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Author Topic: [MxM] Looking for Dominant Characters for Long Term Plots!  (Read 407 times)

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[MxM] Looking for Dominant Characters for Long Term Plots!
« on: January 30, 2020, 11:44:39 am »
Looking for literate and long-term partners hopefully.  Also, I only do MxM, just so we're on the same page.

I'm a pretty big fan of darker stuff, but not too dark. Dark and sweet, adventure, fantasy, ect.  I even like lighter themes every once in a while.  I heavily prefer long-term story driven plots over sex driven, but can do either. I'd like to think I'm fairly open minded with things. If interested, just ask. The worst I can do is decline, right?

I should mention, I say USUALLY bottom/sub because that's what I'm more comfortable with, but I don't mind being a switch. I can top on rare occasion, though I feel I’m not very good at it so I prefer not to.

I'm a fairly literate role player who enjoys a good story along with the smut. I can easily churn out 2+ paragraphs depending on what my partner gives me, if not even more than that. You do not need to be a grammar god because neither am I. All I ask is that I can understand what you are writing.

Post Length - I would prefer to be at least two paragraphs if not more. And help me build the plot a little. We can build something great together. However if it feels like I'm not contributing too much then please let me know how I can contribute. I do get nervous thinking about whether or not my ideas are good and that kinda makes me just go along with other people's ideas. Just let me know if I start to do that.

Posting - I'm open to Threads and MAYBE PMs.  Maybe.

BUT, please PM me if you are interested in my ideas instead of replying to the thread.

I will try to post everyday and even more than once a day but I do have a guild and a game life so sometimes I get roped into something. Of course I do not require my partner to be on every day so no worries.

I love to talk with my partner beforehand to flesh everything out and get an idea of where exactly we are going with the plot.

Things I'm Not Interested In
Slice of Life (With Few Exceptions), One Shots, Toilet Stuff, Furs, Cross Dressing, Sissification/Forced Feminization

Things I'm Interested In
Long-Term Roleplay, Adventure, Fantasy, Dark and Sweet, Magic, Original Characters, Multiple Characters, Story-Driven

Things That Are Possible And Plot Dependent (Only Certain Plots Contain These)
Hard Noncon themes, Bad Ends, Limited Torture, Rape, Humiliation, Drugs and Aphrodisiacs, Slave/Master, Sex-Driven, Corruption, Love/Hate, Fight Sex

Here is my F-List for more kinky details.

Whether I’m up for more extreme kinks or Noncon is entirely plot dependent. Since a lot comes from my story worlds there are some pairings or ideas that offer things I normally wouldn’t go for. If you like an idea that is listed as Noncon but want it to be Con I can do that as well. I just like to have a bunch of themes around to appeal to a wider variety.

Okay, now for something I've taken to doing because I feel it gives a better idea of what I'm capable of. Here will be some examples of my work. (Post Length is obviously variable depending on my partner)

Example 1
Kaiser blinked. He wouldn't deny that Galen had a point. "You are correct, but I will not be dissuaded. To let you go would be welcoming investigations to my doorstep in the inevitable turn of events after your release. You'll tattle on me because you believe it the moral and just thing to do." he explained. Morality in general was in the eye of the beholder. Everyone had different views. "You speak of morality as if were a definitive concept." he countered. "To some, the morally just consequence for theft should be the loss of their hands. Others believe the just punishment to be life in prison. Some believe it 10 years, others believe it 2. With so many different views, who is to say exactly what is moral?" he asked with a raised brow. It was a silly concept. "Like all intelligent designs in this world, they weren't intended. We as humans evolved out of necessity. This evolution has made us capable of complex thought and society. Each society in this world has a different moral compass. Some societies believe women to be of lesser value and require that they hide their face and submit to men. Tell me Galen, how do you know which moral compass is the true one?" Feelings were irrelevant. Even courts decided to rule out of facts rather than sensation. Galen's morals were of a sensational kind.

After thinking for a moment, Kaiser shrugged. "I don't expect you to, no. But I expect you to be smart enough to know when you've been beat and simply go along with it. You can't tell me you have no self preservation instincts whatsoever." he said with a raised brow. If that were the case, then Galen was a defective human being. "Again, whether or not I am corrupt is completely irrelevant. The fact is that if I let you go, you will run off and tell the big bad scary cops what I'm doing. MY self preservation instincts say that this is a most undesirable outcome, and so I cannot let you go."

Kaiser decided that he was through trying to reason with the boy. "I am going to be very good to you today. I will present to you a choice of drugs. I will tell you their effects, and you can choose one. Experience for yourself what these concoctions can do. They are temporary and the choices I will give you have been used and proven, so it won't be a mystery." This said, the male walked off to he tray and opened a drawer that was padded with styrofoam and contained an assortment of vials that were labeled with numbers. He set them on the tray as he awaited Galen's response.

Example 2
From the looks of it this group had it pretty rough. Most looked haggard and thirsty, although water wasn't something Karlon had in excess either. To hear that they ran in the Blighted was no surprise to Pyre, he'd heard it all many times over. Sometimes they'd get single visitors who lost their entire group to the Blighted, but those were the ones to be extra wary of. Just a touch may not cause too much hard, but if a Blighted so much as cuts their victim enough to draw blood, it was safe to say they were probably not going to last.

Pyre had seen many undergo the change, and it was never pretty. The best thing to do for anyone who was hurt by the Blighted was to just end their life before the change happens. In Pyre's eyes it as the most merciful, to allow them the dignity of dying in a sane mindset. Not only that, but souls who succumb completely to this change might never be purified. Not for a long time at least. With each victim the Blighted's numbers rise, and it was a steadily growing problem.

