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Author Topic: What They Did to Us (Panicbroadcast13)  (Read 366 times)

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What They Did to Us (Panicbroadcast13)
« on: January 17, 2020, 12:40:49 PM »
Name: Mai Victoria Larson
Experiment Number: 124α
Age: 23
Date of Birth: April 26th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Undetermined
Ability: Nuclear

Appearance: Mai is a strange looking person. Due to the radioactivity given off her body, her DNA is destroyed, and she has striking traits. Her body can’t hold melamine, and so her skin is pale, and transparent. Some of her veins can be seen underneath her skin, and when she overuses her abilities, they turn black. She has light silver eyes that change color when she feels strong emotions, and white hair that she keeps long because it grows faster than normal. Mai stands at about 5’2” and weighs around 125 pounds. She has scars on her arms and chest from experiments when she was younger, and she wears a metal collar around her neck that monitors her radiation levels. When she goes out in public, she wears a brunette wig, brown contacts, and modest clothing to cover anything that might give away the fact that she was an experiment.

Personality: For the most, Mai is quiet and reserved. Any emotion can trigger her nuclear ability and make her radioactive and dangerous. Some people say she’s emotionless, but she only seems so to hide who she really is. Mai is hot-headed, and angry all the time. When she wants to be, Mai is snarky and rude. She has a problem with authority after being held hostage by the military her whole life. That trauma has also made her paranoid. She can’t go out in public because she’s afraid of someone finding out what she is. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and she doesn’t trust anyone but her best friend.

Life History
: Mai was born normal. She didn’t start out as the freak she is today. Shortly after she was born, Mai was kidnapped and forced into the Asger program. There were three generations when she was entered. A generation consisted of 50 children each. Mai was number 124, and she was in the nuclear portion of the project. Each program focused on a different ability. Most children died, and none of the experiments were easy. Mai was tortured with chemical poisonings, psychological exams, combat training, and many more tests to see if she would survive experimentation. Unfortunately, after many trials and many many errors, Mai was the only survivor, and was given the alpha symbol to her experiment number. The element used on her became known as Asnmamium, a manmade radioactive element that was almost impossible to create due to its unstable condition. The effect it had on Mai was horrible, and until she was older, and learned how to control her powers, she was sick constantly. Her growth was stunted, and she couldn’t keep food down. She was kept under military care even after Project Asger was shut down. It wasn’t until she was 18 that she was freed and returned to her family. Even still, the military kept an extremely close eye on her.

After she was released, Mai kept herself closeted. She rarely left the house and didn’t talk to anyone. Her parents who were grateful to have their daughter returned to them still felt that their child was a stranger to them. To get her to open up, she introduced her to Demetria, a girl Mai’s age whose ability was telekinesis. Demetria was Mai’s best and only friend, and she was the only one who could get Mai to be human. However, when she turned 21, Demetria found the resistance, and left, never to be heard from again.

Two years later, and Mai is trying to find an out. She’s tried, and angry, and miserable. She can’t go out in public without feeling like someone is out to get her, or that she’ll lose control and hurt someone. She hates her mother’s sad eyes when they look at each other or talk to her dad without him praising the government for returning his “little girl.” Mai wishes she could have joined Demetria, and run away, but her collar keeps her subdued, and tracks her location. On top of all that, the military visits once month to run more tests and checkups, like a robot. They’ll never let her go. She’ll never stop being their science experiment.

