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Author Topic: WOD Werewolf the Apocalypse story  (Read 271 times)

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WOD Werewolf the Apocalypse story
« on: February 02, 2020, 08:59:57 pm »
Lion's Gambit


A dark twisted love story of two soulmates destine for greatness.  A story that involves a incestuous relationship.   Outcasts among the garou nation,  marked for death for their love.  For they have broken the first law of the litney and have been declared charach. Destiny or more importantly Lion has marked their destiny.  With their fate sealed the strength needed is from each other.   A story filled with other creatures of the world of darkness.   Black Spiral Dancers, Garou, Formori, Vampires,  Changing Breed, Mages and Witches. 


Our story actually begins nearly nineteen years ago.   When Lion turned his back on a pride of Simba and their kin.   A pride is nearly wiped out.  Save for twin Simba kin sisters.   Who are taken as spoils by the alpha of the Black Spiral Dancer pack that had raided and slaughtered the pride.  The twin sisters would become rape breeders of the alpha.   Within a month both are with child from being raped daily by the alpha.  One is a boy the other is a girl (Tamara) Half siblings this pair would be.   The pair would be born under different auspice of the moon, one day apart.   The first to be born, that sister would die in child birth.   The trauma of being a slave of the hive too much.   Yet the child is born healthy,  a welcome addition to the hive.   The second sister would go into labor the very next day and birth a second healthy baby to the hive.    Raped the day she gave birth again and the days immediately afterwards.   Despite the loss of blood as she has been savaged with brutal raping daily.   She finds the strength four days afterwards.   Some will say Lion infused her to give such strength.   She stole away from the hive with her baby and that of her sister.   Where she found the strength one cannot say.   Perhaps it was true Lion finally acted.   Driven by the need to get the two infants away from the hive in Chicago.   The surviving twin sister manages to get to the Greyhound bus station in Chicago.  She would slip on one of the buses with the two children, with them in a large duffle bag she steals in the terminal from someone.   Nestled in the clothes that fill the duffle bag.   The two babies sleep contently.   However, before the bus leaves she spies Black Spiral Dancers and Formori.    She makes the decision to slip off the bus and move to another bus, a bus heading to Cincinnati Ohio.   Leaving the two babies on a bus heading to Las Vegas Nevada.    With courage of a mother she lets herself be seen as if she is running off the bus to Ohio.    She runs from the bus station,  she is killed two blocks away.   In the process the bus to Nevada leaves with the two stowaways.  While the Black Spiral Dancers chase down the bus to Ohio only to find that the two infants of the alpha are not on it.   

Twenty six hours later the bus arrives in Las Vegas at the Greyhound bus station.   Surprisingly the two infants have not fussed.   So when the bus empties and it is taken by bus company workers to be cleaned and readied for the next trip.   The duffle bag with the two babies is taken off.   Twenty minutes later at the baggage check claim in the bus terminal.   First one of the babies would begin to cry and then the other.   The one that found the bag on the bus has just left five minutes ago,  his shift having ended.  So no one else knows which bus the two babies are found.  Without knowing how they got their the assumption was a mother had left the two babies in the bus station from Las Vegas itself.   With the two babies now in the custody of Nevada child services.    The two siblings now are placed in the foster care system.   

Through not technically twins when the two our separated and placed in different foster homes.  Each baby becomes irritable and inconsolable.  It matters not how many home each child is placed in while they are infants.   The constant crying,  it keeps either of them from being adopted.   Then when they reach preschool age,  both are diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).   Such cements them into a childhood life of foster homes.   Both grow into trouble teens.   Fate then plays a hand in reuniting the two siblings in a foster home that handles trouble teens when both are fifteen years of age.   Now siblings by being foster brother and sister.  Neither realizes that they are truly related.    Yet the anti social behavior they have exhibited for all of their lives.   Ceases to exist,   as they become best friends and are two peas in a pot in doing  everything together.  More then that they both stay in this foster home until their eighteen years of age, just short of three full years.   Both graduating high school and then released from the custody of the state and the foster care program.   The two best friends decide to get a place of their own.   A trailer on the outskirts of Las Vegas as they transition into being adults.   A circle of friends they meet in the jobs that they get.  Despite their closeness, the two remain nonsexual,  platonic in the best friend relationship.

The Opening Act
First Change

All those years the two were diagnose ADD, it never was such.  It was the rage inherent in both of the siblings.   Two and half months that platonic relationship of being best friends comes to a end.   As Tamara goes into heat.   The need to procreate comes on her so fast and hard.   Of course her true brother her best friend and roommate is affected as his senses are also heightening like hers and he needs to couple with her.  This heat will lead to their first change and life altering.

Also at this time the group known as kinfetch is closing in on the two siblings.    They have been looking for them for years since they learned of them back when the hive was attacked and they learned of the twin Simba kin sisters and the pregnancies.


This is a system game set in the world of darkness.   Werewolf the Apocalypse (W20),  the two main characters are garou.   More importantly they are the first in near two thousand years White Howlers.   The brother sibling is what I am recruiting for.   He is the oldest of the two.   As I said it said they are born a day apart, and two different moons.   Depending what auspice is picked by you.   Tamara will be of the next auspice of the moon.   Starting abilities 7/5/3,  skills 13/9/5 Backgrounds 5,  Gifts 3 (1 by Auspice, Breed & Tribe),  Freebies 15,  Renown by auspice, gnosis by breed (1homid), Willpower (by tribe – White Howlers 3)  Merits (7 points can be brought with freebie or points off of flaws.  Flaws maximum 2 flaws for no more than +7 points.   Finally they will be rank cubs starting. 

Plot and antagonists

*  Lion totem gambit to reestablish his long lost White Howlers.

*  The siblings have broken the 1st law of the litney.   No tribe is more vocal then the Red Talons.  Whose totem Griffin sees Lion break from him as a insult and a threat to all of the garou.
*  The rest of the garou nation follows suit, perhaps not with the fervor that Griffin drives the Red Talons, but still very bad.

*  Black Spiral Dancer Alpha and his pack.  He will find his children and bring them to the spiral.
*  The wyrm will not give up those that is theirs.   Formori, Vampires will be thrown at the siblings.
*  Mages, witches and changing breed will be both antagonists and benefactors for the two siblings.   

*  The Simba cousins in spirit and benefactors that will aide.

*  The  mortal world will ostracize the siblings for the taboo of sibling incest.

*  Atonement

*  Rebirth of a tribe 

Final thoughts

It is not easy to rebirth a tribe from the dead.   Especially one caught in the clutches of the wyrm.    Thus I felt it was perfect to bring in the incestuous nature and thus leading to being charach.   Yes smut is part of the game,  with several strong plot devices.    I am looking for a invested partner who enjoys the world of darkness Werewolf the  Apocalypse.