"Well, I can't promise the best of arrangements considering most families share housing already, but I can at least try to give you a place to rest at ease. It's highly unlikely that it will rain tonight anyway. Haven't seen a spot of rain in quite some time." Pyre spoke up with a sigh. The lack of rain was troublesome. All life needed water, not just the crops. "I'd honestly welcome the rain, but I doubt we'll see it for at least another week."

At the offer of trade, Pyre nodded thoughtfully. "Like most settlements, we take Rubes or supplies." This was just to clarify they types of trading they'd be open to. He wouldn't take coins he couldn't use after all. After looking over the group one last time, Pyre turned and waved a hand to beckon them.

The strip of land leading to the village was wide enough for two wagons side by side. Up close the walls were rather imposing. Not many knew it, but beneath the wood was solid ground that rose up in a wall. It was thanks to Ragnarok's power that this was possible. The Divine Sword of Earth was a powerful one, even capable of limited terraforming. Many legends surrounding it say that it even has the power to cleave the very land. Pyre had Orion's help in creating these walls to better secure this settlement.

There were people bustling about their daily business as soon as they entered. One man who was rather burly in appearance had been waiting along with several others. "Travelers then?" the man asked for clarification. When Pyre nodded, the man looked them over. "I'll have no trouble on my watch." he warned rather sternly. "I'll have you know that we take our jobs very seriously. No theft or harassment, or there will be hell to pay, that much I can promise you."

"Enough Ran, I'm sure out visitors understand." Pyre spoke up while making a calming gesture. He turned to their visitors and smiled. "This way. There is room in the fields here for you." That said, Pyre lead them along to the fields where their crops were grown. Hordine potatoes for the most part, but there were a good portion of other things as well, primarily crops that were indigenous to the Demon Realm due to their ability to thrive in inhospitable climates.

There was a open area where there currently weren't any crops, and that was where he would have them settle for now. "I can't help but notice the state of your companions. I do hope they're being cared for." he spoke up, keeping a neutral tone devoid of how disgusted he was deep inside. Some of them looked like slaves, and it certainly wasn't an uncommon practice these days. "The water around this village is tainted, as you likely noticed. Do not drink from it even if you are thirsty. I think you'll find that we are rather welcoming to all, and I have a zero tolerance for any form of racism. You'll do well to remember that."

Pyre's face took on a pleasant look now and he smiled. "But where are my manners? My name is Pyre, and I'm the one in charge of this settlement. You claimed you wish to trade? What sort of goods are you looking for? Perhaps food and water for your comrades?" Pyre's voice was a deep yet smooth sound that was easy on the ears. If these comrades were indeed slaves, he would have to purchase one, at least if his assumption was correct.

As just as his beliefs may be, Pyre was not a god nor did he fancy himself as one. These times were troubled, and he couldn't be the judge jury and executioner of all who came through. He could tell that one of these travelers was the spirit he was looking for, and his eyes locked onto the violet eyes of the one he suspected that to be only momentarily before awaiting his visitor's answer.

Those are good examples of my work. Sometimes I post less and it's all really dependent on what's going on in the RP.

As for the NSFW type things, how detailed I am depends on my partners level of detail. I'm not comfortable going into tons of detail otherwise as I fear maybe my partner wouldn't want that much detail in such scenes.

Now, let's get to the good stuff.

All plots are negotiable, if you want to add to them or change aspects of them I'm up for that as well. After all, RP is a team effort, we should be building the stories together!

Should note that I'm not opposed to doing the same ideas with different people because it always unfolds differently from person to person and I find that interesting. Don't be intimidated by the walls of text. These are very flexible I just tend to throw everything I think of in there.

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Re: [MxM] Looking for Dominant Characters for Long Term Plots!
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2020, 01:55:36 am »
Onto the Plots!

Apoc Universe Plots
Modern Fantasy, Supernatural Powers, Adventure, Many Varying Themes, ect.
Modern Fantasy plots that take place in one of my story worlds.
Mostly focuses on possible pairings of the main character with other various loose depictions of pairings.
There's a lot of pairing types here, including Noncon among other things depending on the pairing.
YC can be whatever you want really as long as the main plot is loosely upheld.  There is a lot to offer in terms of themes here.
And again, nothing is final.  I go overboard with detail in my ideas, but you can throw whatever twist you want on it.  It’s better when planned together.
* Means it is a plot I'm currently interested in, but I will do any of them.

Picking up the Pieces (Open) *
Modern Fantasy, Hurt and Comfort, Dark and Sweet, Romance, Story Driven, ect.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is a fluffier paring and considered my one true pairing.  Based on one of the pairings in one of my own story universes since I'm craving this particular pairing, but I will dull it down to be easier to get into.  I will love you if you accept this one even if it is a bit constrictive.  It will take place after all the stories main events conclude simply to make it simpler. Unless you want the real plottier stuff.

I will say, if you are willing to go with this, I will love you forever.  I love getting into different ideas for these two, I feel they go very well together.  The moment I decided to pair them I instantly loved them.  However, I feel pairing them together on my own in a story is simply not going to help me flesh out the characters since there wouldn't be any element of surprise.  It would be too perfect and possibly unrealistic if everything goes exactly the way I want it to after all.

The idea:  Maru is living a normal life now that the war is over yet he never knew what became of Maverick after.  One night at the bar he notices someone familiar and can't really believe his luck.  A chance meeting.  Maverick had been in town for no real reason, just one of his stops as he wanders around looking for a reason to live.  Of course Maru approaches casually so as not to startle him and maybe buys him a drink.  They talk, and Maru ends up offering to let him stay at his place for now.

The war is over of course, and Maru struggles to figure out a way to integrate the young man into society, into a normal life.  Most of all, he wants to keep him close so there won't ever be that uncertainty of whether or not he'd ever see him again.