First Post

It was early in the morning when Mai woke up. The sky was still deep blue, and from above the tops of nearby houses, she could see the dusty orange fog from the city. From her digital clock on the nightstand, the time read 4:48 am. Mai sighed. Sleep was hard to come by for her, and she had only gotten a few hours of sleep. Even if she attempted to fall back asleep, she was sure the nightmares would wake her up again. The dreams had been bad lately. They were visions of vaporized shadows and pulsing powers in her hands, and people screaming. It was always screaming that was the worst. She had tried to talk to her parents about it, but they weren't any help. Every time she talked to them, they would say the same thing. "Talk to your agent about them." Like he was any help. Her agent was her government assigned babysitter, some man sent to check on her every month to make sure she didn't blow herself or anyone else up. To make things worse, he was due today. Looking at the calendar on her desk, she saw his name scribbled there from last month. When he came then, she had recently destroyed a restaurant restroom and he had to fill out a mountain of paperwork. After that, she was on house arrest, and the monitor on her collar was set to higher levels. It had been miserable.

Mai wasn't sure what to do until he came. Her parents would be asleep for a couple more hours, and the neighbors wouldn't be heading to work until six, so there wasn't even people to watch outside. The streets were still dark too. Electricity in the suburbs got shut off at eleven, and didn't turn before the sun came up. It was a government policy to try to save energy. Since the environment had gotten worse in the last few decades, there were several attempts to save it, and cutting power to the poor was one of them. The dark didn't bother Mai too bad. She never really had a hard time seeing, and after spending most of her life in a constantly lit cell, the dark was a comfort to her. It was looking out at the dark street below her window that she knew what she wanted to do. Quickly, she changed her clothes, braided her long silver hair, and stepped outside. She wasn't allowed outside, but with people sleeping, and no streetlights, now was the perfect time to go for a run. It would be easy to take a few laps around the neighborhood to burn some energy before anyone noticed her. Running was the one way she stayed somewhat in shape, and it was the only way she could exercise without becoming a human bomb.

The air was freezing as she ran. Soon, her cheeks turned numb, and her breath puffed out in clouds. It felt freeing to her; The empty street, the sting of cold air, the feeling of a bit of independence. Mai even smiled a bit. But it was short lived. As she rounded the corner of the next street up, she bumped into another person. It was a man, dressed in a patrol uniform, and he almost looked as surprised as she was. They stared at each other for a few seconds before he registered what happened. Then, he spoke into his ear piece, called for another officer. In an instant, Mai was to her feet, booking it back down the road she had came from. Now she thought to herself about how stupid she was. Of course there were patrol officers. They were everywhere. The man began to chance her, and she had nowhere to go. She couldn't run home because he would arrest her anyway. Mai was in the middle of trying to form an escape plan when she was tackled to the ground. A second officer grabbed her from her left side, surprising her and making her trip. He was on top of her in a second, shoving her into handcuffs. Panic had set in, and the next thing she knew, she was screaming and struggling to break free. The monitor on her collar began to beep frantically. As she tried to fight the men off, a needle went into her neck and immediately, Mai was out cold.

An hour later, Mai woke up again at home. Her head hurt, as well as her whole body. From what she could see, there were scrapes on her arms and legs, and she felt a scab on her chin. It looked like she had gotten in a fight. "Fuck," she gasped as she got up. A string of curses left her mouth as she got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. There was a note on the door of her parents's room. Their room was across the hall from hers, and the words felt like they were screaming at her. They read, "The police brought you home this morning. Your arrest has been lengthened. Your agent is coming today. He'll be there at 8. Be ready, and be respectful. Please don't cause trouble for him." Mai sighed again. Fuck. Don't cause him trouble, they say. Mai wouldn't cause him trouble if he didn't give her a reason to.

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Re: What They Did to Us (Panicbroadcast13)
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2020, 10:36:08 AM »
Name: Pavel Vissarionovich Kasarov
Post: Under Secretary of the United Nations Security Forces.
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Background: 10 years in Spetsnaz, Special Operations training in Interrogation.

Appearance: Pavel is always well dressed and rarely goes anywhere without wearing a suit and his favorite BMW M series. He is 6’0 with a military haircut that he preferred when he left the service. He is relatively fit but hides many scars on his chest from the lengthy SERE training he went through where he was taught to survive and fight against enemy interrogation.
Personality. Direct, but caring to those he holds dear. He can be very charming and prefers to use wit and cunning to get what he wants as opposed to weapons and violence.

