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Hello! Thanks for coming around to read my ideas. I hope we can RP! I've been writing for... 10 years now, but I have had a bit of an rp hiatus for the last two years. I miss it a lot.

Length: 250 - 1200+ words
Frequency: A few times a week
Perspective: Third- Person
Format: Discord, IM, Google, or forums/PMing
Romance: Required
Genders: MxM or MxF, I will play either gender.
Role: Don't expect my character to be a bimbo or a hyper-masculine hero, I play neither.
Smut: None to Extreme. depends on the plot, mood, and partner.
Characters: I like to create a cast of them. I don't want to timeskip everytime our big 2 aren't talking to each other.
Genres: Horror, Romance, Psychological, Fantasy, Gore

What You Can Expect From Me:
♡ A 21+ partner that understands life's commitments and has a sense of maturity.
♡ An infrequent roleplayer. I hope to post daily for a roleplay I'm very excited about one day (if I can find the perfect partner.) Unfortunately, I work a little too often right now.
♡ I enjoy hurting our characters and creating moments where we might even cry over them. It's therapeutic.
♡ A mental health fanatic that enjoys creating psychologically complex characters, no matter the severity of said issues.
♡ An expert in Roleplay Etiquette. I will not step on your toes or blunder my way through an action scene.
♡ An astrology fan with a knack for systems. I like to math out my characters horoscopes sometimes. If you like astrology, PM me.

What I Expect From You:
♡ 18+
♡ Respect and kindness.
♡ Posts that are at least a decent paragraph long. Novella isn't necessary, but if your writing style is bland and lacking nuance, I'll have to say no.
♡ Someone who enjoys plotting and chatting as much as I do.
♡ Third-person writer.
♡ At least uses discord or twitter regularly.
♡ Enjoys dark plots, fantasy themes, and psychological thrillers.

Removed by Staff.  All members should be over 18.
♡ Do not *poke* me.  Letting me know that you posted the first time is great and appreciated, especially if we are rping on a website. But after that, unless it's been a week, there is no reason.

Extra Thoughts & Preferences

NSFW Content:
I have a love/hate relationship with smut. I like certain parts of it, I have some darker kinks that can be fun to explore, but I generally feel icky about the whole thing. It depends from person to person.
My characters are ever-changing. I almost never use the same version of a character more than once. Each of my characters has a kind of Oververse, you could call it, or a headcanon. This is a version untouched by roleplay, and will almost never even have the truest OTP affect it. I usually always create an AU of this version to fit around your character, our plot, and your preferences.
For this reason, I do not create character sheets beforehand, but I may write a glimpse of a character's oververse.
So if I have a Wendigo, and you have a strictly Christian-mythology universe, my boy can be a Werewolf. I will think back on his oververse, imagine any instances of their life that might be impacted by this change, and edit accordingly. It could have a drastic ripple effect, but sometimes it's softer. I don't mind it either way.
I like romance. I like characters who are genuinely compatible that we can get excited about. I don't enjoy my character being pushed fully into a dominant or extremely masculine role for whatever reason. I like complex guys and gals with motivations and interests and vulnerabilities and strengths. I don't want to write a hot anime boy for you to fall in love with so you can self insert your girl there.
Dark Themes:
I love darker themes in my stories, but it's always something that two people slowly have to test in each other to see where their boundaries lie. I think the first month of getting to know a roleplay partner is mostly spent exploring each other's preferences and boundaries, respectfully. For me, I enjoy a heavy dose of violence, but primarily focusing on the hurt/comfort that follows. I don't mind non-con in a scene, but I don't feel comfortable as the assailant, and wouldn't want to burden someone else with the task, either. It's definitely skippable. As I said, I mostly focus on the hurt/comfort aspect. I enjoy serial killers, both playing and playing opposite murderers. Stalking, unrequited love, and obsessive characters are all fun. Villains are fun for me to play, too, and I usually require that my partner is both okay with moral ambiguity and understands that I am not my character. I do get tired of being the only one rping villainous acts, especially when making my characters' both the assailant and victim is incredibly boring. I should just write a novel at that point.
Discussion Assistance:
Part of my hiatus was caused by people asking me to generate ideas for them. I would always offer, bragging about being this magical, plot-bunny sorcerer, but it was draining after a while. So I would ask you to please help me a bit in that department. I prefer heavy plot-discussion. Not so far as planning each and every second, but making sure that we have the same interests and are on the same page for a vision.

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If I want to play a Muse, I'll underline them. If I want you to play a muse, I'll bold it. These are not hard set, depends on how compatible we are.

Original Plots:
♡ Love of Our Lives ♡

Historical Fiction ♡ Reincarnations, Soulmates ♡ Fantasy

Muse A is an immortal, supernatural creature. They could still be young, naive, and idealistic, or grow lonely with age. One thing is certain: they are not to form relationships with humans, the fallout can get much too messy. Their family has always told them that humans will betray their trust and spread the secret.

A human, Muse B, comes along. The two quickly fall in love like a classic, romance novel. Muse A is naturally kind and very different from the cold creatures that Muse A is used to. Muse B is capable of a sweetness and kindness that Muse A has never known before.