If you decide Maru has been attracted for a few years, perhaps he doesn't ever say anything out of fear of permanently pushing Maverick away.  We could come up with some situation which ends up revealing it however, and Maverick ends up reluctantly accepting this confession.  (Maverick has been attracted to Maru for a long time but he didn't really know it because he was too consumed by hatred to bother with identifying any other vague feelings.

There are many ways we can go about it, it's up to preference.  I'd say a slow burn story with vanilla kinks at the start.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
An older man, possibly 30’s to late 30’s Maybe early 49’s.  Up to you really.  Although in the past he wanted to be a father figure to Maverick he was largely rejected in that manner so he simply supported him from the side.  Maru can easily differentiate between the battlefield and reality.  He's very understanding of Maverick's issues and only wants to help him lead a normal life now that the war was done and over.  He has a habit of smoking and used to be into tinkering with guns and the like, even going as far to create his own.  Whether he still has that hobby or not is up to you.

Hell, you can make up all sorts of stuff about him, there's a lot of things that are untold and will simply be up to you.  Why is he single?  How is the relationship between him and his son?  What ever happened to his wife?  Did she die, was she cheating on him?  What was his life like before the war?  During the war?  What kind of food does he like?  Other hobbies?  Maybe certain events of the war left him with mental scars?  What does he do with his life now?  Go crazy.  It’s your character after all.

Although it doesn't have to be extensively integrated, Maru was one of the leaders of the group that opposed the Star Signs during the war and they eventually won.  He is no stranger to the battlefield in that sense.

When he grew attracted to Maverick doesn't matter, it's up to you.

There can be drama as well as fluff considering Maru does have a son.  The boys name is up to you.  He resents Maru a lot because he felt abandoned when Maru left him alone during the war years ago(as a means to keep him uninvolved.)

You don’t even really have to read as it will be revealed over time.  It’s just there if you’re curious.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A 23 year old who has a lot of problems stemming from his past. Originally he was an experiment of Delta Union, albeit a failed one.  He lost his memories in this experiment and was trained in combat at the age of 15 for use one the battlefield against the rebellious factions that opposed the Star Signs.  This is where he met Maru, who spared his life under the pretext that he was far to young to be wielding a gun to begin with.  Although Maru had encouraged a peaceful path for him, Maverick was unable to follow it due to his deep seated hatred for Sagittarius.  To that end, he sought revenge and eventually achieved it, possibly at a very high price for him.

Maverick was so tunnel-visioned on his vengeance that he hadn't considered what would come after, even going as far as not caring if the vengeance killed him as long as he succeeded.  Because of this, he lost any sense of direction and purpose after this vengeance had concluded.  He helped with the rest of the war, but afterward he was left wandering aimlessly from place to place in search of something.  What that something was, he didn't really know.

Hatred was all he'd known up until now, and although he has mellowed out of this cycle he is still lost.  Anti-social to a fault, he only ever trusted Maru and no one else.  He's not as broken as he used to be, but he is still developing as his own individual fragment.

Maru doesn't know this, but Maverick is one piece of someone who ceased to exist during the experiment.  He split into three people who each embodied a part of who he originally was.  Not even he knew this until very late in the war when Divine (one of the fragments) eventually tells him.  This explains why he was so broken to begin with.  Over all these years however, each piece has slowly developed into their own individual person.  This means he will be capable of love if it is somehow shown to him.  Only one of these fragments retains his memories, a childish one that is stuck living in the past unable to understand that the future is now and that he no longer has the life he once had.

I feel we can play on this memory thing considering there is a very basic form of memory.  Maybe Maverick will start to grow confused because of mundane things he had never paid attention to before, like knowing the rules to board games he has never touched in his life.

Maverick is typically an abrasive individual who shuns all form of contact from others.  This is rooted deeply to a vague sense of betrayal.  (This feeling is part of a baser memory, vague yet there.  Sagittarius betrayed him in the past by offering to help those who were hurt in an event in his home town but instead kept Maverick and used him in his experiments.  Maverick doesn't know the details, but that feeling lingers and makes him wary of others, aside from Maru of course.)

I've tried to simplify the plot significantly for better compatibility, although if you want something far plottier then I'm up for switching it to take place during the war.  In that particular case I can give you a much more detailed summary with more information if a super plotty RP with adventure is more your thing.

This can be dark or light, preferably both I guess.  We can change is anyway you want, it’s just a base idea.

Siren’s Song  (Open)  *
Modern Fantasy, Possible Romance, Story Driven, ect.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A sweeter pairing but can be a little dark if we want.

Due to the nature of this this pairing, I’m not opposed to YC being more of a switch leaning sub for this.  Or he can be a dominant character, either is fine.

Maverick (MC) is on a ship crossing back to the mainland when a rather unnatural storm hits.  He has his suspicions on who was responsible but no real proof.  The storm causes the ship to rock violently, and MC along with most of it’s passengers get tipped off.  The storm makes survival very unlikely.

Of course this is where YC comes in.  YC is a beautiful man who is aquatic.  I thought maybe scales on most of his body or you maybe you’d like to choose.  Just some humanoid sea creature I suppose.  He is fascinated in humans and often watches them.  Of course he was present for the storm, and upon witnessing MC drowning decides to save his life and take him home.

This can go anywhere really.  My main idea was that he is the other half of Pisces, a cruel man who experiments on aquatic life.  His power is more of a curse for him because he has two consciousnesses within him.  There is him, and YC.  YC is unaware of this however and although there are gaps in his memory he pays it little mind.  YC only knows of the sea.

