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June 23, 2021, 04:09:24 pm

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Author Topic: daddy, please. { dd/lg, bratty submissive | literate f for m}  (Read 592 times)

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daddy, please. { dd/lg, bratty submissive | literate f for m}
« on: February 14, 2020, 06:01:58 pm »
. 𝐃 𝐀 𝐃 𝐃 𝐘   𝐩 𝐥 𝐞 𝐚 𝐬 𝐞 .


Hey, what's up? I'm Ari or Mella or whatever you want to call me. I'm a recent college graduate that writes as a hobby while I cry over my student loans. No, I'm kidding, lmao. I've been on Elliquiy on and off for a few years, although I'm trying to have a more stable presence now that I'm not spending all my time doing college/university stuff.

Here’s my entire Ons/Offs list, but if you're not into reading that, here's a quick summary:

My preferred roleplay method is through forums, and I can give you 2-4 replies per week. I like when partners add to the story, and I like when things are spelled correctly. I dislike keeping/following post length requirements (good writing is good writing, regardless of whether it's 200 words or 2,000 words), and I don't really have any crazy terms or conditions. Basically, I'm looking for a roleplay partner that's nice and laid back and likes to chat every now and again. If that's you, send me a PM!

Also, if ddlg and bondage isn't quite your flavor, I do have a thread for lighter tastes, as well as one for darker, extreme roleplays. Feel free to look at those, too!


Since you clicked on this, I can only assume you're into what I'm looking for right now: brats, or dd/lg. If you did actually look at my O/O's, there's a lot of kinks there that aren't really relevant to this particular craving, so I'll be more specific here.

Bratty characters are my thing. My characters are mischievous-- she'll want to see how far she can take things. She'll push a little bit, push a little more, and explore the limits of what's allowed because she wants to be told 'no'. She likes misbehaving and disobeying because of the challenge. She wants to be indulged in her game, but she also wants to ultimately lose at the end. Ending up on her knees is the final goal, but to get there, she needs to be disciplined and dicked down; choked, spanked, and slapped around until she's left a mess.

As far as Daddy/little girl goes, I enjoy the caregiving aspect of the relationship. My character will want to be spoiled and coddled to some degree, called princess, baby, kitten and other terms of endearment. Daddy will give her what she needs, which isn't necessarily what she wants, and he looks after her. Maybe not all of the time, but when they're together he fulfills that role. I love the idea of a woman who's bossy and in control in her outward and professional life, but when she's with Daddy, she's all his.

I'm not into the age regression part of dd/lg, I don't like acting childlike in a 'little space', but I do like the vulnerability of the little girl role. So while I'm not into the stuffed animals, pacifiers, or coloring, I am into cuddling with Daddy, sitting in Daddy's lap, and getting spankings and punishments from Daddy. It's worth a note that I'm not into the passive submissive role. You know the one I'm talking about-- where she needs to be told what to do and how to think. It doesn't really do anything for me.

For specific sexual kinks, here are some of the ones I'm looking to include:

Sexual Tension: The spark, the sizzle that gives you goosebumps, the electrified and dizzying feeling of knowing you both want each other. I find it really propels the writing from scene to scene, and I like it probably more than the sex act itself.

Oral: There's something so satisfying about a messy, rough facefuck. Daddy can make her gag and choke, then he can reward his good girl by eating her out and making her fucking shake.

Sex Toys: I love playing with vibrators and anal plugs, especially in the context of being edged and teased.

Risk of Getting Caught: Sneaky sex, remote-controlled vibrators at the restaurant, or otherwise being played with while in the presence of other people.

Pleasure and Orgasm Denial: "Don't you dare fucking cum until I tell you to, baby girl."

BDSM: The story doesn't have to include this, but I do want to explore being physically and/or verbally restrained. Ropes and gags are all good with me, but just saying "Daddy doesn't want to hear another word unless it's for screaming his name" also does the trick. I'm also fine with blending the line between pain and pleasure by choking, slapping, spanking, etc.

Other things I like are anal, light degradation, nipple play, cum play (facials, cumming on parts of the body, etc.), as well as other kinks here.


There are plot ideas in the post below if you want to jump straight to those.

Historical Fiction
Dark Romance
Non-con / Rape
Incest *

* Step-family, siblings, cousins, or other extended family. I'm not into parental stuff.

