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August 12, 2022, 06:15:15 am

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Author Topic: Looking for a detailed partner who enjoys dark themes. Modern setting (M lf F)  (Read 572 times)

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I'll get right to the important stuff.  I've been roleplaying for over 10 years now.  I like plots that are detailed, around 5+ paragraphs per post, and also with a decent level of character/world building.  The best example of my writing style can be found by looking at my post history.  I don't really do any kind of socializing on here so pretty much 99% of my posts are roleplay replies.  I prefer roleplays in a modern setting and more often that not the themes are on the darker side.  If any of the following plots pique your interest please feel free to send me a DM. 

The Undercover Reporter.

The general overview of this one is a young female reporter in her 20s is trying to make a name for herself.  Just like any reporter she has her own sources, some are cops, some are criminals, etc.  She gets a reliable lead that there is a big organization that is trafficking women in the city. (Could be a real city like New York, Chicago, LA, or some fictional city set somewhere in the states.)  The stakes are high and obviously there are some very powerful and dangerous people involved, however if she can bring the organization down it'd mean she can pretty much write her own ticket when it comes to where her career goes. 

There would be this one strip club in particular that seems to hire young and attractive women, only to have them disappear not too long after.  She figures that's her in.  I can see the roleplay starting relatively slow, build up a cast of characters, I'm thinking that the reporter would maybe apply for a job as a waitress or a bartender at the club, not really wanting to get on stage but having enough access to where she can snoop around.  Things of course escalate, maybe she gets a little bit of information/evidence, but it's not even close to what she wants.  She realizes soon enough that if she wants the names of the higher ups who are involved, she'll have to go deeper under cover. 

The specifics of this plot will vary depending on what my partner is into.  I can easily see themes of non/con, drug use, prostitution, gangbangs, as well as various other kinks.

The New Breadwinner

A couple in their 30s are doing quite well, the husband has a relatively high paying job and his partner is a stay at home wife who does part time work from time to time, although she does have a college education.  They have a middle/upper class lifestyle.  Everything is going fine until something happens at the place where the husband works.  Money is missing and ultimately he becomes the scapegoat.  Of course he is innocent however whoever framed him did a good enough job to make it look like he was guilty.  While he doesn't end up in jail he is of course fired and his reputation is disgraced, to the extent that he'd have a hard time finding anything in his field.  Even if the couple down scaled they still have payments that need to be made, mortgage, car note, etc. 

It's at this point that the wife realizes she has to go into the workforce.  While she hasn't exactly had any experience in the workforce she is education.  After some searching she gets an entry/mid level job at a company.  Maybe something along the lines of a secretary, or some kind of organizer/manager.  Once again things start slow, but what she doesn't realize is that the main reason she was hired was for her body.  Her real job would be to keep the men that work there, as well as various high paying clients happy.  The roleplay can go in to major directions, either it's something she reluctantly, but willingly agrees to, or it's something where she is pretty much forced into it.  Either way there would be a lot of character development, emotional turmoil, as well as lots of depraved, possibly even degrading sex. 

Untitled Female teacher/Male student plot.

This can either be a high school setting or a college setting.  The teacher being in her mid 30s, the student between 16-19.  She'd be teaching for some time, is married, and while it doesn't have to be the greatest marriage, she'd still love her husband.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances one of the students gets some dirt on her.  We can figure something out to where it feels realistic, even though it's a bit of a cliché plot.  Things would progress pretty much as you can imagine, however I want things to play out in a realistic way.  Being blackmailed into sex and worse would affect her marriage, affect the way she interacts with her husband.  Along with all the naughtiness I also want the characters to be realistic, have them battle through all the emotions, obstacles, and whatever else would come their way, and not just focus on sex.  This is just a vague template for the idea so I'd be open for variations to this plot. 

More plots to come!