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September 23, 2020, 01:35:18 PM

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Author Topic: Monster girl action! Looking for something more of a story. (FxF)  (Read 634 times)

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Removed the Futa and Impreg aspect. No longer find it interesting as I got nothing for it. If, and only if, any of these two are of interest to you, ask. Otherwise, you're hard pressed to know I won't be asking for them...

First things first though, some ground rules I wish to be included/followed for the RP. Note, however, that I am willing to compromise on certain things and that you're free to suggest anything that isn't listed here. Or anywhere on my profile. And also, if you're going to send me a PM asking for a RP, please do be a couple of favors. One, do be specific where you came from, as I run more than one thread on this site, and also throw me more info other than just telling me how you're interested to RP with me. I just can't do much with info like that and cannot reply to you. Sorry.

Long Term:
As much as I don't really mind smutty RPs as much as the next person, I do like there to be a story to it. Even if it's something mundane like a Slice of Life deal. Just try not to make it about all about sex if possible. Ok, sure. This plot I'm about to write down might likely be on the smut heavy side, but rest assured, if you like something more story, all you have to do is say so when sending me a PM.

I like a good romance as much as a good story. Even if the characters were to just go properly down and dirty driven by nothing more than their lust for each other, I'd find it nice for there to be a proper connection between them. Maybe it could be the driving force that starts the sexual interactions, or it may be something that surfaces over time? Who's to really say. The bottom line is that it'll happen sooner or later.

Bonus points for anyone wanting to make the relationship between them a forbidden kind.

Rough Sex!:
What else needs to be said? Well, aside from that I do not fancy the abuse kind. Rather, I love when the sexual tension between the characters gets too much and they just have to throw themselves at each other! They might have to hold themselves back until the coast is clear. Or they haven't had the chance to see each other for however many days and just couldn't bare to wait. Or the eye-candy just isn't enough while in the same room and they just have to stop what they're doing to take care of some much needed attention! There's so many ways it could go!!!

I'm not a master writer, that much I want to be honest about. Having a mild case of dyslexia and being quite illiterate with words. However I do try! My posts are largely dependent on the kinds of replies I'll get, but on average I try to put in as much as I can with 3-4 paragraphs. I'm not too keen with posts that are too short, I would like to have something to work with please. The same would be the case when sending me a PM. It's all well and good that you'll be interested to RP, but I do need to know what it is you'd like about it and what you might like to add on top of that. Suggest things. I won't bite your head off for brainstorming, the worst I can do to you is say 'No thanks'. Also, for future reference, please make it clear that it's the apocalyptic RP that made you reach out to me as I do plan on adding other threads here soon and I won't be able to tell them apart over PM is it isn't made clear.

Now... for the plot itself.


Fish out of water

I'm looking for this RP to be FxF mainly, set in the medieval times with the added option for this to have elements of fantasy in it. Which, lets be honest, very likely will if what I'm about to ask for is of any indication. I'm still craving the need for a RP between a Monster girl and a Human, with me being the Monster girl as I have a definite pick on what to be that I'm dying to try.

I still want this to be leading into the romance over time, so I'm not exactly asking for plots or characters that will go and fall for the Monster girl right away. In fact I want even thoughts of the Monster girl to be something of a conflict to the Human character, as the Monster girls aren't in favorable sights to Humans. They would down right discriminate the Monsters and the person who'd even so much as hint of standing up for them. It could even be a shared mindset for the Human if even for a small amount of time as the pair start to get to know each other.

So if possible, I'd really like to try for the RP to have a very serious moment as the characters will likely contemplate for a while before the ice finally breaks and the two, or one of them, confesses.

I'd like to expect for my partner to write at least 2-3 paragraphs please. I'm not going to ask anyone to have perfect writing skills, as I lack them myself, just that I'd like to have something to work with and I shall do the same. Plus it's also fun reading replies like they're stories.

Now then, here's my little premise that I'm happy to discuss further with anyone. YC is a Hunter for hire, not keen on wanting to stay in one place for too long, specializing in as many skills as she can. A key aspect of being a mercenary. She's well aware that there are plenty of non-Humans roaming the world from all kinds of places and all kinds of species. So it would be of no surprise to her whenever she'd get a job at eliminating a Monster girl, be it from as serious as the Monster threatening the life of another, or something as petty because the person that hired YC just doesn't like the sight on them.

And so, while out on a mission to, YC crosses paths with a Monster girl that tried to take her supplies off of her camp while she went off to find some firewood. Or at least its what it looked like. So she goes to capture the Monster girl to at least have her not moving and asking questions, wanting to know if she's the one YC has to kill. Whether or not it is the case, YC wants nothing to do with the Monster girl. Just look at her, why should she associate herself with something like that. But then, this had created a problem. A massive one.

The Monster girl didn't seem to want to go away now. And apparently as it would turn out, the Monster girl is on a mission of her own.

She wants to become Human.

If only it were that simple.