Life History: Pavel grew up in St Petersburg, Russia. He was instilled at a young age, the values of patriotism and duty, meaning he would do anything to protect and further the interests of his country. He joined the Nationalist Youth League at 13 wanting to be a soldier. When he turned 18, he joined the Army and scored so high that he was able to get to Special Forces training after a year in the regular army.
He excelled at hand to hand combat and was an expert marksman. He grew interested in extracting information from people and specialized in Interrogation and Torture. However, he prefers to use words and manipulation to get what he wants.

First post:

It was raining when Pavel got out of his car and walked towards the looming office building. The air smelled faintly of dandelions and Pavel was irritated. He had just had his car detailed and now it was raining. The BMW was a status symbol; something he took pride in. He had rewarded himself with it when he was given his current post. As he walked towards the building, he remarked to himself how gloomy it had gotten in the past 24 hours. He opened the door, when two of his aides rushed to greet him. “Sir, we’ve had an incident in sector 214 Experiment 124a has shown levels of active radioactive isotopes. She evaded house arrest and assaulted two police officers from our reports!” Pavel sighed as he headed for the stairs. It was a habit; he never took the elevator to go up the 10 floors to his office. “Hand me the dossier Ivan, I will review it with my morning coffee”

He reached his office and carefully hung his suit jacket on the hook by the door. On this floor, portraits of the leader were everywhere. Pavel was beholden to only him. He was the dictators voice and right-hand man. No one had seen the dictator except for Pavel. He sat down and Ivan handed him a red folder marked “124A” Pavel was always interested in how they categorized people as objects. He had heard and read the classified documents about the experiments, but he had not had the opportunity to take part. He skimmed the reports and the dossier and looked up sipping his coffee slowly. “Prepare a cage” he said firmly. “it seems that we have been much too lenient on this girl by letting her reside at home. I will keep her here until we can come to some sort of an arrangement or she calms down.” Ivan nodded and left the room to have a cage prepared. Pavel liked cages. It was his way of monitoring subjects close by so that he could get to know them. To study them.

He looked at his watch and smiled. “I have an appointment with this Mai. Come along and bring a gown and restraints. She will be returning here for interrogation and then imprisonment until we can figure out a solution to her problem. I will not have innocent civilians killed” With that, he returned to his car. He drove towards Sector 214, which was one of the lower middle-class neighborhoods. You could see the difference and transition as he drove from the unique upper-class suburbs, which were carefully manicured and the middle class and finally to the “sectors” as the government called them. They were basically dwellings for the people who survived experimentation. As he arrived at Mai’s home, he gestured for the rest of his team to stay put until he needed them. He parked his car and approached the house carefully. Ringing the doorbell, his watch beeped, indicating he was right on time.

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Re: What They Did to Us (Panicbroadcast13)
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2020, 12:14:15 PM »
The morning had dragged on since she had woken up the second time. After she had read the note, she had taken a shower, trying to untangle her silver hair and scrubbing the rubble out of the scrapes on her knees. The water that morning was freezing. Her parents must have used the only hot water they had that morning, and there wouldn't be more until that evening. On top of power cuts, there were water cuts, and heat was scarce. Mai could practically see her breath. She could have waited until the water came back, but she had to be washed up for her visit in case her agent had to do some physical exams. There were bruises every all over her arms from this morning, and even though she could clean her cuts up, the bruises stayed. When she had finished getting cleaned, Mai got dressed in a pair of black leggings and a loose grey tunic. She practically drowned in the long shirt, but there wasn't much else for her to wear since most of her clothes looked the same. They had all been the same since she was in captivity, and it would probably be the same until she died.

