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February 25, 2020, 12:29:19 PM

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Author Topic: Looking for Some Fun  (Read 152 times)

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Looking for Some Fun
« on: February 14, 2020, 02:48:07 AM »
Hello I'm keeping this simple and straightforward for now. I was just approved and I want to jump in and get started! I currently don't have previous rps for an example of my posting style, but hopefully a few of you will be willing to give me a chance so I can provide some real examples on here! I generally try and get our at least 5+ sentences, but I can do more when I have a partner who gives larger posts as well, and of course I have my bad days as well when my post might suffer a bit.

For the moment, I'm jumping in with one of my favorite- albeit ridiculous- settings and quick rundowns of some existing characters I already have I want to have some fun with.

Let me know if you want any more information or any more backstory on characters! Also unless otherwise noted, assume my characters are happy to have a fling with any gender.

Check back later if you aren't interested in what's here, especially in the first few days I'm sure this page will change a lot and have quite a bit more added- definitely including more/different settings.

Note about characters: If you like a character I've given a brief rundown for but not the setting I've tied them to, message me anyway, a lot of them can obviously be used elsewhere, and I'm more than willing to do so!

Magic and Immortals

A mostly modern setting reminiscent of, well, any supernatural world in popular culture. The veil is thin in places, depending on where 'normal human' characters live and the world in their area, with most of the world willfully ignoring the supernatural or unexposed.
Most of my characters stem from a large city in the midwest united states named Garton, where a large portion of the population is aware of the supernatural and order is held by the immortals of the town. The town if known for an exceptionally large werewolf pack, groups of hunters based who work with the immortals to keep the peace, and a nightclub run by an ancient demon. (You may be able to guess the name before you even get down to the locations list.)
Nearly every supernatural creature one can think of exists somewhere in this universe, and most of them- Vampires, werewolves, mages, demons- come in a wide variety of 'types' and abilities. This is possible even between siblings and/or those who had been turned by the same individual.

Specific Locations

The Twisted Tango - The aforementioned club, owned by a demon named Arvella. This is one of the least civilized places in the city, and it is never advised for a 'normal' human to enter the building. Being run by a demon there isn't much that isn't allowed here. Someone is just as likely to stumble across couples getting hot and heavy in the open as to find an argument getting out of control to the point of violence and potentially death. Of course crossing the owner is always a bad idea, and most visitors listen when she tells them to do something.

The Pack House - An old, tall hotel in down refurbished into housing for the largest pack residing in Garton. The pack Alpha is an old world wolf named Marcus, and the pack is happy to take in any 'newborn' or wayward wolves that need a place to stay as long as they don't cause trouble. They're known to harbor other immortals as well, if the need arises.

Characters in This Setting Looking for Entertainment

Arvella is a shapeshifting demon of pride and lust. While capable of taking on a male, female, or form in between Arvella tends to take a female form. Her day to day appearance varies wildly. She has an oversized ego, and is happy to be worshiped as the Goddess she thinks she is. Similarly, if she finds someone who doesn't treat her with the proper amount of respect they will be put in their place.
When she's not receiving the amount of attention he feels she requires, then she will be in her club, taking a form she feels will attract the most glances from from her adoring fans.  [Still under construction, admittedly not a lot to add as Arvella is fairly straightforward.]