Lonely Love in a Wasted World

Several years ago, give or take maybe around 15 years, a nuclear war had broken out that had easily wiped so much of the world out that little to nothing was left. Landscapes that used to be beautiful were broken. Lush fields where food used to be grown turned barren. Homes into ruins that could fall apart any day. Cities becoming forever inaccessible due to the lingering radiation concentrated there which are now only home to humans turned mutant monsters.

Since the events known as "The Bombing", the reminder of Human civilization are scattered throughout the lands, living in makeshift villages to try and rebuild what was once lost. Of course this isn't without its drawbacks. As some Humans have their own way of living their lives, there are those who raid whatever they can get their hands on, those that kill, those that hunt mutated beings for various reason. Even some that enslave them as they are viewed as beneath normal Humans and cannot be treated as anything other than that.

So what is a lone Human woman to do when she meets one such Mutants that... strangely enough isn't like the rest. Having traveled far and experienced many of the harsh aspects of the now ruined world, she's far from keen about the idea of having companions. Ever. All they ever served for was to be betrayed in the past. No one really trust each other anymore. Yet as the Mutated girl made her appearance, maybe there could actually be of some use for her? The girl can't really talk and seems to be quite weak looking. Remembering that some places treat Mutants like slaves, perhaps it could help to have an extra set of arms to carry her lead, an extra set of eyes for lookouts and perhaps even a guide to traverse the land. But that would require some much needed thoughts first and especially because it'll be a Mutant, she would be very hesitant about that.

More so because the first time the Mutant is seen she's naked. She needs some clothes.


Where did you come from?!/A Criminal in the making!

Intruder Monster girl for this RP

This one will mostly have a Fantasy setting, be it Modern, Medieval or anything at all, the world could have all sorts going lands and culture everywhere.

I've been thinking and wondered about possibly doing a RP that had a Monster girl breaking into the home of an innocent person, one who is simply lifing her day out one day at a time. Everything was normal. Everything was great. Everything was adventure free. But what if, what if that all changed one day when YC has her home broken into. And not the kind of break in that you might think. It happened over night, no sound or alarm, YC wakes up in the morning and goes to get herself ready for the day, washes up, maybe a shower too and heads for her kitchen for the most important meal of the day.

However, as she enters the kitchen, there is a girl of a very different species, very uninvited and very much naked! And she's so casual about everything, even saying "S'up!" whiles eating a bowl of cereal. And what makes this whole encounter the worst thing in the world for YC, its that she has recently stolen a priceless gem from the royal castle and has the Authorities hot on her heels. Next thing YC knows, her home is raided and she realized that thanks to this intruder, she gets classed as a criminal and now must be on the run.

There are some serious words needed to be exchanged.


Cursed Love

Another heavy story based RP plot set in a medieval or modern fantasy world.

Two women have been partners for as long as they can remember since being part of an organisation that exists to eradicate Demons and other evil entities that threaten the world as a whole or small groups of innocent people. The got on so well together that they formed an official duo, tackling any mission/assignment they can grab their hands on. Even becoming quite famous. More than that, the two have even been sharing their feelings with each other. Growing to become girlfriends with plans to retire soon-ish and settle down somewhere, getting married and adopting/having kids together. Or so they thought.

This can be done either way. I'd like it for MC to be effected by what happens.

They manage to come to a point of retirement, have settled in nicely, married and so far enjoying the time together as a true couple. However, a curse has manifested within MC that spontaneously makes her shift between her human self or a horrid monster girl. Trying to hide it, her curse if only getting worse and worse until she's found out about it and putting the whole relationship they build to be at risk.

Or alternatively, the curse could happen while the two are still working together and are nothing more than girlfriends, as MC it slowly but surely turning into a monster girl over time until reaching a point she can't hide her form anymore. Can they find a cure or will there ever be a chance with how she'll look?

I'd love the idea to also implement elements of cheating with MC finding comfort with another character and accidentally getting a little too comfortable with it, needing that shoulder to cry on with how her relationship is on thin ice as is.

This'll be quite the story driven one, so I hope to find a dedicated partner for this one.
MC: When she's a Human (ignore the tail), what she'll end up becoming.

It's... Yeah, it could be better and I should try to put more on this to flesh it out some more, but honestly it's quite late right now and I'm tired. I will likely come back to this and work on it. In the mean time, send me a PM if you're interested and we can see where to go from there.

Images below here can be picked for inspirational use if a plot comes to mind that isn't listed on here.

Some images of Monster girls I like to play as, feel free to pick if you like. Note that some of them are NSFW. Hell, maybe any one of them can inspire a plot not listed here and if so, feel free to pitch it to me and see what we can do with it.
Available monster girls
Equine Anthros (take your pic):

I am welcome to other kind of plot options and settings that you may like to do.
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Re: Monster girl action! (FxFuta or FxF)
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Re: Monster girl action! (FxFuta or FxF)
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Modified, also highlighted loss of interest to some plots. Added a new one I'm particularly craving.

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Re: Monster girl action! Looking for something more of a story. (FxF)
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Re: Monster girl action! Looking for something more of a story. (FxF)
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Re: Monster girl action! Looking for something more of a story. (FxF)
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Re: Monster girl action! Looking for something more of a story. (FxF)
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