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Author Topic: What Am I Offered For This Fine Piece of Bric-A-Brac? (f/Various)  (Read 874 times)

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As with my other threads, I'm consolidating ideas. This will be a work in progress. Be a bit messy here.

This is a hotchpotch or hodge podge or gitchy goochie of various scenarios that don't quite fite in my other threads. Even in more oddball scenarios, I value characterization and psychology. This mean detail and thought pattern. These don't have to be chokingly in-depth, but need to earn a nod. I look for good writers. For what is often called 'literate' writers here. I am also tossing in m>f transformation stories.

Smut is very important, but without story, it's not much to me. Most games will need some build-up before the smexy. Also, I tend to really like theme, so please let me know why an idea resonates with you.

Kinks I like are public nudity, wilderness nudity, types of lesbian toys, sex that is sort of enforced by circumstance in some way, sex with audiences. If there's any dom/sub stuff, I tend to like to be switchy, but either side is okay. Neither side is even better. I tend to balk when people are looking for dominants -- usually they are limp fish. None of these kinks are necessary! I also love just plain old vanilla romance.

I am open to new ideas. Check out my O/Os, which you should for any prospective partner, anyway. I have a lot of face claims in there, too. Check out my other threads. I like non-white characters as well as white characters.

I play on threads only. My posting rate can be like one or two times a week and, I dunno, something like four to five paras. Have fun!

What do I value in a partner? Literacy, humor, imagination, a sense of detail and character psychology. I value smut a great deal and it's the reason I'm here, but I cannot jump immediately into it and need stories to build. I love at least getting somewhat into characters' heads and respond powerfully to the same. Clever, imaginative, sincere, sexy, dynamic writing is my jam.

My preferred scenarios tend to be f/f or f/m(m...):

For more detail about my tastes, please read my O/Os.

If you like any of these ideas but have something similar, you can always give it a shot. If you like any of these ideas, but don't like me, feel free to steal them. I've certainly stolen more than my share.


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Re: What Am I Offered For This Fine Piece of Bric-A-Brac? (f/Various)
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2020, 07:10:12 pm »
Name: Tentacular Spectacular (A Girl and Her Boo) [On Hold For Now]

Scenario: A girl and her tentacled blob. Absolutely consensual. Absolutely dreamy. But nobody can know! Whether a visitor from out of space, a dazzled young alien hatched from an egg, or some other thing, 'It' has found a companion who is very pleased to make its acquaintance many, many, many times. Only, she knows absolutely zilcho of humanity can know about her secret...

She might be a lonely woman helping the aging grandparents who raised her on the farm. She might be a happy, popular college girl who has a very delicious secret. She could be a research scientist who stays late in the lab... Maybe she's uncertain about what she's getting into, but she's having so much fun...

A variation could be a solitary space explorer and her blob-boo.

Tone: Goofy, naughty fun.

Notes: I would love for this to be slice of life, building up her world and who she has to hide this from (parents, teachers, roommates, coworkers, friends). The tentacled alien/thing's motivations should be attended to, also. What does it want? How does it view the world, or anything for that matter? I can play either side.

More NSFW Images

Name: The Household Spirit

Scenario: They'd lived in the new house for almost a year now -- a new child, a new city, new jobs, other bits of chaos and mess -- what a time for a member of the fey to announce herself... but only to the husband. Mischievous, issuing demands. But she needed his help, too, she said. No one could know. Not yet, at least... This is m/f

Tone: Spriteful, keeping with the theme of subterfuge and danger of getting caught.

Notes: This can be f/f instead, but the idea of cheating-for-a-purpose is intriguing to me right now. We'd come up with a netherworld she/he must enter, or just keep it household-involved. Is the spirit just a dick (so to speak) wanting to make things bad for the husband? Insisting he do things with/to her, or else she'll spoil milk and prick the baby? Or is there something more goodhearted going on? (Even if it disrupts his sense of family and morality.) I can play either character. Secondary characters can be shared.