There are a few options for what happens next. Either (1) Muse A is outed for what they are to Muse B involuntarily, (2) Muse B is dragged into Muse A's supernatural drama forcefully before Muse A could ever properly prepare them, or (3) Muse A opens their mouth and actually opens up.
Muse A is terrified to lose Muse B, and it inevitably happens. It breaks Muse A's heart, no matter how much they anticipated this inevitability. There are (about) two decades of mourning to follow for Muse A, including, but not limited to: brooding, anger, self-destruction, misery, apathy, and every other stage of grief. They just start to believe they could move on and let themselves go out to a party when suddenly Muse B's face walks back into their life again, with no recollection of them at all. Muse A might briefly make a creep/fool of themselves, but afterward they have to get Muse B to fall in love with them again somehow. They're probably inseparable soon enough.

This death/reincarnation happens every time. Muse A might consider making Muse B immortal as well, but it probably is always a conversation that gets put off until after their death, or something difficult for Muse A to ask. After generations, Muse A might tire of seeing Muse B, knowing that its the beginning of the next heartbreak where Muse B inevitably dies.

♡ The first reincarnation would be during the late Medieval period or Renaissance, 1500-1900. Each reincarnation should be 20 years apart, but if we want to skip ahead, have fun with the next century, there could be an extra sad century for Muse A that we skip through. Don't get too scared about historical pieces! Personally, I do not care about being completely historically accurate. However, please don%u2019t make a phone call on a mobile device in 1812. Don't feel the need to know the colloquial speech of the 1740s, or their exact fashion choices. These are not the reasons I love time period roleplays.
♡ Each reincarnation would be slightly different. I'd enjoy genderbending the character on occasion with their reincarnations, so a bisexual Muse A would be helpful. If not, sticking to one gender is totally fine.
♡ Your character has a lot of options as Muse A. Anything you can debate to be immortal is on the table. Some ideas could be a vampire, demon, fae, or undead of any kind. They could even be a human cursed by a witch, or a witch who went too far with their spells. If they were a human, their distrust of other humans might be lessened, as well as their loneliness. Also, I had an idea that your character's distrust of humans could be worsened in their backstory. Maybe they fought through wars, could be a victim of horrible war crimes. Could have been outed, studied by doctors, and only got through it by outliving them.
Muse A's timeline is very important in this roleplay. Knowing their age, when and where they were born, and their active family are all important things to know before the roleplay. I'm down to help if necessary.
♡ If you love this Roleplay but truly need to play Muse A, I'm open to that. I've done it many times before, is all

♡ Missing Connections ♡

Human ♡ Modern ♡ Grief, Cafe/Shop ♡ No strong preference on who I would play, but I'm leaning towards Muse A

Muse A's mother has just passed away. Their father was out of the picture and they were alone. Muse A felt lucky to have just turned 18 and not have to move in with unfamiliar, distant relatives. Their bills would be taken care of by the state and social security for a year. There was no reason to rush into society.
The grief would be debilitating, for Muse A had no interest in moving forward. They were set for a year, shorter if they decided to be indulgent with the social security money.
Muse B had opened up a new shop [Flowers, Coffee, Art Gallery, Cafe/Restaurant] on the same block as Muse As house the month before Muse A's mother's death. Muse B is an outgoing person who doesn't want their store to be optimized for capitalism and would rather connect with the community.
It takes some time for Muse A to come out and poke their head in. The shop had a small-business, cozy vibe, doing a few unconventional things in the name of being unique and uninterested in major sales. Parts of the store would remind Muse A of their mother, so they found themselves there more and more. There are all sorts of ways for the two to connect. They'll have more in common than strangers can expect. Maybe Muse A applies for a cashier position? Who knows.

♡ This War of Ours ♡

If you've played This War of Mine, that is pretty much it with a party of 4.

This post-apocalyptic roleplay will be all about the survival of our four+ characters. If you want to tweak the numbers, the premise, or something else that is fine with me. The game and therefore this RP focuses on the psychological impact of a post apocalyptic/dystopian setting on the characters you play. Our characters will be using limited technology for their day-to-day needs, and using their skills to look after one another. I would love to use this for a group roleplay, but I don't believe I could manage it at this time.
It is easy to cry for those characters when all of your decisions have immediate, harsh consequences.

Our characters could be in a college town. Students, professors, and locals. Law does not apply anymore until you cross borders into government-protected territories. The area would have been in chaos for about three weeks at this point. Gangs and bandits have formed, churches become actual sanctuaries. Most buildings are in shambles, the most salvageable has been repaired, designed for survival. Holes in the walls invite looters, and being out on the open road is an invitation to be mugged. The worst of humanity thrives in this setting, stealing from the rich and poor alike. To steal needlessly and accumulate rations as "wealth" is seen as smart, if you're willing to sacrifice your conscience for it.

