Corona Virus in the Maldives (M seeking F or M)

Started by Jester, February 11, 2020, 02:39:32 PM

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Name: Stuck in the Maldives

Content: Depends on R/P partner.

Scenario: Arriving in the Maldives ahead of their partner an unlikely pair find themselves stranded on an exclusive resort in the Maldives. Due to quarantine their partners (and other holiday guests) are unable to join them.

Together they share a water villa with an entire resort to explore by themselves.  The strangers are forced to share even though they do not know each other.

What follows are a fun packed few days for the two of them. Possibly a romance will blossom or just kinky exploration?

The two will enjoy:
1. Lazy days in the lounger by their villa, sunning themselves by the pool or getting outrageously drunk at the bar.
2. All sorts of snorkelling and watersports.
3. Romantic meals in the resort exclusive restaurants.

The two of them could be:
1. Complete opposites who would never normally get on.
2. One rich and the other very poor but drawn together. Maybe one of them was place on the island for quarantine.
3. Both married but still thet start a dream affair and dread Monday.
4. There may even be a large age gap between the two......
5. Two work colleagues who find themselves enchancted when they see each other in bikini and swim shorts!

There will be sex but would like to discuss with my partner but could consist of:
1. Frustrating scenes when they share a room and undress...
2. Maybe she has to use someone else's luggage and wear clothes not normally used to
3. A handjob by the pool hoping no one will see.3. A passionate clinch in the water after a hot and heavy ride on a jet ski.
4. In the sandy beach unable to control themselves.
5. Having seduced the barman or barmaid they enjoy a threesome or a gangbang
6. She lets them use her sex toys that she takes everywhere..or she borrows his wifes.
7. They both enjoy trying something new in this wonderful place....

Setting: Maldives Island. Quarantined for 14 days. Could turn post apocalyptic.

The island is small with a skeleton staff to manage the resort. Mainly watervillas.

The employees will be welcoming and friendly. Maybe more. Submissive to clients as they dont know what else to do.

Requirements: Looking for a female play who would like some romance. With a little kink maybe?

Other info: All of this is flexible and I would love to hear your ideas too. If we can make it kinky then great but romance is key. Taboo romance even better.