You've heard of household spirits, but how surprised were you when one finally appeared when the wife and kids were away?
"I'm here to make your life absolute hell," she said. "Or... absolute paradise. I forget my words. I know it's one or the other."

More I think about this, more I would really like to have her ingratiate herself with both husband and wife, individually. Not necessary, though, but having her appear and seduce both would be naughty fun.
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Re: What Am I Offered For This Fine Piece of Bric-A-Brac? (f/Various)
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2020, 07:14:05 pm »
Scenario: And What a Secret It Is

Type: m/f, f/f, etc.

Story: A famous actress on a press junket, the late night shows, panel talks, runways before awards season. It turns out... she has a massive kink emerging. She likes wearing certain toys hidden beneath her clothes not only in public, but specifically during these appearances. Under gowns, concealed beneath her slacks and dresses, she likes to be plugged and clamped, maybe even more. This gets her so turned on, she often needs to be serviced immediately after.

Notes: Her manager is the guy who helps her; they've dropped into this together. She's like a race horse or other prize animal that needs to be tweaked and prepped for top performance, then brought off the high. Or it's her female personal assistant, or maybe the team of the two of them. Not interested in playing actually famous characters; we can make up who they are. Up for either side.

Variations: Can be a theater company. She can have started this while on a shoot, or during the press-junket era. It's come up -- what if she's the equivalent to a K-Pop star breaking away from her girl group, and she was trained this way from the start?
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Re: What Am I Offered For This Fine Piece of Bric-A-Brac? (f/Various)
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2020, 03:10:51 pm »
Name: The Grifters

Scenario: A mother and daughter team in Las Vegas or the Caribbean or other fun-loving, freewheeling environment with lots of residents and tourists with more money than sense. They set out to break hearts, wrap men around their fingers, steal what they can, rook them out of the rest. Confidence games. Shell games. The old switcheroo. Just plain sex.

Tone: Underhanded, conspiratorial, fun.

Notes: We'd each play one of the mother and daughter, but also the marks and any allies involved. I suppose this could be episodic, in that we switch focus on one to the other, with the other player acting as GM. Discussion via PMs about who the new targets will be. Might be fun to deal with local constables and getting in with them, after getting in dutch in the first place. I'm rather enamored of the two women in the pic: they're roughly the same age in real life, but the blonde can easily stand as a very attractive, youthful mother.

Name: My Nephew... the Pimp?

Scenario: Beach house, sunshine; despite the glittering locale, there's a seedy underpinning of need. An enterprising young man and his still-scorching aunt wind up making a lot of money that summer by taking on a number of johns, business leaders in the community, local politicians, tourists -- out of boredom or desire to simply make ducats. A tone that is sort of Risky Business in its cynicism.

Notes: Hot-as-hell aunt, a nephew who is a young James Spader. I am not really into incest and don't expect their relationship is that sexual, but can be. Like, she'll blow him from time to time and he'll throw one on her for amusement. Maybe her husband has been an enormous dick lately and this is a way to get back. Maybe the kid isn't as oily as James Spader, but is growing into that role. I would expect the one playing the pimp-nephew would play the johns.
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Re: What Am I Offered For This Fine Piece of Bric-A-Brac? (f/Various)
« Reply #4 on: December 31, 2020, 07:18:17 pm »
Title: In Too Deep

Scenario: A senior in high school is falling in love... with both her best friend and the father of her best friend. While initiating the first steps of love with her classmate, she winds up being seduced (accidentally?) by her classmate's father during a pool party the family is putting on over the summer. What to do? She likes them both, but is struggling to figure out what the hell is going on.

Parameters: Interracial, lesbian sex, hetero with age gap, hiding, shame, emotional play, romance

Setting: Modern, nice, middle class suburban America. The home of the 'Krausses' and other locations, perhaps a furtive engagement with the father in his car, kissing and fingering with the daughter in the back of the bus on a trip for the lacrosse team/cheerleading/debate team. This can potentially go long, of course.

Requirements: MC is a pretty, effervescent black girl, you would have fun lifting two characters, the father and the daughter. I'd like them to be white. Race can be brought up playfully and enjoyed, but I'm not into invective or anything remotely of that nature. I am very happy to create and play other characters throughout and co-create all scenes.

