Let's explore a whole new world together!

Started by TheBlazinDragon, February 08, 2020, 10:33:30 PM

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Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen! Or is it Afternoon? Evening maybe?


I've been currently working on a brand new D&D world and having tried and failed making group games on E here, I've decided to try and see if a solo game would be better! Now this doesn't mean that your character would go on their adventures alone. No no no! I've got NPC's to help you along on your quests and such. So, let me explain my ideology in what I'm thinking for this game before I get requests hahaha

I do plan on playing this like a 5e D&D game. However to not let the whole statistics of things slow everything down, I'm going to be doing the rolls myself. Don't worry, I don't fudge anything. That being said, Open ended posts for everything so I can explain how your actions wind up working would be greatly appreciated. For example, If your character attacks someone with a great sword. You can explain how they get to their foe and at what angle they are slashing at. Even adding fluff of just kicking up dust before spinning and doing a full rotation to chop at a bandit is great!

Now! onto the end results of combat or any conflicts in general. Character deaths suck... everyone knows that. So instead, of ones HP representing their actual blood, I'm going to have it represent your ability to resist collapsing in general. That being said. your HP will be in two portions. from full to 0 will represent your character's armor condition. One your HP is 0, your armor has been stripped off of your character revealing them more vulnerable to attacks. from 0 to negative your full HP is going to be your ability to stay conscious. Once at negative your full HP, you black out and are subdued by the winners of said conflict.

So a few things about this game. There is a possibility for a lot of things to happen in this game. so if there are some things that you absolutely won't play. Please let me know and I can make sure that it isn't included. As it stands though, there is a high chance that there will be Non-con scenes. I don't know exactly what else there could be, but that also depends on what situations pop up haha.

SO! that's all I can think up at the moment. So if you are interested, please PM me with a character idea and what your hard limits are as well as an open character backstory so I can work it into the narrative of the game. If you keep the backstory to your characters perspective and only the knowledge they would know so I have some freedom to throw my own twists on stuff your character wouldn't know, that would be amazing. (Example: Your character called out to the cosmos to gain the power to break them free from whatever bonds they are chained by. And something answers, granting you spells as a warlock. However your character has no clue what answered your calls and made the deal with you.) As for Character stats, use the point buy system with 27 points.

If there is something I forgot to talk about in here, let me know. other then that, thank you for reading this attempt at recruitment and can't wait to hear from peoples!

Minor note; I'm only going to accept one person at a time. I'll keep a list of those who wanna play this and will contact anyone who doesn't get a chance to play right away. So don't get discouraged if I have to turn you away for the moment. It's most likely only going to be temporary ;3