.

And then the opportunity hits him shortly after his final stitches are removed. YC does something by accident one night after everyone has left (leaves the door unlocked, gets locked inside, takes a fall and hurts themself just after the lights of the zoo go out and no one notices, something along those lines, we can discuss) and ends up coming face to face with a rather....bemused and frustrated Michail.

I think this can be wide open for options, but it's something I'm curious about trying to see if it'll work. I'm also getting Michail's OC profile up on my OC thread too, it's just not up yet. He's hot though scarred (wounds inflicted by his own race tend to leave scars at first, though they'll fully heal in a matter of months at the very most. Only fire can cause the species permanent harm) and has an....odd personality. He's also never met a human before, so he has no idea what they can and cannot handle when it comes to his species. Michail and his kin are able to have several forms although their big cat form is their natural state (and by big I mean he's pretty much the size of a Clydesdale horse, he's enormous) they can change into a fully human appearance or a half-way mix of feline and human (very unsettling to some folks).

The Hottest of Butlers
The Hottest of Butlers
It's not often that Morgen discovers something of value to his race. But when the seasons begin to change in this modern world, and his brothel begins it's seasonal adjustments to the decor and planning of Events for the Winter season, the demonic man discovers a New Power (Can be discussed) has grown to maturity somewhere in the City. As an Archdemon, Morgen has his fingers in many pies in the world, and in his city in particular, he knows of an old family(can be discussed) whose Matriarch has just passed on to the next world, leaving behind a New Matriach/ who has known nothing of the darker side of the City and world. One who is...entirely Mortal in mind and attitude, if not in power/magic/soul.

Gist of It: I was thinking that this would be more open-idea, to discuss. Basically, Morgen discovers YC or goes looking for him/her and ends up working for him/her for a while with the side-objective of discovering the ability/power/item of great power that he seeks which can help to boost his species' abilities to reproduce since Incubi and Succubi aren't very fertile as a species.

Got ideas? Chat with me!

Chaos on the Water
Chaos on the Water - FXM or FXF - PirateXRoyal
It's not often that Rein "Bloodrunner" McTairen discovers a stowaway on her black ship Skull Rider...but when a young man/woman shows up skinny and battered and very obviously needing aid, she offers it to him/her, figuring they can be good form something on the ship until a new port is discovered. Little does she know that YC is royalty, and that this Royal person is on the run from assassins...and there's one among the crew.

A really, REALLY simple roleplay idea I REALLY would love to expand on!! A fierce, nasty pirate captain with a new protegee-slash-stowaway would be so much fun! I'd be looking for a character with more than a little fire to them too, any weeping floppy little pansies will get kicked off the ship. Straight up.

High Seas Hijinks
High Seas Hijinks - FXM - PirateXCaptor

It's not every day that 'BloodRunner' Rein McTairen gets captured by anyone. YC didn't expect the method to work. Now the two are stuck together on a deserted island, no ships or crew in sight, and must work together to survive the cannibalistic tribe and the wild beasts that have a taste for human flesh (thanks to said tribe).

This is WAY OPEN for discussion. The captor could be a soldier who got her drunk enough to pass out, an assassin hired by a rival to torture her to get information on her loot locations, the scenario above could be a mutiny or a storm...let's talk!!

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Updated the roleplays I'm currently in and working on shortening the greeting page a little, making it more streamlined and less wordy.