The curse here is that Pisces is required to relinquish equal amounts of time between him and YC.  When YC is in control his appearance changes quite a bit and he is unaware of anything that YC does.

This could cause some interesting twists later if we go with this. It’s interesting because Pisces is cruel and YC is kind.  Polar opposites sharing the same body.  Feel free to throw in any ideas you might have, or if you want to go with something different for YC.

Fire and Ice  (Open)  *
Modern Fantasy, Possible Noncon to Con or perhaps Dubcon, or just Con, Possible Petplay, M/S, Story OR Sex Driven, ect.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is another idea from one of my established story worlds but is pretty loose.  Themes are hurt and comfort, master/slave to an extent, noncon which eventually turns to con, ect.  I’m looking for something dark and sweet.

Basic premise would be that Gemini (YC), is the boss of a group of bad guys.  I can detail more later if interested of course, but let’s keep it simple for now.  He is tired of hearing reports about Maverick (MC) meddling in affairs that don’t concern him.  Since he was Sagittarius’ experiment from years ago, he deems it only fair for Sagittarius to deliver the man to him.  (Alternatively YC could go after him on his own)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Gemini is only his rank and what everyone call him among the Star Sign organization.  When he was young he was merged with his twin sister as a result of a nuclear reactor near his hometown blowing up.  (Those with a genetic mutation gain powers when exposed to radiation, and this was his part of his power).  Both him and his twin sister now share a male body.  Their original goal was to separate, and perhaps it still is.

The male has the power to wield fire, a result of his fiery passion and anger.  The female has the power to wield ice, a result of her cold and cruel heart.  (You can change this if you want, since they will be your characters.  Their power can be whatever you want, along with their personalities.

This is the basic idea, that the male eventually grows to like MC a little even if he sees him as a pet of sorts, whereas the female steadily hates him.  A tug of war between sides at MC’s expense.

Of course they can take turns being in control of the body, and for short periods of time they can separate on rare occasion, and for limited amounts of time.  I like to think the brother really cares about his sister but really that’s up to you.  Names, appearance, backstory, whatever you want.  Gemini is only a rank after all.

I’ve detailed Maverick’s basic idea in the Picking up the Pieces plot.

So we have a noncon theme here with possible punishment, master/slave, pet play (collar and leash, but no animal nonsense) and perhaps stockholm.  MC will grow to like the male part of YC, but he will fear the female part.  If there are other themes you want to see in there just ask and we’ll see what we can do.

Perversion  (Open)  *
Modern Fantasy, Noncon into Con or maybe Dubcon into Con, or Con, Love/Hate, Rivalry, Fight Sex, Story OR Sex Driven, ect.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
MC and YC are constantly running into each other and hate one another, but are mysteriously drawn to each other.  They always fight, but over time these encounters become rather sexual.

Ok, if that’s interesting enough I’ll get into details.  Unknown to either of them initially, they are both individuals that broke apart during an experiment.  They are fragments of the same person and represent differing parts.  MC is the fragment of hatred, whereas YC is the fragment of insanity.  Neither have memories of their past before the experiment so they don’t know their real name and they don’t know that they are essentially the same person.  That’s why they are drawn together and why a twisted sort of relationship grows between them.

MC has no power at all, he’s ordinary but knows how to wield a gun.  After escaping Delta Union by mere chance, he has a singular hatred toward the man who experimented on him, Sagittarius.  He has sworn to kill him someday, but currently lacks the power to go so.  He is loosely affiliated with the rebel faction that opposes the Unions.  Consumed by hatred and vengeance.

YC has a supernatural power.  He was kept by Sagittarius and trained to carry out various tasks that benefit their group.  Of course he must obey as Sagittarius is far stronger than him.  YC is one of the higher ranked individuals under Sagittarius.  After one chance encounter with MC, YC becomes fascinated by his unwillingness to give up even when the odds are heavily stacked against him.  Most people who don’t have power would run and flee for their lives, but MC is different.  YC lets him live out of this interest.

They strangely seem to cross paths often after this, as if drawn to one another as YC grows a twisted sort of attraction to MC.  The only problem is that they are on opposite sides, good and bad.  And little do either of them know that their strange gravitation is due to their unique connection.

I think it would be interesting plot wise if eventually MC catches Sagittarius’s attention and YC has to make the difficult decision of whether or not to obey his orders.

This could go any number of ways really.  We’ll slowly flesh out a story together.

YC can have whatever power you want.  Backstory is up to you.  My only requirement is that he be a little crazy.

Apocalyptic Fallout  (Open)
Modern Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic World, Possible Zombies, Story Driven, ect.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is a different take on this world.  Alternate Universe I guess.

It had been about a year since the bombs went off.  One became two and two became four, a war instigated by the Unions.  It started off mild, just them against the government, but eventually it spiraled out of control and other countries got involved.

First one should understand how this all started.

People feared those known as Ability Users.  People with a genetic mutation that allowed them to manifest supernatural power from radioactive exposure.  The Unions were made up of such people, people with power.

At first they were secret, no one really knew about them.  As their numbers grew the secret could no longer be kept.  Ability Users were not taken kindly to, and this was why.  The Unions were a terrible first impression for their kind.

The Unions were a cluster of organizations under the command of Gemini.  The Star Signs were the highest ranking members with Gemini being on top.

With the Unions now in power over the land, everyone knew what they were.  They had groups across the globe, but the main forces of their organization was stationed on one continent.  The Unions were common knowledge now.  There were five of them.

Delta Union, lead by Sagittarius.  They were a group of scientists specializing in radiation based power through human experimentation.  They even had contacts in human trafficking groups for this purpose.

Gamma Union, lead by Capricorn.  They control the political aspect of things.  They made the laws and Zeta Union upheld them.