Posting: I like getting into a character's experience, what he or she is thinking and feeling, which makes the smut pop more, and for its own sake. For this one, the shame and joy of her self-discovery is important, as are the intrigues of trying to hide what is going on. For your part, I hope you'd enjoy doing the same for your two characters. What happens when things can't hide anymore?

Name: Better To Burn Out

Content: Light Consensual, Character Driven

Synopsis: A young woman, at the end of her rope, visits one of her artistic heroes only to discover he is as lost as she.

Summary: Sadie Colquitt, who has crossed into her mid-20s, feels spiritually and emotionally lost in her life. She has a no-account job waiting tables, a merry-go-round relationship with a boyfriend for far too long, and her own artistic pursuits feel like they have dragged to an early death. On a whim she decides to hit the road to visit one of her longtime inspirations. Hitting the road? Trying to locate a hero? What could go wrong?

Sean 'Doc' Chassier was the longtime lead singer of the band Limousine, a once ironically titled rock band that perhaps toured too long and grew a touch too famous before it all broke apart. This was years and years ago. Chassier then went it alone, releasing strange but well respected solo albums before more or less fading away, though he did write some screenplays, books of poetry, and one or two novels that weren't that well regarded. Lately he feels lost to the world, growing older, having lost too many people and misplaced the heart of who he is. When a young woman shows up at his door, what happens? Do they accidentally find in each other a kindred spirit?

Looking For: I like to get into my characters lately, know where they come from, what kind of coffee they like to drink, whatever makes them feel a bit real. I don't mean this in a suffocating way. I tend to write 3-5 paragraphs in my comfort zone. Given other obligations you should expect a post every day or so. Real life gender does not matter to me.

Notes: The above names (and band name) are placeholders, as are the images below. I want him to be a kind of more rocked out Leonard Cohen-type figure, or Bob Dylan, a good songwriter who was an even better lyricist. Might have some William S. Boroughs in him, or Hunter S. Thompson. He would be still famous but declined from the public eye. And... he is at least 50 that would be on the low end. I've been interested in Suicide Girls a bit lately and so I'd like her to be a bit tatted out and alterna-, but exactly what her personality is (spunky more than shy, etc.) can be discussed. If, in general, you can throw in bits about popular culture and all that jazz, that would be awesome. I figure this will be a pretty slow burn - I do want them to get together at the end, but it will take a while to get there.

More I think about this, the more it'd be great if they were both women.

NSFW Images

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Re: What Am I Offered For This Fine Piece of Bric-A-Brac? (f/Various)
« Reply #5 on: December 31, 2020, 07:21:08 pm »
Beneath the Waves

Scenario: A nereid or selkie or [fill-in-the-blank] has taken a shine to a sturdy, older man on land and seeks to lure him in. A married man, well-to-do, he finds her incredibly tempting. How to keep her secret from his family, his superiors at his job, society in general?

Tone: Darkly romantic. Let The Right One In can be an inspiration: the man is dissatisfied with modern life and the selkie's presence engages something deeper inside him. The selkie may be curious about life above or want him to join her down below.

Setting: Thinking Scotland or more like Scandanavia, maybe Nova Scotia, those lands of cable knit sweaters and romantic heather-rustling winds. Genteel society and sturdy furniture vs. the lure of open spaces.

Notes: I want her world and her brain to lie outside human understanding, capricious and daring. As for him, I'm thinking a Christopher Eccleston type, someone impassioned but weird. I am up for playing either character. I hope to do some interactions for the man outside of scenes with the sea-creature. With his family, for example. Perhaps his architecture firm (or whatever) is having a retreat up the coast and she follows him... Perhaps he's a pastor whose faith is shaken... A lighthouse keeper...


Accidental Binding

Scenario: He dithered around with pages from a discovered grimoire, idle and bored. There was no way this was going to work. A sex demon? Ha ha. Yet, when he finished the casting, his mind suddenly slipped to think about his... aunt? His gorgeous, hard-working... aunt?