The school year had prematurely ended as the war started, and students wanted to be with their families. It was days before the first bombings, putting the city in chaos as leadership and government crumbled. The roleplay will start with the last bomb on top of the university, killing many who remained holed up in their dorms.
One of our characters will require immediate medical attention from this. I was thinking about mine, who is a medical student, and hysterically instructing the other on first aid procedures.
There are many troubles to be faced, this injury just leaves one certain to start off with. They may also face starvation, malnutrition, dehydration, hypothermia, or sickness. Your characters could have altercations since the chaos began, leaving them in any kind of shape.

There are also certain occupations, fields of study, and backgrounds that provide helpful skills in this situation. Our group would all depend on each other's skills to get through this. I can list some helpful skills.
Notable Fields of Study: Engineers, Athletes, Med Students and First Responders are the most helpful. Psychologists, Management, and other STEM fields would definitely have their uses.
Occupations: Carpenters, Farmers, First Responders, Chefs, and Labourers would be helpful fields.
Backgrounds/Skills: Street Smarts and Reputation would be helpful, Cooking, Knitting, And Technicians would be helpful. Musicians could help with morale, they do in the game. Discussing and findings songs they like would be fun. Off-key singing. So cute. Weapon proficiency and knowledge would be helpful. Self-defense training would be good, and hopefully, they can teach something to others. Veterans that were unable to be deployed would be risky, but extremely helpful.

Our characters will need to: Tend to the injured, find food and appropriately ration them depending on need. Patch up their building, communicate issues with their current situation to evaluate the next step. Will they live nomadically, or turn their shelter into a stronghold/base? It is important to scavenge or trade for important items. Temperature control is important, it will get cold in the winter. Arming ourselves and stealing is a tempting idea. Sometimes, the four characters might not all agree on what should be the next plan of action. These are all things our characters will have to think about day-to-day.

Optional: Consider; I am comfortable with character death. If you don't want to invest a hundred hours into a relationship before my character dies and that all is lost, I understand. I will not kill a character off without asking if it's okay with you first.
Also optional: I would also be open to creating small character sheets with modifiers, a simplified DnD sheet, and rolling in certain situations. Just to see if a fight was won, rather than everything being planned by us. It would create randomized consequences and rewards, so we actually have to deal with situations on our toes for our characters.

Borrowed Plots:
There are a lot of TV shows with cool premises for our OCs to take over. I have always been a fan of OC-driven fandom RPs, though I have never really been able to commit to them all the way. Feel free to tweak these further, I'll probably fiddle with them and add new ones as I get cravings.
Vampire Diaries

Muse A is the one of the most popular and most beautiful girls in school. She has a boyfriend on the football team and nothing could be better.
Then she is struck with tragedy. She must reassess her life and break up with her long term boyfriend. She needs space to breath and process. It feels difficult to relate to others in the same way she used to.
Bring in two newcomers to town. One is a new, friendly face she sees in school. He's strange, and can never answer all of her questions, but he's kind. The second is a cocky, manipulative sort that always has motives of his own. Her life becomes a disastrous roller coaster from then on, after meeting those two.
Teen Wolf

Muse A is an awkward teenager with no hopes in sight for popularity. His insecurities are numerous, his CHA checks always have a -2 modifier, and he's sick.
It's terminal.
The few friends he has are sympathetic, and people have lightened up on his bullying.
Then one day, he's attacked in the woods and the priorities of his life are turned around. He's not in constant pain anymore, and he's downright athletic.
He meets a girl.
But, her parents hunt his new species. And she's in training.
Who turned him? What is he? How does he cope? What can he do? Who wants to kill him most?

Muse A and B meet through a tragedy in common. They are motivated now by one thing: revenge. After years of research, mentoring, and training, Muse A has become a modern executioner of rogue, supernatural creatures. Muse B is competitive and getting up to speed.
Muse A tends to think in absolutes with these creatures, while Muse B tends to sympathize. Still, their common goal is killing what wronged them.
A romance begins to bud while the two basically live with each other during their travels. They are always meeting new faces that complicate their journey, and attempting to save as many lives along the way. They frequently disagree on what to do. Muse A sometimes needs Muse B to humanize them, to remind them that these creatures are also people, and there lies a grey area. Muse A is sometimes suspicious of this.
If this relationship doesn't sound interesting, we could bring in another romantic lead and Muse A and B could be brother/sister.

Muse A is a sociopath (every year a paper comes out that flips the use of the terms, so I'm going for the more calculated one) who has simply has issue with feeling in the same way everyone else assumes and describes they should. Muse A has not killed yet, but can feel that it won't be long. Muse B can be another serial killer or just a fascinated onlooker, assuming the best and giving Muse A every benefit of the doubt. Their relationship is not genuine at first, but it slowly grows into one that is.

Smaller Plots:
♡ Our characters want to catch a serial killer together.
♡ Muse A's father is an abusive serial killer, keeping his family tight under their control. Muse A and B have been crushing on each other in high school/college, but Muse A practices control because of his complicated and dangerous home life. Its fruitless when Muse B is eventually caught by their father.

I will add characters soon ♡
For now, I have a document that I'm copying/pasting this from, and it has more details and a few of my characters on it. I want to create new characters anyways, but these are some of my fav bbs.

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