Zeta Union, lead by Libra.  The punishment forces.  They are like the police, but not as kind nor fair.  Libra acts as the grand judge of the court system.

Sigma Union, lead by Aries.  Their group creates weapons.  They also regulate who gets to sell weapons and who gets to buy them.

Theta Union, lead by Leo.  Similar to Delta Union, but they research abilities related to transformation.

These Unions make up the current government.  As for the world itself, it is largely a wasteland but there are still some cities barely standing.  They serve as the main settlements and are inhabited primarily by Ability Users due to the lingering radiation.  Many get vaccines yearly to keep stable or risk their bodies rejecting their power and dying as a result.

Some normal people live there or in smaller settlements.  These are people who couldn’t make it to Eden.  Normal people out here are more often than not sickly, though some have good resistance and live longer lives.

As for Eden, it is one of many places shielded from the radiation.  Eden is home to ordinary people with no potential for power.  It was founded by the rebel group during the war.  The rebels opposed the Unions and everything they stood for.  Eden is protected by them.  It is a brilliant land where grass grows green and the air and water is pristine and pure, and the land fertile.

So the world is set.  I don’t mind the addition of zombies as a sort of thing that happens to ordinary people who get too irradiated if zombies is your thing.

I’m thinking it’s a pretty dark and desolate world and only the main cities are protected, the rest of the land lawless.

As for pairing, I guess just make up a character.  I’ll probably play as one of this Universe’s OCs.  You can discuss and throw out ideas for it as well.  I kinda thought this whole setting up on the spot.  I usually play a specific OC for these plots but who knows.  Maybe I’ll try different one, depends on how we plan it out.

The Sweetest Poison  (Open)
Modern Fantasy, Drugs and Aphrodisiacs, Possible Noncon to Con or just Con, Story OR Sex Driven, ect.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Like the above plot, it’s kinda based on my own stuff but a lot looser.  Themes will be noncon that eventually becomes con, aphrodisiacs and drugs, ect.  Pretty smutty.  Hoping that this slowly grows into a relationship or something even if it’s purely sexual.

So MC (Maverick) sees something he shouldn’t, perhaps a drug deal or something run by YC.  Alternatively YC could see him at a bar and recognize him as the one Sagittarius keeps bitching about and decides to spike his drink and take him home to his lab.

YC is the rank Scorpio, but his name is whatever you want.  He specializes in poisons and runs a side business dealing in drugs that enhance or manipulate the body and mind.  (Not mind control of course.)  So YC decides to use MC as an unwilling guinea pig for these drugs.

I personally like the idea of him being super scientific, explaining what his creations do.  Maybe even emotionless seeming at first and only seeing the world through perfect logic.  Maybe he eventually comes to like MC?  It’s up to you, really.

Think like enhanced sensitivity, temporary lactation, increased sexual stamina and desire, sensory manipulation, whatever you can think of as long as it isn’t in my hard no list.

Judgement and Balance  (Open)
Modern Fantasy, Noncon, Sweet or Rough Corruption, Story OR Sex Driven, ect.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Another interesting pairing idea I had.  Probably noncon and maybe themes of corruption.

Libra (YC) is the leader of Zeta Union, a group of ability users focused of punishing other ability users.  For Libra, he got his rank due to his power of the scales of judgement.  He can use his power to judge opponents based on their alignment with the seven deadly sins and punish them accordingly.

Of course since Maverick (MC) is against the Star Signs, Libra would judge him eventually even if he doesn’t have a unique power.

The idea was for him to be judged, but since he’s such a blank slate to begin with being heavily aligned to Wrath due to his singular hatred, Libra would feel this judgement to be unfair.  As such, he makes it his mission to create a fairer judgement, even if it means corrupting MC into Lust in order to do so.  After all, no one can be guilty of only a single sin.

How this all happens is up to you.  It’s just a base idea that I found interesting.  Libra’s real name and personality and everything about him is up to you.

Scream for Me  (Open)
Modern Fantasy, Noncon, Possible Bad End, Humiliation, Master/Slave, BDSM, ect.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This one is extremely noncon.  For those who want a much crueler plot I guess. It’s all up for grabs as far as kinks are concerned aside from my hard no’s.  Rape, humiliation, limited torture, all that jazz.  This is a bit of a Bad End type thing where what if Sagittarius takes MC back?  What is MC fails to get his revenge on him?  An idea I had at one point and decided to throw in here for those who might be into this sort of thing.

YC Sagittarius is a cruel man.  Sagittarius is only his ranking among the Star Signs of course.  He derives pleasure in the torment of others and runs the human experimentation division of the Unions.  His goal is research on supernatural powers of course, but he’s up for a lot more.

His appearance, real name, even his power are all up to you.  I see him as a sort of bipolar type of guy, happy one minute and downright pissed the next.  His personality is up to you though.

MC is a failed project of YC’s from years ago.  Since MC didn’t attain a power he was deemed useless.  MC’s desire for revenge however has lead him to become a thorn in YC’s side.  YC decides to take him back if only to use as a toy to sate his twisted desires.

MC is irrationally hateful and defiant.  It will take a lot to break him in.

If you want less of a bad end type thing though you can come up with a happy ending?  It’s whatever we make of it.  Does MC get saved by someone or dies he continue to be YC’s pet for as long as he remains entertaining?  It’s up to you.

Innocent Seduction (Open) New!
WIP Idea
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
WIP idea.  I wanted to make a pairing of MC and Virgo, but I wasn’t even sure how this might work?  CANNON Virgo is an innocent beautiful girl, but for pairing sake I only do gay stuff.  My original thought was that YC attained the rank Virgo based on their power.  I thought Virgo-Virgin, so maybe have a power based around that concept?  Perhaps Virgo is beautiful beyond measure or somehow supernaturally seductive.  That power is strongest as long as they remain a virgin.  I dunno, this was really just some WIP idea and I’m all up for suggestions.

