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July 02, 2022, 06:10:18 pm

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Author Topic: The She King of Egypt [F/M, F/F]  (Read 840 times)

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The She King of Egypt [F/M, F/F]
« on: February 19, 2020, 10:00:11 am »
The She King of Egypt

Genre: Ancient Egyptian Historical Fiction
Pairing: F/M, F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Thutmose III
Seeking to Play: Hatshepsut/Hatshepsu
Themes: Political Intrigue, Action, Drama, Honorary Manhood
Inspiration: Child of the Morning by Pauline Gedget

"Then his majesty said to them: "This daughter of mine, Khnumetamun Hatshepsut—may she live!—I have appointed as my successor upon my throne... she shall direct the people in every sphere of the palace; it is she indeed who shall lead you. Obey her words, unite yourselves at her command." The royal nobles, the dignitaries, and the leaders of the people heard this proclamation of the promotion of his daughter, the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Maatkare—may she live eternally."


Inspired by this book I had read years ago, I've found myself itching to do a story set in ancient Egypt which would chart exploits/adventures of the Egyptian Pharaoh from the Eighteenth dynasty Hatshepsut, who was one of the few women to actually claim the title of Pharaoh.

In fact, Hatshepsut went much further than that and led Egypt into a reign of prosperity and influence. Little is known about her life beyond certain basic things and given this is fiction we're talking about, I'd like to use the open canvas to paint a complex story up to liking of mine and my partner.

You would be playing Thutmose III, a skilled General who also happens to be confidant of the Pharaoh Hatshepsut and her nephew [and her eventual successor]. It's only a suggestion and I am open to you playing any other character should you wish. How you portray/define your character is entirely up to you.

I would like to explore political intrigue, imperial expansion, expeditions, Hatshepsut's Honorary Manhood and intrigues in Thebes, Greater and Lower Egypt in general. I imagined the story beginning after Hatshepsut's accession to the throne but we can set timeline as it pleases us.

If this intrigues you, please PM me. Thank you for reading this!

Here's some brief info collected from sources on web that I can expand further to potential partners:

Hatshepsut was born to Thutmose I and his primary wife Ahmose. Her husband Thutmose II was the son of Thutmose I and a secondary wife named Mutnofret, who carried the title King's daughter and was probably a child of Ahmose I. Hatshepsut and Thutmose II had a daughter named Neferure. After having their daughter, Hatshepsut could not bear any more children. Thutmose II with Iset, a secondary wife, would father Thutmose III, who would succeed Hatshepsut as pharaoh.

She married one of her half brothers, Thutmose II, and helped rule Egypt as his “Great Royal Wife.” When her husband died, Hatshepsut was named regent for her step-son but quickly grabbed the throne for herself.

Hatshepsut came to the throne of Egypt in 1478 BC changing her name from the female version Hatshepsut - which means Foremost of the Noble Ladies - to the male version, Hatshepsu. Her rise to power was noteworthy as it required her to utilize her bloodline, education, and an understanding of religion. Her bloodline was impeccable as she was the daughter, sister, and wife of a king. Her understanding of religion allowed her to establish herself as the God’s Wife of Amun.

Born into the most advanced civilisation in the ancient world, Hatshepsut commandeered the throne of Egypt from her young stepson, Thutmosis III, and, in an unprecedented move, declared herself pharaoh.

To cement her position as the first female ruler, she donned the traditional clothes, head-dress and even the false beard traditionally worn by male pharaohs of Egypt and spent an exceptional amount of resources into constructing iconography commemorating herself.


"Hear ye, all persons! Ye people as many as ye are! I have done things according to the design of my heart. … I have restored that which was in ruins, I have raised up that which was unfinished since the Asiatics were in the midst of the Northland, and the barbarians were in the midst of them, overthrowing that which was made, while they ruled in ignorance of Re. He did not do according to the divine command until my majesty. When I was firm upon the throne of Re, I was ennobled until the two periods of years...I came as Hor-watit flaming against my enemies."
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