Basic set-up is that a mismatched couple is joined together by a binding ritual. The male has discovered pages from a scroll that he has used to cast a spell, intending to help himself out of jam. Or purely for sexual favors. Or a number of things. In any case, the spell has brought a succubus-type force into the world and has thrust it into the body of someone near him and has bound the two of them together. The woman isn't terribly happy about her new sub-demonic nature, but now has outrageous sexual needs only he can expunge on a semi-daily basis. Whoops! Now what?

I'm attracted to the idea of the mismatch, this situation forcing a crossing of natural boundaries in ways that are embarrassing and lead to potential shenanigans. I'd like there to be a level of authority between them that creates problems to overcome. That is, a father-daughter set-up is less attractive to me because they have 'access' to each other at all times, whereas a man accidentally binding his business partner's daughter to him creates a perfect foil.

Tone of Game: Realistic, sexy hijinks! The human-succubus needs to feed sexually or will go out of control. How do they negotiate this? Her embarrassment about being so hot to trot and needing him. His embarrassment for having bound her. And then she discovers the powers their couplings are bringing out of her. Maybe he has her sleep with his teachers, or partners, or whatever, expanding his power in the world.

Posting Quality and Stuff: I'm really attracted to character psychology. Really want to give them fleshed-out lives and play around with how they deal with the fall-out of their trysts. Why is auntie spending so much time with Chad all of a sudden? That sort of thing. Sex is so much more fun when it means something to the characters (good, bad, serious, funny). I'm looking for at least 3-5 paragraphs a pop, please.

Notes: I am up for either character. Any gender partner. I'm not really into other incestuous pairings for this one, e.g. mother-son.

Possible Pairings: aunt-nephew, uncle-niece, male teacher-female student, business man-barista, business man-partner's daughter

Pictures under spoiler are of milfy aunt-types.


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Re: What Am I Offered For This Fine Piece of Bric-A-Brac? (f/Various)
« Reply #6 on: December 31, 2020, 07:22:51 pm »
Sunshine Quarantine

Scenario: A global pandemic, albeit more directly invasive than our current one, two visitors are trapped on a remote, self-contained resort (such as the Maldives, where I admittedly have never been). As dangerous as the pandemic is, they are forced to isolate, being safe, with supplies dropped in on occasion, no staff present, and no end in sight. They are asked to keep up the properties to 'pay' for their extended stay. With nothing else to do, they get to know each other.

Characters: One is a young woman in her twenties, maybe part of a jetsetting youth brigade or a budding influencer or model or actress, or just a normal person, who had arrived at the small country before her boyfriend. The other is a much older man, who is perhaps travelling after some calamity, such as the death of his wife, his friends got together to treat him or he's using part of a pension. A gentle, charming, caring man, he is old enough to be her grandfather -- I'm not thinking a silver fox type. They form a partnership in this sort of Adam and Eve situation where she, coming to appreciate him, throws him a bone one evening.


Scenario: Disorder in the streets, think global anti-captalist protests, tear gas, battles between protestors and cops, rumors of paramilitary elements vs. anarchist cells, no end in sight. Mismanaged funds, elites stealing the future, yet life continues. While segments of downtown are sites of nightly battle and daytime ruin, others still go to work, clogging the highways with traffic and populating the office towers.

Characters: A young woman nearly savage with lust for a new world. She's seen enough. Knows how to maka a molotov and hotwire a car, knows how to organize. Feels she is helping give birth to a new, more equitable and freer society. He is an upper middle management corporate drone. Expensive car, nice house and family, 401-K, unhappiness, a slipping grip on his marriage, and, lately, the realization that his bosses and the projects he's working on are set to screw not only many faceless people over, but himself and many of those in his company. Upstairs, downstairs: somehow they become allies. Can he bring her upstairs to wreak quiet havoc on systems out of control? Can she bring him down to the turmoil and make him understand? Maybe shes's softer than she claims to be, maybe he's more vicious.