Maybe since Virgo is one of the bad guys and MC is kinda one of the good guys maybe Virgo plans to use their power to get to MC and end him, but somehow ends up growing infatuated with him?

I’m open for any ideas really.  This was just a spur of the moment idea.

Strictly Business (Open) New!
Modern Fantasy, Possible Non Con into Dub Con into Con
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Was thinking YC who has been ranked as Taurus and second in command to Gemini has a lot of work on his hands, but also a lot of time on his hands.  In his spare time he likes to find things that interest him, toys to play with.  While at a bar in the city of Trent he notices someone who might be of interest.  MC is drinking while listening in for information that might lead him to Delta Union, even asking questions that he hopes aren’t too revealing of his agenda.

YC overheard him and grows interested.  YC may work for Gemini and his Unions, but YC personally never cared for Delta Union, the human experimentation sector.  Although it may be slightly traitorous, YC decides on a game.  He would feed MC information bit by bit, all in turn or favors.  Favors that MC may not like.  Favors of a sexual nature.

As for how it starts, maybe a forceful encounter at the start.  MC is looking into stuff he shouldn’t be, so YC makes sure he ends up drugged and taken home with him.  Perhaps after revealing his game he forcefully has his way with MC and gives him a single clue, leaving it up to MC to decide whether this set of transactions will be worth his while and whether not to seek him out for additional clues.

Perhaps what YC originally states is “Strictly Business” slowly becomes something more over time, eventually leading to an eventual partnership or relationship.  Who knows.  We can plan this all out as we go.

Hell, perhaps over time MC starts to secretly enjoy these transactions.  We can talk kings and whatnot and see what you might want to throw in here.

Also, we could do this either Story Driven, or Sex Driven.  In the latter case, we could focus more on the encounters with each other rather than things as a whole.

A Failed Infiltration (Open) New!
WIP Idea
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Aries, the rank given to one who runs Sigma Union.  YC is the current Aries, leading the Union that primarily deals with technology development.  The work on making weapons as well as...other sorts of tech that might be utilized for more depraved purposes.

This is another WIP idea that can be sex or story driven.  The idea is that MC infiltrates one of YC’s primary facilities in hopes of getting info on the new weapons that are in development, maybe hoping to be able to warn those who oppose the Unions about the sorts of dangers they might be up against.  Unfortunately MC messes up, big time.  Maybe YC made traps in anticipation of such an event, who knows.  MC is now in YC’s hands, and YC will certainly make use of him.

Since YC’s group works on technology and such, it isn’t farfetched to assume they also have other things in development.  High tech sex toys maybe?  Fuck machines?  YC likes to have funding, and there is plenty money to be had from making crazy things for those who desire them.  Hell, why not take it a step further and say they also make mechanical dolls for those purposes?

Mechanical Lust (Open) New!
Modern Fantasy, Story or Sex Driven, Con
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Murasaki was a brilliant man, and unfortunately his brilliance led to him being forcefully taken in by Sigma Union.  Forced to make weapons and technology at Aries’ behest, he grew lonely and desperate.  This lead to the creation of what he dubbed “Epsilon”, which was a word used to mask what he was truly creating.

His creation was a mechanical human, one with feelings, desires, personality, and free will.  This creation was to be like a son to him, to be the family he couldn’t have.  In time this creation was discovered, and Aries wanted it used as a weapon.  Murasaki couldn’t bear the thought of his precious creation being used in such a way so he somehow made sure that his creation could escape.

YC is that creation.  Now in the real world with no one to guide him, YC wanders about.

Now, this is a sort of WIP idea, and I have a few here depending on whether you want something more Story Driven or not.

Sex Driven Idea
Murasaki was depraved and made a mechanical human specifically for his own pleasure.  Unfortunately Aries wanted a weapon, and Murasaki grew attached.  He made sure YC could escape at the very least.  Since YC was created for Murasaki’s pleasure, he knows no other way to live.  He happens upon MC by coincidence, and without knowing what else to do, he offers his services.  MC is not interested, and simply wants to brush YC aside and move on.  YC however, wants a purpose.  YC becomes very insistent on servicing MC, even if he has to be a bit pushy.  (Think like YC has picked the one he wants to own him, and he isn’t going to take no for an answer)  Maybe he ends up corrupting MC slowly, causing MC to give up his desire for revenge and instead entertain YC.

Story Driven Idea
In this case, YC gets away and wanders about without much purpose.  He runs into MC and grows interested in him, following and watching him over time.  YC is interested in humans, and MC is quite different from most.  Eventually he chooses to approach MC, wanting to travel with him.  At first MC is resistant to the idea, so YC follows along forcefully.  We can come up with a goal or a plot on how things might progress together.

An Engineer’s Loneliness (Open) New!
Modern Fantasy, Story Driven, Con
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YC is a genius engineer that was held captive by Sigma Union to assist in the creation of weapons.  During that time he grew lonely, and eventually created a robotic man to keep him company.  He regarded the creation as a son, and when Aries learned on it she wanted to turn it into a weapon.  YC ordered his creation to run away, granting it the opportunity to do so.

Aries punished YC for this, and demanded he make up the loss of material.  Over time however, YC grew concerned for his creation and chose to run away.  Someone he created an opportunity and made use of it, getting away from the Union and sticking to the shadows as he searched for his creation.  Unfortunately Aries wasn’t going to let him go so easily.  Aries was sending people after him.