Plot Pairings

boss x employee
professor x student
step-dad x step-daughter
older brother x younger sister
businessman x stripper

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but only meant to be jumping points for creating a story. I'm all about talking with potential partners about the kinds of characters we want to play and then crafting the story around them. It could be as simple as a run-in between my character and yours at a restaurant. Maybe she's a college student caught shoplifting or using drugs, and now she's sent to a therapist that wants to try alternative ways to set her straight. I don't have anything too concrete in mind, but I like the appeal of inherent power imbalances, and right now I'm looking for things set in the modern world. But I'm also interested in other ideas, so don't be shy about asking!

Anyway, if you've gotten to the very end, thanks for reading all this. I really appreciate it, and hopefully, we can get something spicy set up! Just send me a PM, or ask for my Discord (:
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Offline AriamellaTopic starter

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Re: daddy, please. { dd/lg, bratty submissive, literate f for m}
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2020, 11:55:56 pm »
spacerlolTaming Fire

I N F O:   party girl x family friend | modern | taken
T H E M E S:   dd/lg - age difference - BDSM - discipline

Drinking, smoking, fucking. Those were the only things she wanted to do, going out every week to find a new club and a new guy that she'd probably blow in the backseat of his car before never contacting him again. Life was easy. Life was wild. The only hindrance was her single mother, as her father had died when she was young. And with her leaving for college, her worried mother lets her go on one condition: she has to live with her late father's best friend, who promised to help look after her. To "help get her under control," her mother had said. If he thinks she's going to go down without a fight, well, he better think again.

M O R E   I N F O:
The premise is pretty simple: my character is a wild party girl going off to college in a smaller town, and her mother makes her stay with an old family friend, your character, to help keep an eye on her. Her mother is pretty fed up at this point and thinks that maybe her daughter needs a more stern figure in her life since her father had died when she was young. So, of course, MC won't follow any of his house rules; she drinks and smokes inside and eventually, he catches her fucking someone in his bed. From there he decides to discipline her sexually, through a Dom/sub dynamic.

spacerlolLights, Camera, Action!

I N F O:   actress x co-star | modern | open
T H E M E S:   secret relationship - discipline - romance - risk of getting caught

She grew up as a child star, loved and adored and with an ego to match her fame. Most people in the industry gave her what she wanted when she asked for it, except for him. They'd been cast together in a movie that put her in her first serious dramatic role, but the director's only complaint was that their chemistry didn't seem genuine. It wasn't authentic, he said, it wasn't believable. After a suggestion to get to know each other, she may find there's more to her co-star than she imagined.

M O R E   I N F O:
My character is a young actress (18 - 25) who's starring in a major drama film. Her co-star is a man who doesn't seem to be as taken with her as others around her, mostly because she'd kind of wild-- spoiled, hard to work with, and demanding. She thinks getting to know him is a waste of her time, using the time to try and get under his skin, egging him on, until one day he decides he's had enough and begins to discipline her. Ideally, it'd be a romantic relationship that they'd be hiding from the public, only made harder by the fact that their lives are already on display because of their celebrity status.

spacerlolSweet Like Sugar

I N F O:   boss x employee | modern | open
T H E M E S:   dd/lg - BDSM - romance - secret relationship

He came in late one night at the 24-hour cafe she worked at. Being that he was the only customer, they started a casual conversation about their lives-- he owned a startup down the street, she was in her last semester of school. One flirty comment led to another, and now they were getting personal. "Maybe you need one of those sugar babies," she'd jokingly said to him, not knowing his taste for being a Daddy. She was never going to see him again, anyway, right? But when she goes to a job interview later that week, who would have known it would be him sitting behind the desk?

M O R E   I N F O:
My character and your character have a flirty night together at the cafe she works part-time at. She's finishing up college and has started to apply to different jobs, not realizing that she's applied to his company. They'd both be pretty shocked to find each other when she shows up to the interview, but there's something about each other that they both find so alluring. Maybe it's because she's already expressed interest in having a dd/lg relationship, or maybe it's just the sexual tension leftover from when they met, but eventually, he introduces her to BDSM and the dd/lg dynamic. I see this one as being very sweet and protective.
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