Mai was setting up the living room when the doorbell rang. She had pushed the furniture back against the walls, and pulled out a pedestal the sat in the center of the room. That was were she would stand during her examination, like some animal on display. When she was first brought home, it was her father who would set up the room, but once it became routine, Mai took over. She could see how uncomfortable it made him and her mother. It wasn't took difficult to do, it was just tedious. Once the room was set up, she went into the kitchen and pulled out the only nice serving platter from the fridge. Her mother insisted on having refreshments out for when government people came over. The officers rarely touched the food and drinks. It never met the standard to the food from the inner city, but her mother said it was a courtesy thing. If Mai had a choice, she wouldn't waste rations on people who were ungrateful.

Before she opened the door, Mai double checked everything she needed; Food, pedestal, herself, and on a lanyard around her neck was her ID card. It wad all there the way it was supposed to be. With a deep breath to calm herself, Mai opened the front door. Cold air seeped into the house, and she had to steel herself from shivering. Her face was neutral. "Officer Kasarov," she said with a curt nod. She didn't even wait for a response before she stepped out of the way for him to enter. Right before she closed the door behind him, she snuck a peak outside. There were more black vehicles outside than normal. It wasn't just his car this time. That wasn't a good sign. Her heart started to race a little fast, but she steeled her face so that the panic rising in her chest wouldn't show.

With the door shut behind her, Mai made her way to the pedestal. She stepped onto it quickly, and turned to face Kasarov. "I'm hoping this is business as usual," she started. "Everything is the same as last month. Normal blood pressure. I haven't lost or gained weight, and I am still short." She repeated her information in a monotone voice. It was like reciting a script that was pre-programmed into her. Each month for the last five years, since she was released from the military site, they have done the same dance. He showed up, ran a test, checked her health, nodded without much of a word, and left, and even though she had seen the other cars out front, she had hoped that it was just her imagination that something was wrong, and he would be out of her house in 15 minutes.

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Re: What They Did to Us (Panicbroadcast13)
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2020, 10:31:08 AM »
Pavel stepped in the cold house warily. He had forgotten that his direct superior had instituted a rather harsh rationing system on the lower classes. This had all been in the name of progress, but in reality, the state was suffering. Funds had been directed away from the economy and into the military and its related research. While Pavel himself never had to worry about rationing, it was still a shock to the system. To go from what he considered normal to a community no less than an hour from his office, where heat was rationed and water was rationed was still unthinkable for him. He radioed outside without so much as paying attention to Mai and a few minutes later the house had heat and hot water.

He sauntered inside and sat in the recliner set out for him. “Business as usual?” His first words to Mai were cold and uncaring. “We received a report that you have broken the rules of your house arrest yet again young Mai” he said to her as he motioned towards the platform in the center of the room. “This just won’t do, We cannot allow you to live free and break the rules” He got up and walked towards her and shifted behind her as he began his physical examination. He wasn’t an overly sexual man, though he did enjoy his sexual encounters when he had them. He groped Mai all over. This was not a sexual thing, but he did note that other subjects in similar programs had developed breast and cervical cancer. Due to the look of the house, it was very clear that Mai’s family could not afford adequate medical care.

He unhooked her collar that kept the radiation in check and removed it. Inserting two acupuncture pins, one green and one red into the back of her neck. One increased the blood flow to Mai’s body to speed up the healing of her translucent skin and the other went directly into the muscles controlling her thyroid so that radiation wouldn’t spread.

He sat back down in the chair and eyed her curiously. “That must feel better without that damn contraption around your neck” He sipped some of the water on the serving tray. “At least it’s clean” he muttered. “You must be wondering why all the cavalry has come with me today Mai, As punishment for your constant infractions, I have decided to take you back into captivity under my personal care, until we can figure out what to do with you” He accepted a white jumpsuit and threw it at Mai. “Take your clothing off and put this on” He retrieved a set of hand and ankle restraints from his bag and tossed them to Mai. “Put these on and do not resist. If you resist, one of the pins in your neck will stop your breathing and knock you out. If you get angry the other will cause you immense pain, so it would be in your best interest to cooperate. If you choose not to, your parents will lose this dwelling and their jobs, the choice is yours”

Pavel motioned for his aides and a couple of guards to enter the house waiting for Mai’s decision.