This is where MC comes in.  MC coincidentally happens upon YC who is being accosted by someone from the Unions.  MC assists YC, but then decides he needs to know why they were after him.  Upon learning that YC is an engineer, MC feels it is best to put him under the protection of the rebels.  The only problem here is that YC refuses to go until he locates his “son” who got separated from him.  (YC doesn’t want to openly reveal that he created something, so he would likely dress it up as if he was looking for his child.)  MC reluctantly agrees to help YC find him, and so they search.

So what I’m imagining here is that they go on a long trip that could be dangerous at times since YC is being pursued.  Over time somehow both YC and MC grow closer, a slow burn perhaps?

Sephoria Universe Plots
Fantasy, Fantasy Races, Adventure, ect.
Plots based in a Fantasy World of mine.
Keep in mind that though I throw tons of information in these, it isn’t final.  We can make any changes we want, I just had an idea and threw out everything I had for it.
* Means it is a plot I'm currently interested in, but I will do any of them.
Below are just ideas.  If you like the world and have a different idea you wish to pitch at me, feel free.

Adventure Plot (Needs a Better Name) * (Open)
Fantasy, Magic, Demons, Elves, Dragonians, Fantasy Races, Adventure, Story Driven, Romance, ect.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
WIP.  Now I did this back on Adonis like ten years ago???  Or something???  But I feel it would be interesting to offer again.

Thinking this will be main story-ish.  YC can be whatever you want him to be.  Probably meets MC at some point and chooses to follow along with him.  So we're looking at a long-term fantasy adventure with good and bad, fighting, magic, romance, ect.  End goal would be stopping the bad guy, but we can make stuff up and build this story where ever we want it to go.  Ideas on your part are encouraged.  Let's build something neat together.

Here is a basic idea of the world.  Nothing too in depth of course, but it states why the worlds are the way they are, and other background information about the world itself.  If you have ideas you want to add, feel free to do so.  I have a main idea of the actual story to an extent, but I don't want to spoon-feed a story here.  I want us to make something different and unique together.

World of Imbalance * (Open)
Fantasy, Magic, Post Apocalyptic, Survival, Mythical Races, Possible Zombies, ect.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Since some people like post apocalyptic stuff I thought up another idea.

Background info on how the world became the way it is:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The world requires Balance.  The elemental balance sustains the world, and imbalance can destroy it.  Normally the Divine Sword Spirits of each Realm would mitigate such catastrophe as that is their purpose.  The Divine Sword of Darkness called Umbra turned on the world and decided to seek a master as sow the seeds of chaos throughout the Realms.  Secretive at first, he grew bolder and by the time anyone realized it it was far too late.

Umbra sought to cause extreme imbalance and messed up the elemental balance of the world itself.  With imbalance, natural disasters can occur on a grand scale, and this is exactly what happened.  To achieve it, he sought out his counter balance, the Divine Sword Spirit of Light and found a way to destroy her.  This was a grave issue as the elemental balance shifted toward dark.  To further this, Umbra went about finding ways of severing the Sword Spirits from their swords and destroying some.  The Wind Spirit was destroyed in this struggle, further tipping this careful balance.

The four Realms were chaotic, disaster after disaster ravaging the worlds relentlessly with nothing to counter balance this shift in alignment.  The highest elementals did the only thing they could, and restored the world as a whole.  This was a very drastic measure as the worlds was split in four intentionally after discrimination and wars broke out among the races.

For the first time in a very long time, the world was whole.  Even this wasn't enough to completely mitigate the consequences.  The land was barren.  So much was  wrong with the elemental balance that the world could hardly sustain itself on an elemental level.  Earth element for example would make the lands fertile, but the world as a whole was too big now.  Water element purifies the water and is the source to rain.  All of these imbalances added up and left the world devastated.

The ensuing disasters wiped nearly everyone out.   There are some of each race still remaining, who build societies and scavenge the land for whatever they can use to survive.  Many settlements have been made to house the remaining populations, and are peppered throughout the land.  The Elemental Spirits that remain are trying to provide for the world and what's left of it, but only so much can be done.

An alternate idea for those who want zombies and darker stuff:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Perhaps the imbalance wasn't as severe and many people lived.  The world was joined as a whole still.  Umbra couldn't stand against the remaining Sword Spirits and instead sought to put the final nail in the coffin.  He found a way to open the Void.  An alternate Realm typically unaccessable that held only the blackest of hearts, souls deemed irredeemable and unable to remain in the reincarnation process.  This dark world brought them to further madness.  Umbra unleashed them upon the world, monsters who no longer had a heart.  The people called them Zombies.  Their pure hatred and resentment led them to the singular purpose of ruining this world.

They didn't operate off pure thought.  No, these creatures would infect people with their tainted souls and blackened hearts.  Those effected would slowly go mad, and these were the real zombies as they appeared human.  The power of the Void magic left them undead, an aimless soul animating a dead body.

Typical zombie stuff ensued, many of the population succumbing to it.  There were only so many normal people left, and the ones that remained were terrified.  Races that hated each other now worked together to survive.  Some lived alone and fended for themselves. There were only few places that were truly safe, some via magic.  The darkness of this outbreak further tipped the scales of balance, but there were still those who made a living off hunting these monstrosities, determined to slowly rid the world of their presence.

Ok, we have two possible worlds here.  YC can be whatever you want.  Any Mythical race works, or even being human.

I am willing to play a dominant role if desired.  Typically I'm bad with that, but I do have one character in mind that I feel I can properly portray as a top, although in this case he would be a nice one.  I can't play abusive tops.

If any of this interests you, let me know.

Mechanis Plots
Modern or Futuristic Fantasy.  Also Adventure.

