Elliquiy will be moving to the server Monday Morning

Started by Vekseid, March 01, 2009, 04:42:48 PM

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Early AM for the Americas, Afternoon for Europe. Evening for Australia and a good part of Asia.

The server is currently hosting Blue Moon without issue (I used them as a guinea pig >_>) though I had to tweak the configuration a bit. I may do so a bit more... I designed a custom LAMP setup for us over the past two weeks and I'm actually rather proud of it.

In any case, as with the previous move, I'm going to begin with disabling Mediawiki and the blogs, and get those running on the server next. The forums will be down for a bit of an extended period this time a I want to also upgrade to SMF 2.0.  Assuming things go well, we could be going before most of the US wakes up, but don't be surprised if you see any scary messages come Monday.

Thank you for your patience everyone : )


Your reality doesn't apply to me...


Do what you need to do Veks, we will all be waiting patiently...I think.:)


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Well, it has to be done so I hope it goes off with a minimum of problems for you Veks.



Please tell me what time so I can prepare myself when I check my threads and PM's at 6am Pacific time.

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Hang tight every one... "I'm free... free falling"  ;D
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Postponing posting for one more day in observance of the personal Murphy's Law effects on my posts won't hurt anything.  I have faith in Veks' abilities - my own luck, not so much faith in ^_^;;;   

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