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Re: What They Did to Us (Panicbroadcast13)
« Reply #4 on: February 20, 2020, 10:55:38 PM »
Of course she was wrong. Of course her mistake from this morning would have gotten her in trouble. She had pushed the boundaries too far, and now she screwed herself over. Mai fidgeted with the hem of her tunic as Kasarov spoke. Her gaze was fixed on a stained spot on the carpet so that she wouldn't meet his eyes. That stain had been there since before she returned home. It was weird to think that now she would never get to know why it was there. Mai never questioned what her parents' life was like before she was born, or what it was like after she was taken away. A part of her never connected with them. She was afraid of them in a way, or afraid of them not liking her. The air around the family had always been tense and distant, and now Mai's heart was breaking thinking about being taken away again and never getting a chance to actually know them. Would someone tell them what happened to her? Would she be allowed to keep in contact with her parents? Or would she be locked in solitary again.

As badly as Mai wanted to ask questions, she decided to keep her mouth shut. Instead, she bit the inside of her cheeks, and kept silent. She let Kasarov go about his exam; groping and prodding, and moving her in whatever way he wanted. The physical exam was always embarrassing and awkward and a little painful. Especially when she was a teenager, and started being aware of how some officers abused their power, Mai hated the way they touched her. Kasarov wasn't as bad as most. In fact, he was the only one she was tolerant of after she left the military camp. However, that still didn't ease her anxiety. Her heart beat rose slightly, and her collar started to beep steadily. Her radiation level was rising, but she wasn't worried about it. She knew how to handle it. She could feel the power tingle in her finger tips, but it was dull, and she wouldn't let it spread further.

A moment later, however, her collar was off. To her surprise, Kasarov removed it. She watched in a mix of horror and almost intoxicating surprise as the veins in her hands and arms turned black, and she felt a burst of power run through her body. She hadn't felt that much power since her last test at the base, and this time, it wasn't someone else controlling it. It was her power, and no one else was making her use it.

But it was over in a second. As quickly as the power came, it was taken away. Mai felt a sharp sting in her neck, and weight pulling against her skin. The black blood resided, and she was suddenly feeling very drained. She whorled to glare at the man sitting in her chair, and despite her subdued state, fire burned behind her eyes. She caught the clothes and restraints in her arms and hugged them to her chest. "You're taking me back?!" She spat the words out like they were poison in her mouth. Her voice was soft, and quiet, but her tone was sharp. "I don't want to go back. I've spent my whole life under your constant super vision, and all I want is to be free. I didn't ask for any of this bullshit, and I am tired of being under your control!" Mai could feel her blood begin to rise, and she took a breath to calm herself. She knew it was no used to argue. Especially as guards entered the room, she knew it was hopeless. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she gazed down at the stain on the carpet. It was then that she started to notice the warmth that had filled the house. "You leave them alone," she said in almost a whisper. Then, looking back at Kasarov, she spoke a little louder. Her grey eyes glaring into his. "You leave my parents alone. Move them to a better district. Give them a better home, with hot water and heat, and real food. Make up for the hell you put them through and what you're going to put them through again, and I will come quietly. No arguments, because they're the only innocent ones here. They deserve more than this."

