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April 11, 2021, 02:46:43 pm

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Author Topic: Looking for MxM Dominant Characters (extreme non con)  (Read 289 times)

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Offline KyoukiKoeTopic starter

Looking for MxM Dominant Characters (extreme non con)
« on: January 30, 2020, 01:17:40 pm »

M/M Extreme Noncon scenarios where my character will play the victim and yours will play the aggressor are the only type of new threads I'm looking to take on at this time. I do play the aggressor, but those are the only kind of threads I have at this current time, so I'm really needing to switch it up before I can take on anymore threads of that nature right now.

I'm really open-minded with settings and plots and would love to discuss any possible scenarios with you that fit the list below.


Bolded means they're extra delicious.

Non-consensual, particularly if it's done realistically and respectfully.
—Stockholm's Syndrome
Lima Syndrome (for your character)
Incest, as in, but not limited to, a real incestuous father/son relationship. The daddy kink in all its forms is a lovely thing to me.
—LGBTIQ+/queer characters.
—LGBTIQ+/queer relationships.
Size Kink, I love would for a big, muscular dom to overpower my slender, little sub.
—Spanking, whipping, paddling, some kind of beating with hands, belts, crops, whatever moves you (MC recieving)
Torture, treat him worse than the filthiest scum on earth. He'll cry really pretty for you.
Humiliation, submissive behaviors like boot-licking, lowering one's eyes, kneeling for master, abasement in general. (MC receiving)
—Rough sex
Hatefuck, no need to be gentle.
Ageplay. Have your daddy beat my little boy into submission. Underage characters that follow the rules of Elliquiy are okay with me!
—Incest, in all its forms.
—My sub fearing for his life/life and death situations
—Stark, often brutal realism is generally my go-to writing style.
Beasts/Monsters, any sentient or non-sentient creature that wants to give it to my sub. Bonus points for claws and teeth.
—Really any kind of bondage/restriction.

—Pregnancy of any kind.
—Constant references to a character's cock being small or unimpressive, or other insinuations that they're not giving them pleasure, unless warranted or it fits a particular scene.
—Cuckolding isn't a kink for me. I'm okay with cheating plots, but if your character is cheating on mine with half the universe, it's not interesting to me unless it's permissive poly.
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Offline KyoukiKoeTopic starter

Re: Looking for MxM Dominant Characters (extreme non con)
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2020, 01:20:06 pm »

Karasu is a beautiful pale-skinned demon currently residing in the human realm. His amethyst colored eyes are quite rare, and the way his long, raven-black hair cascades down his slender back and frames his porcelain face gives him a rather unique allure. Most would say he’s a haunting yet very beautiful sight to behold, always exuding the utmost elegance and graceful poise. 125 years is considered quite young for a demon, leaving his beauty frozen in time under the guise of one who may only appear to be in their mid 20’s. Karasu’s years have taught him how to be very clever and exceedingly cunning, but underneath that brilliant façade lays a broken little boy who doesn’t know how to love or be loved.

Growing up, Karasu’s father was a cruel and deceitful man, raising Karasu on lies of his father’s own grandeur and self importance to keep his son dependent and from ever leaving him. Karasu was sexually abused by his father nearly every day for as long as he can remember, until one day he gathered the audacity to brutally murder his father and escape to the human realm with an aspiration to never let himself be under the control of other ever again.

But these are the things that are very fun to trigger when he does end up finding himself restrained and overpowered by someone stronger than him. After all, those pretty, violet eyes look so very lovely when they’re glistening with tears.

When I play him as a demon, Karasu possesses fire-governing powers of the explosive nature as he comes from a rather superior class of demons. However, I'm never against playing him as powerless, little human for your pleasure as well.
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