Dawn of the Mechanis (Open)
Modern Fantasy, Adventure, Story Driven, ect.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Fatasm is an artificial human with the power to fight robots that look and act like people.  He is on a slow path to stop the madness caused by his father's traitorous co-worker Theodore.  YC can be pulled into this in any way we want, as it will grow into something more as Fatasm begins to embrace the idea of love.  This can go any number of ways, read on if this interests you.

Dr. Sagasa, a Japanese genius embarked on a new study in bio engineering. They called it Project Mechanis. It was his idea, but he needed the manpower to pull it off. He was able to get the support of many, and the project soon came to the final stages. They had used mechanical technology along with the human creation to create 5 people. They were mostly human, yet many parts of them were purely mechanical. This combination made them very worthy creations. They called them "Mechanis".

These Mechanis were essentially human, lacking only precious few human functions that weren't fully emulatable at the time. Such things included growth and reproduction, among others. Even still, they were remarkably human to the point that one would not be able to tell the difference. These prototypes were merely stepping stones in their progress, but the full potential such things represented began to cloud the judgement of one particular scientist. Garnering the support of the rest, this one scientist began secretly making plans.

Upon discovering these plans, Dr. Sagasa was deeply upset that his ideas were going to be used in the creation of weapons. He couldn't stand such an idea, so he had to confront them. Dr. Sagasa knew the outcome of such an endeavor, and made preparations accordingly for his own prototype who had no idea at the time. In the end, Dr. Sagasa was killed before his eyes, and the dice were cast.

Upon realizing that the prototypes could not be modified, they were destined for execution. Little did they know, one of their prototypes barely escaped execution. Fatasm, Dr. Sagasa's Mechanis had escaped and began living amongst the humans. Even still, he remembers what happened to his father, and no longer trusted humans.

When the new Mechanis began to rise, a fateful encounter with one of these completely mechanical humanoid robots of destruction revealed his true potential, and Fatasm decides to fight against these abominations with the very skills he was secretly given without his knowledge.
I've run this idea in the past. Years ago actually.

Romance won't be instant, as Fatasm doesn't trust people! He's seen what their greed for power can do, and he is wary of them!

Mechanis are NOT general knowledge. You can choose if your character knows some about them, but your character will know nothing about Fatasm's kind in particular, because he's the only one left. Most are unaware of the robots masquerading as humans currently.

Or we can choose a scenario of slightly later in which people are now aware, and often hide within their own homes in fear of them.

Here are a few various scenarios we can choose from as a starting point:

--My first idea was a chance encounter. You happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and encounter one of these Mechanis killing someone. Now it is going to kill you. Just as it is about to finish you, Fatasm just happens to come by at around this time to fight this Mechanis, in which you become confused because in your eyes this is almost unreal. That such machines exist and even more so that they are fighting each other, even if one seems slightly different from the other. You could be an ordinary person if you want, it's whatever.

--Another idea is that you happen to be a member of a group that is aware of the Mechanis' existence due to unfortunate circumstance. You might be a mechanic, or a strategist, whatever you want, but you work alongside this hidden group of people in an attempt to fight back against these things no matter how futile it seemed. (I pondered the idea of them perhaps obtaining scraps of destroyed Mechanis in hopes of building their own to combat these monstrosities). Your character run into a rather fascinating fight while doing to recon. This fight involves two Mechanis fighting one another, which was previously unheard of. This piques your interest, and even if it may not be the best idea, you decide to learn more about this rogue machine, which just so happens isn't a machine at all, but rather Fatasm! You hope that perhaps you can persuade this rogue to join your group in fighting against these machines. (One idea is maybe you think he's mechanical, and perhaps want to trick him at first so you all can dismantle him and identify what exactly makes him rogue, or you can come up with any other idea that you want)

--Perhaps you are a scientist of sorts who ran into a Mechanis. As you are about to die, Fatasm enters and fights with it. You become fascinated by this encounter, and seek him out further. The fact that Fatasm bleeds and seems to harbor emotion and even physical sensation interests you as a scientist, and you wish to learn more about this mysterious entity. Perhaps even going as far as earning his trust or even hoping to experiment with him as a means to learn the true extent of his capabilities in emulating human nature. This experimentation might lead to deeper feelings between the two, who knows? (I personally like this idea XD)

--An idea I just came up with would be perhaps you are one of the enemy's engineers that was recently hired and doesn't understand the real scope of Theodore's plans. After finding out that this prototype Fatasm is alive, you are ordered to bring him in in anyway possible, even if you have to gain his trust. You're ordered to figure out what exactly makes Fatasm formidable, as Theodore has his blueprints, but they reveal nothing as to why Fatasm is able to fight the way he does. It could be useful for future plans of his to know what technology is behind him. (Perhaps after learning enough about him you gain an understanding, and maybe even attraction to him. In that sense, it wouldn't be strange if you decided to take Fatasm's side rather than Theodore's after a while).

--Another idea, you are one of the 5 Prototypes, one made by Theodore. Modified heavily to fight on his behalf, you are told to seek out Fatasm and either destroy or bring him in. You still have some of your old beliefs however, and see him as a brother of sorts. You grow interested, keeping your intentions hidden but also not reporting him to Theodore as you observe him. He interests you, and you grow attached.

Depending on how we so it we don't even have to go into too much fighting, Fatasm could end up settling down.

He is VERY human. His synthetic skin is very soft and pliable, and he can bleed when hurt. He was built to be as human as possible given the current technology at hand. He can think and feel, has a free will and even emotion. He seems apathetic at first, but deep down he can feel. He just doesn't understand most of these feelings due to the fact that his father was killed before he could learn everything. (This info might be useful depending on how you want to play)

This plot is quite open and out there. You can even throw in ideas of how we could run it. The ideas I gave are not the only way we can run this.

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