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Re: What They Did to Us (Panicbroadcast13)
« Reply #5 on: February 24, 2020, 05:06:32 PM »
Pavel was indeed devious. He had other things in mind for Mai, but he would reveal those in time. He had no intentions of harming the girl. She was beautiful. Instead he would use her for information. He led her out if the of the house and motioned for her to stay near him. After ensuring she was in the backseat of his BMW, he motioned for the others to leave. He watched the other vehicles drive away before he received radio confirmation that they had left the area. He turned and reached into the backseat, his body pressing up against the soft leather of the seats and undid the handcuffs around Mai’s wrists and motioned to her ankle restraints. “Go ahead and remove those” he said gruffly. “These were just for show, I have full confidence that you will be able to behave”

He drove along the dirt roads leading back to the center of town. Dirt roads were common in the lesser districts. The government had not seen fit to outfit the lesser areas with proper roads. After all, there was no need. The residents of these areas tended to be largely agrarian with a few industrial neighborhoods sprinkled in for good measure. He drove slowly allowing Mai to take in the scenery. “I imagine this must be very different and somewhat confusing to you Mai” He uttered firmly. “While you are indeed my prisoner and legally my property, I do not intend for you to be treated as such. At least not by myself” He pressed a button and unlocked the windows so that Mai could roll them down. “I imagine you must be hungry; I know they don’t really feed you well do they” He took a detour to a fast food establishment on the way to his office. Pavel ordered a sandwich and some fries for Mai, knowing she’d never have eaten this before. “Eat up and enjoy it, don’t be afraid, there is no poison” He said as he handed her the bag of food and the sugary drink they called “Cola”

He took a right out of the parking lot as it started to rain. He went to close the window but left it open as he was pretty sure all Mai had known was the acid rain that fell in the districts due to the re-direction of pollution into these areas. Here in the upper city, the rain was clean, and the air was clear. You could actually make out the color of the sky. Pavel made sure that Mai saw all of this as it was his way of providing the illusion of freedom, while maintaining complete control.

The program handlers had gotten it all wrong. One did not force compliance, nor did they try to manage their subjects through force or fear. There were much more subtle ways to gain compliance and that was getting into the subject’s mind. This was exactly what Pavel had intended to do. He was going to get inside Mai’s mind and lay the seed of obsession inside her. This way she would do whatever he asked without hesitation.

After they arrived at Pavel’s office, he got out of the car and walked around to the side where Mai was sitting. He threw out the garbage and pulled her out of the car. “I need you to make this look like a struggle and I have to hurt you so that they believe me. I don’t want to do this believe me, but it is the only way for us to get to where we need to go without them questioning either me or you for not leaving your collar intact” He grabbed Mai by the arm and held her closely. He tightened his grip enough for bruises to start to form and forced her up the steps. Before they went inside, he stopped at the door and looked at Mai. “I’m going to have to hurt you, nod slightly if you understand”

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Re: What They Did to Us (Panicbroadcast13)
« Reply #6 on: March 17, 2020, 09:57:52 PM »
Mai rode in the back of the car silently. Kasarov may have taken her wrist restraints off, but she made no move to remove the ones around her ankles. There was no point in taking them off if they were just going to get put back on. She was silent the whole ride. When the window was rolled down, she let herself relax a bit. She folded her arms over the frame of the window, and stuck her head out a bit, feeling the frigid air sting her face. Her long silver hair fell out of its band and flowed behind her. She closed her eyes until they came to a weird restaurant. She had never been to one before, and when Kasarov offered her food, she took it cautiously. It felt greasy in her hands, and she was hesitant to eat it. But it was better to just eat the food her gave her than to be rude and deny it. Plus, she didn't even know when the next time she ate would be. She finished the food quietly, not really caring for the taste, but the drink was okay. She never had anything like it before, and while it fizzed in her mouth, she actually enjoyed the sensation.

The rest of the ride was quiet. It had started to rain, and Mai stayed in the cabin of the car. She stuck her arm out to catch the rain on her hand, but she didn't want to make her hair wet. It wasn't long until they entered the inner city, and pulled up to the highest building in the capitol. Mai had never been there before, but she knew that this was where Kasarov and all the other government officials worked. It loomed over her like a giant fortress. It was heavily guarded with men carrying heavy firearms walking around the entrance.

Mai felt like she was going to vomit.

