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November 30, 2020, 11:16:37 PM

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Author Topic: Taking down the Cartel. (M looking for F)  (Read 460 times)

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Taking down the Cartel. (M looking for F)
« on: February 08, 2020, 09:10:58 AM »
Hi there guys, I'm back with another roleplay idea. Recently I've been playing a lot of Ghost Recon Wildlands, and it really got my mind working around the idea. Who wouldn't want to do a story about two operators taking down a powerful cartel? But first let me get into what I want in a partner.

*Detail, detail, detail. I love detailed responses that have a bit of nuance to them. Something that I can read over and over and get something knew from it. I usually write around 3 to around 7 paragraphs per reply. But length can always be discussed while we plan out the roleplay.

*Frequency.  So I'm more about quality than quantity. I tend to post at least once a day if I get the chance too, but I do have to work. I understand if you have to take extended periods of time away from the rp. Real life always comes first. Just let me know first please.

*Characters. I only play Original characters. I don't feel comfortable playing as, or against canon characters. Sorry if that is a deal breaker for some. I tend to play male character, against female or futa characters for my partner. I love futas so don't be afraid to play one with me.

*Kinks. I'm really open kink wise. Only limits being underage play, scat, and death.

*Realism. This is going to be based in reality, so no outlandish things please.

Now onto the plot itself. Like Wildlands, this will be set in Bolivia. A diverse beautiful country, filled with warm, beautiful people. The y had their problems yes, but none like they are facing now. While the country was looking for investment, they got one from a less than polite source. The El Diablo cartel. Of course they didn't tell them there business at first, only appearing as rich Mexican businessmen and women who took great interest in the untapped forests and rich mining f the country. Not to long after the investment however, all hell broke loose. Men with guns came, politicians who opposed these new investors were soon "disappeared" and replaced with pro El Diablo supporters. Hell it even got to the military, not wanting to to start a war with the cartel that would surely get citizens caught in the crossfire. They bowed down, looking the other way while El Diablo did their devilish deeds.

This was five years ago, and El Diablo's influence has only increased. Bolivia essentially became a narco state with the  cartel in control. Though this wasn't enough to change anything on the global scale. El Diablo grew tremendously during these years, getting better armaments, better production, better smuggling. They soon became the biggest smuggling organization in the world, and with nothing to stop them they would keep growing almost indefinitely. Hell they even got into actual legit businesses like forestry and mining, growing the economy of Bolivia. They were never popular with the people however, their bloody way to the top has gained the ire from the people. Small rebel groups have formed to fight against their oppressors, but how successful they are varies. Some started right after the occupation began, others get crushed with their leaders hung on the side of the road. Everything changed one day however. One that would change the the cartels fate forever.

A car bombing wasn't all that uncommon in this new Bolivia, however, a car bombing with 4 undercover DEA agents inside is rather uncommon. While their names were never released to the public, videos were posted on the internet threatening the state with more of these style attacks. The states of course didn't back down. Instead it sent two of its best operators to Bolivia as a lovely couple on their honeymoon. They were to meet up with a biochemist, who is definitely not their CIA handler. They were giving a list of people who might have been behind the attack on their people and told to take them down. This is where I want the story to start off.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little prompt! I think this story might be a lot of fun to play out. I would love to brainstorm with all of you who finds this interesting. This story will be filled with guns, drugs, and lots of sex. Who doesn't sound of that? There are so many ways that this could go, and I can't wait to see it played out. I hope to hear from you guys soon!

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Re: Taking down the Cartel. (M looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2020, 11:38:27 AM »
Adding onto to this a little bit. Adding a sort of bounty system on this would make great fun. I'm also looking for temptation between the agents to join the cartel to be a vocal point in the story as well.

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Re: Taking down the Cartel. (M looking for F)
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2020, 06:38:24 PM »
Adding a idea to this one. While not based on current events, I would like to do something that encompasses the entire globe as a new terror organization seemingly springs up out of nowhere and does major damage to the western world. Attacks in America, Russia, Germany, and The UK. At first, people thought it was some group from Syria, sending our characters there to investigate whoever took responsibility for the attacks, but they soon come to realize that none of it makes sense. That there was more going on that meets the eye. This revelation sends them all over the globe, pulling at threads trying to figure out who is truly behind the attacks. This would take our characters all over the world. I would want this story to have both political intrigue and action too it. I would love to brainstorm this idea out!

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Re: Taking down the Cartel. (M looking for F)
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2020, 06:40:11 PM »