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October 28, 2020, 11:49:13 AM

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Author Topic: Universal Duo: (Fx M or F)  (Read 224 times)

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Online IndoWriterTopic starter

Universal Duo: (Fx M or F)
« on: February 07, 2020, 03:27:05 PM »

Universal Duo:

Hundreds of years ago, the world of Cibum was a massive planet of Ethereal beings, stationed at the center of the universe--in an alternate plane of existence.

It was a massive planet of Gods and Goddesses--Olympus envisioned as one singular sphere floating in the otherwise dull blackness and filled with a population of legendary beings. A Pantheon society of very powerful beings, each peacefully creating and governing elements of their own land or sea sections and doing as they pleased with reality itself. Nearly infinite numbers of lower civilizations were created, as well as unique forms of wildlife the universe had never seen before or since. Some of the great ethereal beings traveled the far universe to share their ability to provide resources with planets in need or to lengthen the lifespan of a planet's dying star.  Some of them remained reserved to the planet, wishing to keep to themselves rather than extend their strength to others they deemed unworthy. They maintained the interior of the planet with their gifts, watching over it's core carefully. And all of it thrived under the rule of a majestic Goddess, who was the physical embodiment of strength and main Protector of her peoples.

But times of good were not to remain.

An Elder Deity-- one of the rare, thought to be extinct Old ones known as the terrible Maw--managed to sap enough power from Cibum to enter the physical plane of reality. The Maw's hunger for power Ied him on a relentless massacre of the citizens of Cibum; their very life force serving as the motivation for his infinite steaming, slithering tentacles propelling him from his domain to planet planet. It did not matter whether they fought or ran--many powerful gods were devoured by the Maw's hunger, leading to the creature growing bigger. War against the creature turned to simple slaughter, as it came to devour nearly all of the space faring gods that came to challenge it. Even the Goddess found herself weakening against the might of the creature fight after fight, knowing only time created the distance between herself and death. But even if she was fated to be extinguished, she would at least give the one she loved most more time to prepare. The last of her strength was used to force the both of them out of the physical plane of existence once more, and to fling her daughter--the last of the gods lineage-- to the safety of the physical universe. However, it is unknown what became of all three or if the Goddess' last resort truly worked...

It's centuries later that a common galactic pirate finds refuge from angry crime lords on a deserted, isolated planet near the center of the universe, hoping for a miracle to help him pay his enemies back. And its there, in the aged caverns deep beneath the surface of this baren world, that he finds a strangely powerful, insanely beautiful yet very naive young woman. This would be the perfect opportunity to sell her off to the highest bidder and still have money left over after his debts were paid, even if the woman was a little crazy. She keeps rambling about the inevitable end of the universe and needing to reach the outer rim for some ancient weapon or energy or whatever.

He assures her they'll be heading there right away, unaware of the mammoth turn his life his will be taking by this decision...


Looking for a detailed writer in the role of either character here, no preference on who! For any questions, just PM me!