Name: So Long, Sweet Summer

Scenario: Whenever her parents headed back to the city or into town for groceries, Carley would doff her clothes and go skinny dipping in the lake. She didn't know why. It cleared her head, she guessed. It was a weird summer, a time of transition. She had a lot on her mind. Little did she know that John, one of their neighbors and a friend of the family, was watching her every time. Little did he know, she eventually realized... and kind of liked it.

Notes: Character depth would be cool. Maybe he's not just a lech, but is seeking some answers of his own. Playing around with how they manage a torrid summer fling while her parents are in and out would be rewarding.

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Re: What Am I Offered For This Fine Piece of Bric-A-Brac? (f/Various)
« Reply #7 on: December 31, 2020, 07:24:36 pm »
Gender Transform / Open

Scenario: Quantum Leap!

Description: Following the old classic tv show, with a kinky twist. If you're not familiar, Dr. Sam Beckett was stuck in time, plunging from one person to the next, occupying their body in order to resolve some personal or social conflict. To make things right. He'd then plunge forward into the next story, endlessly, for no known reason. Same thing in our story, but some act of sexual congress has to be consummated for him to move on.

Ideas: We could play this as 'having to bring forlorn lovers back together' or 'getting the nerdy girl together with the jock', but those sound pretty bland. I'm thinking more like the bride at a destination wedding in Mexico needs to lay her father-in-law, or the businessman needs to fuck the pretty barista sort of ideas. High school football coach and college cheerleader. Celebrity and a fan. Those sorts of trysts. They may be cataclysmic for those involved, but he's gone before the fallout. In the series, Beckett had a ghostly advisor help him figure out what the 'rules' and setup of each new story. It'd be fun to inhabit each new character, see all the players, and then dive into the ending.

X-Change and Broad Gender Transform (M>F)

The x-change lore involves pills/drugs that transform (usually) male to female for a period of time (including permanently) and possibly some additional factors (bimbofication). Sometimes it's a sporting thing among friends or roommates, where one loses a bet or is pranked. Other settings, it's to land a job, but the character is stuck in the newly female position, and so on. My tendency, following indications in previous sections, is to maintain the mental faculties and to join in on some dubcon-to-con situation. The idea of being stuck and either having to hide or be used, humorously, by friends, coworkers, bosses, or strangers, is cool to explore. Something like a wife or girlfriend having to help out in these situations, as some big riddle or action is solved, is great.

Ideas can be weirdly naughty like a father getting swapped into his daughter's body as she's enjoying a Florida spring break (maybe her persona is put aside or 'shares' her own brain, talking to him!). A man at the end of his rope, instead of going to the afterlife upon suicide is given a new lot in life... but certain... requirements. The nerdish friend in the group is captured by a curse down a strange alleyway on a school trip to Europe with friends. Generally -- or I'd say, always -- sexual requirements should be high. As with most anything, I'm open to GMing for the right player. Please see my preferences for posting, etc., above.

Name: Witness Protection

Scenario: An expert witness is given an experimental form of body transformation and hidden in a quiet mountain town for protection. This, of course, involves transformation into a woman and a new profession. Everything was supposed to be hunky dory, except friends of the mob (or similar) had their moles in the federal forces and introduced an element into the cocktail MC/YC received, making him-now-her extremely horny. This was the best they could do at the moment, but worked both as a jokey rebuttal but also, they realized, as a way to identify which one was the witness they wanted to kill.

Characters: Mountain town in Wyoming or whatever, turns out to be more suspicious of outsiders than expected, the protagonist tries on a normal, new life that is very different than his life previously, but this... new obligation is rather insane. I could see him/her getting help from his handlers in this fashion, if you know what I'm saying. People adopting sexual poses and activities for other purposes is sort of a thing for me nowadays.

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Re: What Am I Offered For This Fine Piece of Bric-A-Brac? (f/Various)
« Reply #8 on: December 31, 2020, 07:34:12 pm »

I have an idea of two young women from rival tribes -- a saurid tribe and a jungle cat tribe or something -- who are thrown together due to extraordinary events. I'll need to fish some ideas out of my brain at some point.