Lorraine is a mage, albeit not a very well trained one despite being raised by an old and talented mentor since a very young age. The type of mage she is are known for being unstable in one way or another, generally when their magic starts to develop during or just after puberty. Lorraine has had a physical instability since birth, born a mostly normal looking baby besides a set of bright yellow eyes, but over her years her body slowly developed into something more reptilian in appearance. She has many of the same traits as a reptile- being covered in scales with a long slender tail and elongated snout, having a sensitivity to the cold, small spines training down her back, and oddly enough the need to shed her skin on occasion. She still has her golden eyes with slit pupils, and her scales vary from gray to a silver-blue sheen.
Not due to lack of trying, Lorraine remains an unstable mage. She can't shapeshift into a more desirable form and her magic abilities leave a lot to be desired. Part of this, according to her mentor, is an unwillingness to accept her own instability to learn to take control of it. This comes to a head when she is under a large amount of emotional strain or stress. The girl goes feral, becoming more impulse and instinct then logic and reasoning. Sometimes this leads to aggression but if she can be calmed back down she becomes more playful and almost flirty.
Lorraine is almost entirely inexperienced when it comes to relationships. She's rarely done more than cuddle and blush and make out a bit. Someone too pushy with her would make her uncomfortable, but she would melt under any real affection... Initially. Too much excitement runs the risk of knocking her into a feral state. This makes her behave more possessively and a bit aggressively, so expect biting, scratching, and a loss of reasoning skills. Fortunately she's extremely unlikely to do any real harm and even if she does would feel horribly guilty about it after. She's generally only attracted to females, but there are exceptions, especially when in a more feral state.

Caulder is a more advanced mage, this one with the same mentor as Lorraine (the two are fairly close). Caulder is male, and while he's older than his unofficial sibling he's quite a bit more childish. He doesn't speak well, due a neglectful childhood that left him to be raised more by the family's animals than by his parents themselves, giving him a late start in many areas. Despite this Caulder is a very kind soul, often goofy and affectionate to his friends, so don't be too surprised to receive a lick from the oversized sea-puppy. He spends almost all of his time in water, using his magic to simply swim between even the most distant locations.
While capable of shapeshifting to a degree he almost always refuses to take a human form, likely at least partially due to his distrust of 'normal' humans. Instead, Caulder takes a form reminiscent of a sea serpent, monstrous head, fangs, gills and all. Generally this form has no limbs, only fins and large broad protrusions from either side of his skull, though he will often shift to having at least front limbs in smaller forms. He is very long and slender for his sheer size, again very snakelike, and will often coil around individuals for a variety of reasons. Most commonly this is protective or playful behavior, but he has been known to use it aggressively or to manipulate and position individuals he's playing with. Caulder also has a kind of modified crop, and has been known to swallow individuals- again often to protect them- and hold them there. Even without this behavior, saying Caulder has an oral fixation is an understatement, so there's a lot of licking and nibbling along with the chance of being carried around in his jaws like a baby crocodile. No need to fear, however, Caulder is a gentle giant. In fact, unless you were attempting to harm him or someone he is fond of, he will grow fairly upset upon discovering he has unintentionally brought harm to someone. Caulder has developed interest in all kinds of individuals, though he tends to be more interested in females.

[Will be adding more when I can, likely out of those below, but I wanted to get this posted~]

Other characters I may add more detailed bios for later:
Demadrian - A demon of primarily lust who is willing to shift form, gender, etc. He enjoys teasing normal humans especially, figuring out what their fantasies area and making them happen. Even those the mortal may not be able to survive, though whether they are illusion or truly happening is unknown. If they are happening then he is extremely talented at, erm, repairing his partner when their fun is done. He's fairly sadistic, but most of his enjoyment comes from the reactions he gets from his partner.
Camilla - A mage, though much of her ability is prophetic. She happily swings both ways and loves playing the damsel and being treated roughly. Whether this is just play or actual physical damage she's happy, and has gathered enough skill to fix most actual physical damage to herself, should it be necessary. She's a tall red head with a tattoo around her neck that looks like spider webbing and an eye that is completely black. She's is sassy, and definitely a teasing and difficult submissive. She's ornery and playful to a fault. [Note: Cam's mentor is also a lover and another powerful mage. Cam's home, and possibly her own body, are infested with parts of her mentor which tend to take the physical form of arachnids. These magical creatures are partially responsible for 'stitching' Cam back together after being wounded, she only uses her own magic if she's in a rush.]
Skye - Another unstable mage, Skye's physical body is constantly changing in build and appearance, including their physical sex with them having very little control over the outcome. This process varies in speed and complexity depending on Skye's mental state and focus. They've been going through this process as long as they can remember and are reasonably self conscious about it. They don't have the answer to the question of whether they were born male or female, or whether Skye is even their birth name.

[I really need a better way to set up these character descriptions, this is just a mess.]
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