After they came to halt, everything happened far too fast for Mai to comprehend. In an instant, she was pulled out of the car and dragged up the stairs to the main entrance. Kasarov whispered in her ear about wanting her to make a scene, but she didn't have to try hard. The man easily towered over her, so as he tightened his grip on her and pulled her up along, she had to stand on her tip toes to hold her balance. Panic and terror showed on her face. People making their way through the huge lobby of the building stared at her. She felt her cheeks blush in embarrassment, and she tried to jerk away from Kasarov. "I can walk on my own," she said sharply, trying to get her arm free. They were standing in the middle of a glass lobby with dozens of government officials staring at them, and Mai knew what they must see. She continued to wiggle herself free despite the iron hold on her arm. She looked wild, and feral, with her translucent skin, silver hair whipped into knots around her head, and giant needles sticking out of the back of her neck. Her eyes burned up at Kasarov's face as she held a death glare towards him. He wanted her to 'pretend', but she genuinely hated him. "You play nice the ride here, but let's admit it, you're just doing this for a fucking job." Mai may not have her powers, but she spat in his face anyway. "At least let me walk with some fucking dignity."

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Re: What They Did to Us (Panicbroadcast13)
« Reply #7 on: March 26, 2020, 09:36:40 AM »
Pavel witnessed the young woman in his possession struggle against his iron grip. He wasn’t holding on too tight, because he had read her file. He essentially did not need to. He knew Mai’s physical weaknesses and he would use them to his advantage. He had tried to be nice to her to gain her trust by buying her a meal that contained a higher caloric intake than she was probably used to. He removed her restraints. He really did not have a reason to keep them on, since he had immobilized her power before they left the residence. He was not however going to tolerate her spitting in his face. He wrapped his hand and arm around her tiny frame and tightened his grip. He tightened just enough to bruise a rib and shoved the barrel of a pistol into the small of her back. “Either cooperate or a bruised rib is going to be the least of your concerns Mai, you won’t be able to walk anymore if one of my bullets severs your spinal cord.

He continued to drag her to the reception desk and produced her neck collar, which was scanned into the system. “Experiment 124A, Mai Larson” The receptionist muttered blankly. Pavel nodded “I am taking her under my own recognizance” Pavel stated matter of factly. She has been immobilized; her radioactivity is in check. He pulled out his phone and with a few keystrokes, the pins in Mai’s neck injected a chemical into her brain stem that were intended to induce compliance. A sort of truth serum. Pavel motioned to two guards standing by eyeing Mai suspiciously. “It’s fine gentlemen” he said handing them a set of chain restraints. “Take her up to my office and strip her naked, restrain her whilst naked and put her in the kennel in my office. If she wants to act feral and wild, we will treat her as such until she learns to be a lady” he said coldly emphasizing the fact that she would be naked several times.

Of course, he did not intend for it to go as such. On previous inspections she had been compliant and without problem. But he wanted to break her. She needed to be broken down and forced at the beginning. This was common knowledge in his circles. Only once she was broken could she be built back up whichever way Pavel saw fit. She was assigned to him and for all intents and purposes he owned her. He took his time getting back to his office after the guards had taken Mai away. He went to the top floor to give the president an update. After things there went smoothly, he went to do the paperwork that was necessary, so that his bosses understood why he brought a test subject into his office.

His office itself, was more like a penthouse and on many occasions, he lived here for weeks on end. The office had 3 bedrooms and an official “office” once he returned, he walked in and turned on the coffee maker in the kitchen. The inner-city districts did not have proper coffee and what he was obligated to drink there was more akin to sewage water than actual coffee. He noticed Mai in the corner forced on all fours in the kennel. He walked over and squatted, “I’ll let you out once you calm down and decide to comply Mai” What do you say?” He got up and proceeded to have a shower. After a few minutes of cleaning himself up he returned and squatted again “Well would you rather stay in there like a wild feral animal or are you going to comply?”